Written by TXX

20 Dec 2014

It was last year about this time and what happened didn't come about over night it started months before, the real beginning go's back years to when my wife Jill had an affair that was when the kids were at school and she went back to work part time, it been going on a time before it got out and I found out, there was a upset but in the end we got over it forgive and forget situation, till last year and it came up again when a couple we knew split up over the same thing, Jill was saying why didn't they talk about like we did

She when on saying the husband want a way our all along, well the conversation we where having carried on and we talked about when she did the same, I think we felt we could now say more than we did at the time we felt safer with each other now and Jill was more forthcoming with details she had never told me before

She told me the reason why she did it, it seemed it had very little to do with me, it was being stuck at home with the kids for years and I was working all hours I could we need the money at the time and she felt neglected and he was the first bloke to come on to her in years he was a charmer and she was flatted, there was a lot more I will miss that out

I was interested in the sex part, something she never really enlightened on before,it seemed she was comfortable talking now so I steered things round to that

The one burning question I had always had was he well hung and what did they get up to

On the question of size she was a little hesitant, I think more for my sake,it seemed he was well hung as for dimensions she said he was a bit longer but did say it was quite a bit fatter than mine, I asked if she enjoyed that, she said mmmm yes, and that is all she say about that, on what they did she said the same as we do, her telling me this I got a right stork on I put her hand on it, I think it surprised her, she said its turns you on, before she could say much more I was riding her

After that had happened Jill must of known what we had talked about got me horny, it didn't happen jest that time when ever we talked about it had the same effect, Jill than asked and this surprised me, would I like her to do the same thing again, and that lead on to us talking about the effect it had on us before it get quite involved that conversation, I will skip that

The outcome, Jill wasn't saying she would but that is a woman for you but every thing pointed to she would like a bit of extra cock but need me to give the go ahead so if things went wrong I be to blame not her, so I suggested if it came to it I wouldn't stand in the way, we had this bit about did I really mean it was I sure, then it went to it would have to be discreet so no one knew,she was now talking as if she got a green light from me, at this point I was not sure how I would really feel its okay talking but reality maybe a bit different

Nothing really happened for a couple of months till we went to a friends wedding there was a lot of people there,in the reception we got talking to a guy called Roger, it didn't take that long before even I could notice there was same chemistry between him and Jill the body language was saying a lot he made Jill laugh she was all smiles, when I said I had better have a chat with some other people we knew Jill said okay darling Roger will look after me, that evening I left them alone for quite some time only coming back a few times

On the way home I said to Jill you like him, she replied yes he is very nice and we really got on well, that night I was horny so was Jill we had a lovely fuck both getting into it, when it was over I asked is Roger was a candidate, she said she fancied him than asked what I thought, I didn't expect that, this was weird I found myself saying I think his okay I quite like him but I didn't get to know him as well as you did,do you know much about him, Jill told me he was divorced what he did for a living where he lived which was twenty miles away, I picked that out as being a good point his not on the doorstep

It was a a strange conversation in that way it was even stranger I was helping choose a man to fuck my wife,next day Jill wanted to know if I meant what I had said and was I sure she need a bit more reassurance I think,then she said should I phone Roger it seemed she had his number, I told her to, I wasn't there when she spoke to him but she said to me he has asked to see her this evening what do I think, I told her to go ahead she smiled and said I will call him back, which she did and it was arranged it was as easy as that

Roger was going to pick her up from here, now what do I do should I sty out the way or not, I thought sod it its my house why should I, we had already talked about this and Jill had maintained this was only a date a chat and nothing more, so after she got ready I told her Roger could come in when he got her, she wasn't to sure about that, I also told her I would most likely be in bed when she got home I have an early start in the morning

Roger arrived and I went to the door he didn't seem perturbed I had opened the door to him in fact he didn't seem at all surprised that the husband of the woman he was about to take out was opening the door to him and showing him into the house, he spoke to me as if we where friends, Roger seemed a nice bloke from what I had seen of him, he be mid late thirties so a bit younger than Jill he was quite tall and yes handsome well dressed and spoken he had a almost new BMW so I would say not short of a bob or two

Any way they where about to leave I told them to have a good time adding I will most likely be in bed if they are late,I did feel a bit weird after they had left it not the usual thing another man taken you wife out I was pretty sue it be as Jill had said it was only a date a social thing a drink a chat

I had a few bits to sort out for work then watch the telly and went to bed about ten, then next thing I heard was voices downstairs, I thought they where back and maybe Jill would give Roger a coffee and then he go and then she would come to bed,I looked at the time it was eleven, I must of dozed off, it was then about one and no Jill, so I made my way downstairs in the hall the kitchen light was on, thinking she was in there I went in, no Jill it leads to the dinning area then a glass doors to the lounge there was light coming from the doors, I went into the dinning area and looked thought into the lounge

I was not prepared to see what I did, there on on the sofa was my almost naked wife with Roger also naked apart from his socks on top of her pounding away she had one leg over the back of the sofa the other as wide as she could get it with a foot on the floor as he heaved away I could hear moaning then she cried out and I watched as she tried to lift her hips under him,she then almost shouted OH MY GOD YES YES Roger wasn't missing a beat she fell back,as his onslaught continued, how long they had been at it I don't know but it was not over,I was shocked by all this but not as half as shocked as I was going to be

He stopped riding her, then pulled Jill up and mover her round so her knees where on the sofa and she held the back but it was when he stood behind her ready to go back into her again I got a good look at his cock, I think I had my mouth open looking at it, he was much longer than me plus the girth must of been twice or more of what I have got and that thing had been inside my wife and was now going in again, he went in, in one hard thrust standing behind her, she felt it alright her head came back and she squealed out

He was away, it was an incredible sight Jill braced herself off the sofa taken his thrusts her head down her tits swinging with the force of his movement there was steady slapping sound, as Roger speed-ed up I could hear my wife moaning then gasping loudly he was getting her off again, she was almost screaming this time, the slapping was now more like some one clapping fast now he was going at her like a train, then he drove into her very had a few times he seemed to tense his head back he jerked a number of times he was shooting inside her, it was at that point my dick exploded almost at the same time

They fell into a heap on the sofa, it was then I made my way upstairs with out then knowing I had watched, little did I know Roger wouldn't of minded if he had of known I was going to find that out later also it would explain his attitude when he first came to the house, we had started something either of us didn't expect or we thought about before but Roger had the idea we were into cuckolding a word we had never hear of but he was soon to teach us what it was all about he was to become our master my wife's stud and I would be his cocked husband

In bed I lay there getting my head round what I had jest witnessed, the thing that struck me was Jill had been a very willing player in what had happened, talk about fucking on the first date, I did wonder if she was the faithful wife she was making out to be, I know she got court out when she had the affair but I wondered if there was other times I didn't know about, she was later to admit to a few one offs one night stands she had over the years and a couple shocked me they were with friends of ours, do we really know our wife's

It was over an hour and half later before I heard the front door go and them saying goodbye to each other, a short time later Jill quietly came into our bedroom think I was asleep I guess, I heard her put something down which must of been her close and then slip into bed

I surprised Jill when I said his gone, she said are you awake, I said yes been awake quite a long time, she went quiet,so I said Roger's got quite some cock on him, she sat up and asked how do I know that, what do I mean, I told her I had seem them fucking in the lounge, she started saying how you where asleep, then said did you come downstairs

I had surprised her I slipped my hand over to her tummy she lay back, my finger found there way under her pants the crotch was soaked her pussy felt puffy swollen and sticky, my fingers easily went inside her I had never felt it that loose it was wide open and full of his sperm, I had a boner on it felt like rock

Jill quite surprised me as I went to get on her she pushed her knickers down then off she wanted me,my dick fell into her that is the best way to put it, I think it could be the most erotic thing I have ever done a sensation I have never known it was not tight at all but at the same it was puffy swollen round my dick and slimy and wet, my wife had her legs wide open to welcome me in,I started fucking pumping away as I did we got wetter and wetter s his spunk came out into my pubes, I did fuck for some time after cumming downstairs, I don't think Jill climaxed but she was enjoying it that was very obvious then I added my cum to his inside her, she held me hugged me telling me she loved me

We had started a new chapter in our life's