Written by spitting_sammy

26 Jun 2007

I am 24 and have been married for just over 6 months now, the other day I was at home,The dog was going crazy and I realised why. Colin (my husband) parents called impromptu, I was busy on the computer looking at shoes if the truth be told.

I went down let them in and showed them in and set about making them a cuppa, Derek my father-in-law said that Colin said we wanted a wall put up, I opened the patio doors and we walked out, just the I could have died our dog ran out into the garden with my pink dildo in his mouth, i did not know where to put my self, Jenny just laughed and said pink bones whatever next. And Derek just carried on measuring up, then they were gone thank god.

I retrieved the dildo washed it put it back in the drawer and still felt embarrased.

Then I had a text from Derek saying" dont worry she thinks iyts a dog toy, she's never seen a dildo in her life, mores the pity"

I sent one back saying i am so embarrased, he said dont worry, saying he walways wanted to dildo jen, while she sucked him but she was too straight.

I did not answer that one then came another, can you take it all, colin is a dirty bastard i bet he gets you sucking him? The filthy fucker i was getting very wet, then came another im sending a pic, dont open if you are offended?

IT CAME and it was a pic of him wanking his cock, he said well what do you think, i said it was filthy, and he said you did not have to open it slut.

Slut, that was it i was gagging he was going to get teased, i sent him a couple of topless ones of me that Colin had taken, with my phone. He then sent another, saying I am going to ring the house phone, if you pick up, i am coming back around to fuck you, you dirty fucking little slut, so dont pick up unless you want some extra cock.

The phone rang I hesitated, then i picked up, he was so fucking dirty, shut the curtains he said and wait on the stairs doggy style, and thats what i did, TBC

The dirty