Written by nervous couple

6 Jul 2015

So we've been on this site and a few others like it over the past year or so, neither of us truly knowing exactly what we do or don't want from it! However what we do know is we both adore sex, pushing eachothers boundaries and the thrill of experiencing or trying new things together.

Last summer, after a few months of messing around uploading pictures like we do on here and casually chatting to the odd person we started entering the chat rooms. We logged in every now and then when the moment took us and eventually plucked up the courage to have a quick go on the web cams. This surprisingly turned out to be a lot of fun and one evening after rather a large amount of wine we found ourselves camming with a great guy until 6.a.m. The next day we were both highly amused by the nights events and extremely turned on by it all.

Throughout this time Mr Two would often mention the fact that we had received numerous messages from people suggesting we took things a little further. Being the sensible one I pushed this aside not truly knowing whether I ever wanted anything more and always thinking of the negative what ifs!! However when drunk would demand to play with another guy there and then, almost impossible, almost!!!

Every Monday and Wednesday night Mr Two and I have the house to ourselves and often go out for a drink which 90% of the time ends up in taking naughty pics and having lots of fun. One evening we had done just that and were walking home when Mr Two mentioned a private message we had been sent a few weeks back. It was from a guy who was new to the site and like us inexperienced but starting to dip his toes in. He had seen our profile and was staying in the area that week, he was suggesting we chat and maybe meet for a drink. Happily married all he wanted was some discreet fun.

I too had seen this message and as always was thinking about the what if's?! However for some reason this one had stuck in my mind and I had thought several times leading up to and during that week about it. And of course here we were a few wines later feeling very horny and confident. I cheekily said go on then send him a message, secretly thinking he'll never get it, its far too late its 11 o'clock.

As we got home and started to play around together we made it up to bed and opened up the laptop. As we logged in, to my surprise there was a reply! An excited thrill shot through my body as Mr Two started chatting to him. We agreed to enter a private chat room and there the three of us danced around the fact of it being Wednesday night and him being just around the corner! In the end half seriously and half joking he came out with "Technically its still Wednesday night". Mr Two laughed and said "We'll see you in a bit then!".

All 3 of our faces were a mix of excitement, shock and fear! As we swapped numbers and moved the conversation on to the mobile all was getting very real! We agreed that if anyone bottled it there would be no bad feelings and if all we had was a chat and a cup of tea then so be it! I have to say that the next half hour or so was truly terrifying! I had complete mixed emotions knowing I would not be pushed into anything but thinking of all those what ifs, not wanting to mess anyone around and knowing deep down I was getting hugely turned on by it all.

I expressed to Mr Two that as I was so nervous and unsure I did not want to take the lead and told him that I was going to lay face down on the bed with just a thong on, the covers up to my shoulders and just wait. He was to arrange it all downstairs and set any ground rules. As I lay waiting my heart felt as though it was going to burst through my chest, they were the longest minutes ever. I heard the door open and what I thought were two male voices but couldn't quite decide if I could really hear two! Then the creak of the stairs. I could hear my heart pounding, I was petrified! Mr Two knelt beside the bed and whispered "Are you ok?", I couldn't reply only nodding. With that Mr Two removed the covers and started to stroke his hands across my back, shoulders and the back of my legs. And then I felt it! The feeling I had longed to feel and fantasised about for years. Two sets of hands touching me. It was the most amazing sexual feeling I had ever felt. My body tingled everywhere!

Together they stroked, touched and explored my body. Truly mind blowing. As I I let myself go, arching my back and breathing heavily I rolled over onto my front. Opening my eyes I asked them both to remove their clothes. Checking I was okay Mr Two slowly removed my knickers and they continued to explore. I was so wet their fingers slid in and out of me with ease. As Mr Two slid his throbbing cock into my mouth our new friend continued to touch every part of my body. And then they swapped.

There I was being intimate with my man whilst sucking another mans rock hard cock. One incredible feeling. Mr Two then pulled my legs further apart and started thrusting inside of me as I sucked away on this new cock. After a while Mr Two rolled onto his back taking me with him and told me to ride him, he then invited the guy to join him and take me from behind at the same time. Yet another moment I had only ever dreamt of, two cocks playing inside me. It felt like heaven.

Moving from this position I lay on my back and took Mr Two back in my mouth, a favourite of ours, moving from deep inside me to my mouth so I can taste my juices. Mr Two then loves kissing my tasting cock and pussy on my lips. The only difference this time being I now had another man thrusting his hard cock inside me. As I sucked on my man and felt another fucking me my breathing deepened and started to quicken. I arched my back and as I looked into Mr Two's eyes I came all over this man's cock. It was the most hard and intense orgasm I have ever felt. Now looking at the two men either side of me I took them in each hand and as I pleasured them both they emptied their loads all over my breasts.

I can honestly say this was the most incredible experience of my life. One I am glad to have had the courage to experience and wouldn't have changed any part of. Not at any point did I or do I want to be fucked senseless or used and abused, I just want two, three, four bodies exploring eachother.

A true thrill, especially as I don't even know his name. Thank you Mr Two :) xxxxx