Written by jackmidson

18 Dec 2011

As I arrive he bends down to plant a warm kiss on my lips I respond keenly. I bend over to start to remove my knee high boots and as he glances down he sees beneath my short denim skirt I'm wearing no knickers and the shaved smooth lips of my pussy and arse are bent over in front of him. As I straighten up he smiles at my sheepishly, I place my hand on his bulging jeans and feel his hardening cock.

I stare into his eyes and slowly unzip his jeans and slip my hand inside them and pull out his cock bending over again I take his cock in my warm wet mouth, taking it deep into my mouth I feel it growing and hardening. I pull back look up into his eyes which are focused on my part exposed pussy poking from my short skirt and slowly lick and taste his balls, placing my mouth over them I gently suck on them, continuing to suck,lick and caress them with my tongue staring up into his eyes he meets my gaze and sees the want in my eyes.

With my wet warm tongue I slide it slowly up the shaft of his cock hesitating at the tip as I gently flick and lick around the top. I can taste his sweet pre cum and this makes me eagerly take his big stiff hard cock back into my mouth to suck and fuck away at, eager to taste more of his cum as he knows how much I love tasting him. His back is pressed against the wall looking down at me bent over him sucking him off groping his balls with hands as I do, I feel his hard throbbing cock touching the back of my throat and taste a dribble of his cum at the back of his throat, I pull away from him and wander into the front room.

He wanders in cock in hand stroking his wet cock to see me knelt up on the sofa and that bare shaved pussy he saw before is peeking out from beneath my skirt begging to be touched by him. As he approaches he can see it glistening and realises just how wet I am. He slips a finger between my lips and feels my slippery wetness all over his fingers as he brushes over my clit I gasp and poke my arse out, he then shoves two fingers inside me and realises with ease how open and ready I am for more, he fucks away at my pussy with his fingers sticking three then four up me, all the while making me moan and want more, his fingers are now dripping with my juices. I pull away desperate to have him in my mouth again and taste his sweet juices dripping from the end of his cock, licking my lips as I do so.

He stands over me as I sit on the edge of the sofa with his cock in my mouth and my hand slips down between my legs I slide a finger over my clit and start stroking myself, flicking and rubbing away at myself whilst licking and sucking his big hard cock. I slip a couple of fingers inside myself and feel the warmth and wetness that will soon be wrapped around his cock.

The rest is for me and him to explore and find out what comes next, unless anyone else has any ideas.........................