Written by Jack

20 Aug 2008

My divorce from Cathy had been finalised for some months now, I had grown apart from Cathy, my wife of almost 20 years, we were college sweethearts and to the best of my knowledge her only sexual partner.

I would be the first to admit that for a forty five year old woman, Cathy was still beautiful. She looked much younger then her age and always kept herself in great shape, but I had an affair with a girl from work, I felt very sorry Cathy had been hurt and did my best to try to keep us together. But Cathy was just not prepared to forgive and forget.

Cathy got a very good divorce settlement and as they say she could cry all the way to the bank. My new love was amazing! My new partner did things that Cathy wouldn't even dream of. I am sorry to say that sex with Cathy had been, well not boring but – married. There were things Cathy just wouldn't do. Things as a man I wanted to do and experiments I needed to try, my new love was more then willing to oblige.

Then one afternoon a package was delivered to my new apartment, I opened it and it contained a DVD, no note, no label, no clue what it could be. There was only one way to find out what it was all about. Taking a beer into the study I turned on the TV and popped the DVD into the player. Settling on the couch, I hit 'play' on the remote.

After a few seconds of snow, the screen cleared to show a plush hotel room in what looked to be some kind of tropical setting. The camera panned over to show Cathy standing in the centre of the room. I had to admit she looked beautiful, as usual, she was wearing a simple white skirt and black linen blouse. Her legs were tanned and bare.

"Hi Jack," Cathy said. "This tape's for you. Just a little something for you to think of while you’re sitting there with your little slut of a girlfriend."

I thought what the fuck is this all about? and what kind of bitchy little thing is she going to do. I didn't have time to finish the thought when a young black man, who looked to be in his late twenties, came into the frame behind Cathy. He looked quite a typical beach-boy type with his long dreadlock hair and tanned complexion. He was quite tall, almost a foot taller then Cathy.

"This is Leroy. Say hi to Jack, Leroy," Cathy giggled.

"Hey Jack," Leroy grinned.

Leroy reached around Cathy and pulled her long blond hair back over her shoulder. His hand caressed her neck and then started to unbutton her blouse. I was absolutely stunned. The camera zoomed in to follow Leroy's hands as they slowly opened each button of my ex-wife's linen blouse, showing her tanned skin as the opening of her shirt plunged lower and lower. Leroy eventually reached her skirt and pulled the blouse out of the waistband and open. Cathy didn't have a bra on and I was shocked to see that while she was tanned, there were no tan-lines on her breasts. I hadn’t seen Cathy’s naked body in almost a year and was stunned at how fabulous she looked. I had heard from friends that she was spending a lot of time at the gym. It showed. Her normally flat belly now rippled, her small tits looked perkier. I stared at the screen, shit she looked so fucking horny, I started to wonder why I needed to stray.

"Do you like my tan Jack?" Cathy asked from the screen. "I got it here in Negril. That's where I met Leroy. You'll be happy to know that I'm having a great time spending all of your money."

I was getting a little bit angry now and shouted bitch to the screen.

On the screen, Leroy was fumbling at the back of Cathy's skirt. I heard a zipper being pulled open and Cathy's skirt fell to the floor and rested around her ankles. Cathy had the tiniest thong on.

I thought fuck, she looked so bloody good. Her legs had always been her best feature and now they were even better, toned, and defined.

Leroy hooked his hands in Cathy's panties and started to push them down over her hips, this guy was stripping my ex-wife. Shit! I watched as Cathy's panties fell to the floor. Cathy stood there, naked and no doubt proud of her new figure. Tanned all over except for the smallest white patch over her pubis, which I was shocked to see had been shaved bare. Something else she would never do for me.

Cathy stretched out, displaying her body to the camera, Cathy reached over her shoulder to cup Leroy's head which he bent down to nuzzle her neck. His big black hands roamed all over her body, caressing a nipple to hardness, skirting across her firm belly.

"I have another new friend too," Cathy smiled. She beckoned to someone off camera. An older larger black man came into view, grinning. "This is Nigel, Leroy’s father, he is a gardener at the resort. Say hi to Jack, Nigel."

"Hello Jack," Nigel grinned at the camera.

Nigel looked to be in his late fifties. Shorter then his son Leroy, but he was more powerfully built, muscles on his arms bulging under his loose shirt.

Smiling cheekily at the camera, Nigel bent to capture one of Cathy's nipples in his teeth.

"Mmm," Cathy purred at the camera. "I hope you're enjoying this as much as I am, Jack."

She then let the two men push her back onto a couch. Jack could see both men shedding clothes as they went. The camera followed them. It just occurred to me that there must be a fourth person there running the camera. It didn’t take long before the two guys were as completely naked as Cathy. I got a bit l jealous (I know I had no right to) as I noticed both of these guys looked in really good shape and I couldn’t help noticing that both were much better endowed then me.

They sat on the couch on either side of Cathy, Leroy kissing Cathy while Nigel bent down to suck one of her tits. The camera zoomed in on the kiss. I could see Cathy's tongue snake out into Leroy's mouth. I saw Leroy grin as he sucked on it, pressing his own mouth into hers as he captured her other breast in his hand.

Cathy broke the kiss with Leroy and turned to Nigel. Who gladly released her nipple to kiss her mouth. He nibbled on her lip, sucking it into his mouth and releasing it. I heard Cathy's deep-throated laugh as they kissed. It was really starting to get to me as I watched her kissing this black man.

The camera pulled back, showing their bodies. I saw that Cathy now had her legs opened very wide, Leroy's hand was on her pussy and then his fingers were in her, he was stroking her clit with one finger while plunging two others into her. Cathy's hands were wrapped around each of their cocks, gently stroking them.

"Mmm, this is sooo good," Cathy purred. "Leroy and Nigel are so much better at making love to me then you ever were Jack."

I closed my eyes in frustration, but then opened them, unable to look away. My cock was rock hard.

"Oooo," Cathy moaned. "Oh!" her head went back as she came. I thought nothing new Cathy was always an easy cum. I never realised how easy until I was with someone new.

Belatedly, I was realising there was a lot I had taken for granted.

Cathy pushed Leroy's hand away. Turning around and kneeling on the couch, Cathy hovered over Nigel's cock. The camera zoomed in. Cathy's tongue snaked out to caress the tip of Nigel's thick, black pole. Cathy pushed the hood of Nigel's uncircumcised cock back and took the head in her mouth. A little tentatively, she began to suck, bobbing her head up and down on his cock, each stroke taking more in until she was capturing most of his cock in her mouth, her face grinned at the camera.

She shifted and the camera pulled back. Leroy had stood up and was now standing behind Cathy, pulling her upturned bottom over. The camera zoomed in on Cathy's raised bottom, her pussy exposed, as the camera zoomed in I could see that it was so wet and juicy.

Leroy put the head of his cock against her and pressed it in. I stared, Cathy was going to let this guy fuck her without any protection, I was appalled but fascinated as this young man fucked my ex-wife Cathy. The camera pulled back and I sunk into my own private hell as the sweet Cathy, the pristine Cathy, the prime and proper Cathy was filled at both ends in a Jamaican hotel room by a young stud and his father. My mind reached, where had she meet them, had she taken other lovers since we split up. I then focussed back on the screen, Leroy’s balls made a wet, slapping sound as they banged into Cathy's pussy, I felt sorry for Cathy as this guy was really giving her a really serious pounding, pulling her head back by her hair and thrusting hard and fast into her, but quickly that thought changed as she was absolutely loving it.

Cathy then stopped sucking on Nigel's cock, raising her head, eyes closed as she groaned, "Oh, oh, oh, yes, oh yes, oh fuck me, c'mon Leroy, fuck me, yes, oh!"

Leroy grabbed Cathy tightly around her hips and pounded her even harder.

"Oh, God, oh yes! Oh God! Oh God!" Cathy moaned as she clutched the cushions of the couch, I am Cumming, I am fucking Cumming.

Leroy grunted and the camera caught his semen leaking from around his cock as it plunged in and out of her filled hole. He pumped a few more times and as he withdrew a large rush of milky white cum followed his cock out of her pussy.

The camera focused on Cathy's face again as she looked at the camera, still bent over on the couch. Out of breath she said "Can you guess what I'm going to let Nigel do now Jack?" she asked with a sultry, satisfied smile.

The camera pulled back. Nigel was now pulling on a large black condom, he was standing behind Cathy, a tube of KY jelly in his hand. He squirted a large amount on to his hand and rubbed it around Cathy's bottom.

I was now near to tears and found myself saying to the screen “no Cathy, please no.”

"You had me when I was a virgin and you've always wanted my 'other' cherry, haven't you Jack," she teased. "You begged me for it, but I never gave it to you, did I."

Nigel was now rubbing more of the lubricant on his cock.

"I'm giving it to Nigel, Jack, and you're going to have to watch."

The big black man placed his tool against Cathy's bottom. Very slowly and thankfully very gently, he began to push it into Cathy’ arse. The camera cut from Cathy's face to Nigel's cock invading her virginal arse and back again. I am ashamed to say that I started to cry. Cathy closed her eyes, her forehead furrowed slightly as his cock went deeper. The head disappeared into her, Cathy screamed out in what seemed like pain, Nigel paused and reached around her to start stroking her clit.

"Are you OK darlin'?" Nigel asked.

Puffing and panting "Yeah, it's not that bad, please keep going," Cathy replied.

I watched in agony as Nigel's started to push his further into Cathy's arse, inch by inch, with Cathy screaming and crying, until he had completely filled her.

I started to stroke my own cock, angered and excited and mostly just confused at my own feelings, I was really angry this bastard was now fucking my ex-wife’s arse.

The camera focused in on Cathy’s face, there were tears running down her face, but she now had a look of shear pleasure on her face. After pausing a moment to let her get used to him, Nigel withdrew and pushed in again, slowly but a little faster then before. Again and again, each time a little faster. The look on Cathy's face had now changed from enduring discomfort to something of pure pleasure as Nigel continued to reach around her, playing with her clit.

Cathy looked Nigel and asked him in to fuck her harder and faster.

Nigel obliged and moved into her faster, and harder, finally screwing his own eyes shut.

"Ungh!" he groaned as he thrust in even deep, pressing in and keeping it there, "Ahh, oh darlin' daht was nice!"

Cathy was breathing hard, "That wasn't as bad as I thought it would be," she said, gasping as Nigel withdrew, his condom had split and only had pieces of it left on his cock. The camera zoomed in for a moment on Cathy’s arse, gaping wide and glistening with Nigel's cum before returning to her face.

Between the panting Cathy said "Maybe I should have let you do that to me, Jack, it was so fucking fantastic, I am sorry to say that you were right. Oh well, too late now. You left me."

Cathy turned on the couch, sitting back facing the camera, she looked magnificent naked and had that just fucked glow about her. "I hope you're happy Jack. I wanted to make sure you knew I wasn't pining away for you. Hope you enjoyed my little parting shot. Oh, there's one more person I want you to meet." Turning her head, she said to someone off camera, "Leroy, take the camera."

The picture jiggled for a moment, then steadied on. "Come here Mandy." Cathy said.

The camera pulled back to show a beautiful blonde, about forty-five, just as tanned as Cathy and naked walking over to the couch. She sat next to Cathy. Very close.

Mandy said in a very American accent “Jack your ex-wife is so fucking hot, we have”

Before she could finish her sentence Cathy cut her off, “No that’s just for us to know Mandy.”

"I'm going to try something else you always used to talk about Jack." Cathy turned from the screen. “‘Mandy is going to clean me."

Cathy sat back on the couch and spread her legs.

Then Mandy moved between them, kneeling on the floor and she set about her task.

Cathy then said between gasps "Shortly the 4 of us are going to go into the bedroom Jack, the one that you have paid for and then we are get into that big bed and like last night we are going to fuck each other senseless, but that's enough recording for now," Cathy said. "I've made my point, the rest is for me."

Cheekily she added “I hope that your girl friend is as hot and dirty as I am now, and if you want to see more of what I have been up to”, then giggling she added “or should I say what’s been up me, then txt’d me”

The screen faded to black as they walked into the bedroom.

I sat there, alone in my apartment, cock in my hand, contemplating what I had thrown away.