Written by Andre

16 Feb 2013

I come to James' flat and he opens the door and beckons me to come inside. I do so and walk through to the bedroom to find you sitting on the bed. I'm immeadiately attracted to you and want to fuck you in the most filthy and dirty way. You offer me a wry , enigmatic smile and i interpret this as an assent to fuck you. You are wearing an elegant outfit of a short skirt, black sheer holdup stockings, a short grey skirt and a reb top. Your ample breasts are spilling slightly over the top of the neckline of your top. I sit down on the bed next to you and introduce myself. "I'm, Andre...and i'm here to fuck you!". I lock your eyes with mine and then gently lift your legs up and place them on my lap.

I hear you sigh gently as i start to run my hands up your stockinged legs. I touch your inner thighs and caress the tops of your stockings. This is making me very horny and i can feel my cock swelling inside my trousers..I move your skirt up further and in the darkness i can see your lovely pussy. I lift your hips up and pull you over on the bed towards me. I dive down and can see your open and very wet pussy confronting me. I move my face closer and start to lick your swollen clit, running my tongue up and down your already sopping wet slit.I feel you respond and you say.."Oh, my God that's so horny..keep doing that! i want you to fuck me very hard!!!"

Encouraged i slip two fingers inside your pussy and move them in and out as i time their trusts with my tongue.i can taste how sweet you are and feel the sliky smoothness of your tight pussy.i reach up and pull your top down and rub your nipples with my free hand. You grind your pelvis against me and i can feel your nipples getting very hard. We keep this up for some time until i pull up and see James standing watching us. I tell him.." Make her suck your cock now,she's a dirty little cock slut who need a proper fucking !" He moves towards you with his cock out and you greedily take it in your hot mouth and suck it. I glance up and can see you taking all of his cock deep in your throat. You grab his balls and caress them. J closes his syses in pleasure at this and gently moves his hips rythmically to meet each of your movements. I hear you gag every so often and it makes me lick your clit with greater urgency.

I push my tongue deep inside you and move it the same time i suck on your clit now enclosed in my mouth .. this makes you groan in a deep and very sexy way. I push harder and harder in to you and feel your pussy muscles quiver and tighten. I reach down and skillfully remove my shoes, socks, trousers and pants.I break away from you and take my top off. I come back to you and move up your body and rub the head of my cok over your pussy. I move further up and present my erect cock to your face .. you see this and releae J's cock and suck on mine. I say to you" suck both our cocks you cock slut you love it don't you?" you have both of us in your mouth now and you reply with a 'mmmmmmmmmmmmmm' sound. I now reach down and rub your wet pussy. i hook my index finger inside you , searching out your G-Spot and massage your swollen clit with my thumb. You are sucking two cocks and having your pussy stimulated and i can see the total pleasure on your face! I tell you to take all of my cock and i pull your head on to it using your hair. Your lips are touching my groin and i hold you there and make tiny thrusts in to you . It feels so good and i feel my cock getting harder and harder as you suck me.I am so horny i want to fuck you hard. I command you to " Get on all fours and we'll spit roast you you dirty little minx!" you need no further encouragement and stip off your skirt, top and bra. I look down at your increadibly sexy arse as you wiggle down the bed towards my cock. As soon as my cock touches your lips i ram it fully and very hard, in one long stroke up inside you. I look down and see my shaft forcing your pussy lips apart. The feeling is incredible and i can feel my cock head touching your cervix.Without any warning i start to fuck you very hard, pulling your sexy body towards me, meeting each thrust. I pull your hair roughly and tell you to " Suck James's big cock whilst i fuck you".. you grab it and get it in to your mouth. you now have two cocks inside you and we both fuck you hard from our respective 'ends'. You start shouting out.. '" Fuck me hard Andre, i want your hot cum filling my pussy" i fuck you harder and harder.. long deep strokes where my cock emerges and trusts back inside you making you gasp with pleasure. I love seeing my cock do this as i look down and i can feel my balls tighten as i get even more turned on.. i spank your arse very hard as i do this and watch as it starts turning redder and redder..I tell you how much yopu love being fucked by two men and what a naughty dirty little girl you are! i grab your hips and pull you very hard against me and i can feel my cock stretch your pussy inside. You start to grunt your pleasure as i do this..I keep ramming my cock in to you and reach down occassinally and rub your clit with one hand from above.. this drives you wild and i feel your pussy tighten around my cock and you shout out as you cum very stongly, your whole body trembling.. I watch as James shoots his hot cum in your mouth as you suck him off and this makes me cum up you too. I feel spurt after spurt of my cum fill you up...The feeling as i came was sublime!