Written by cat with the cream

25 Aug 2017

I knew my husband was going to be going to a convention for work, a trip he made each year and a visit to a golf course paid for by his boss as a sweetener prevented any refusal. So I was to be a work widow for five days and I knew exactly what I was going to do.

A trip into town and the designer outlet before I got my hair done along with a massage and nailbar visit. Then loaded with new clothes and feeling wonderful I had booked a place in a spa hotel for some me time. The Mercedes was at my disposal and I decided to use it instead of my little sports car which was showing its age. Rob's Merc was insured for me to use so the thrill of a big car and its accompanying luxuries fitted my mindset for a bit of fun.

At the spa hotel my bags were carried to my room while i unwound with a G&T in the bar, it was mid afternoon and there were very few people around, just a small all girl party lounging around in fluffy dressing gowns discussing their evening's intentions and sipping cocktails which looked disgusting and judging by the small proportions used, obviously tasted pretty rubbish too. They were soon replaced by bubbly and their moods changed. By five pm the hotel began to come to life. The girls had departed for their rooms and I watched a few guests arrive, mostly married couples but one or two of the men looked fit to me and I mentally flirted with them, wondering if my days of freedom were going to relieve some of my latent needs.

The first evening consisted of taking a meal at eight. I wanted any men with wandering thoughts to see me eating alone, like a piece of bait on a fishing line. By eight thirty most people were dining. I sat on show, daring myself to wear stockings and suspenders knowing that any guy worth his salt would recognise my availability without me wearing vivid red lipstick and standing beneath a gas lamp flashing my thighs. my dress however was quite figure hugging and the tell tale lumps at the right height were obvious for those interested. The meal was good and service impeccable, the waiter gave me excellent service and I hoped to see more of him later. I saw a few furtive glances and knew I had some attention from some of the guests. I was glad some of the wives were facing away from me which allowed a few opportunities to allow a leg to escape from the split front and display a stocking top once or twice, which was all it took to attract more frequent glances from three lucky guys who had something to dream on that night if they were going to be wanting something more, but perhaps they were going to be ravished by their wives, I could not tell.

I moved into the bar again and ordered a last glass of wine. One of the husbands had broken free and visited the gents toilet before coming back to the bar and looked at me as I sipped my wine. I smiled at him and said good evening and he grinned and nodded before scurrying back to his wife before she came looking for him. I smiled to myself and sat back. I saw the girls all tarted up getting into a taxi all giggles and raised voices heading into town to flash off their fake tans and pick up a hangover.

I finished my wine and ordered a coffee, the dining room emptied and the bar grew a touch busier. Then the man who I had said good evening to returned and saw me. I smiled again, he approached and said he would like to buy me a drink. I said i had drunk enough but he could sit and chat. He hesitated then said he would love to, his wife had a headache (good news) and had gone to bed but he was still wide awake. He went to the bar, I adjusted my leg to show more stocking and he saw it plainly as I sat smiling at him. He sat opposite to get as many glances up my dress as possible. I really had this guy hooked and I was getting a bit moist in my crutch. We chatted and I found out his business and that he had married for the second time just three years ago. I like reading between the lines and deduced he was successful, his wife married him for money over love and he was looking for fun if there was any chance. My appraisal told me he was not quite as fit as he wanted to show and he had probably coloured his hair as it looked a bit too dark. However he was smart, well spoken and courteous so rang bells of approval immediately. I liked his clothes, smart casual, but not trying to look young. His eyes kept flicking between looking at my face and my breasts which had a nice amount of decoletage showing and my slow and continuous exposure of thigh which had risen an inch or two further and now allowed a glimpse of the strap when I was not covering it with my arm to prevent unwanted observations.

We sat and talked then I said I needed a little fresh air if he would be kind enough to accompany me outside. I knew he would and he followed me out into the warm evening with not a breath of wind. I saw a bench discreetly out of the way and suggested we headed for it. Sheltered by some finely trimmed hedging, it was very convenient. We sat and he sat very close to me, almost on my lap, his arm came round me and he hugged me to him, kissing me gently on the side of my face, his other hand parted my dress and rested on my naked flesh above my stockings. I felt that hot rush when sex is rearing its beautiful head. He kissed me lips and I responded and felt his hand inside my panties, fingers slipping through my parting lips and into my cunt. I needed to feel his cock and felt the lump in his trousers, hard but not enormous. I had his trousers undone and my breathing came in gasps as I extracted his weapon. A couple of strokes and it straightened and thickened. Average size, but right now so very right for me. I lowered my head and took it in my mouth and heard him groan quietly.

Sucking a cock is one of my pleasures, having a man where I want him and he was going nowhere. He stopped fingering me (which I wished he hadn't) and laid back to get satisfied by my mouth. I was enjoying my power and went for it to be blessed with a big come from him. Being a good girl I swallowed it all and cleaned him up. We sat sprawled across the bench while he came to his senses and I fingered myself lazily, having a quiet come, satisfied I had at least turned this man on and had sucked him off and come myself. Ok, so I had not been fucked but this was one hell of a start. The first day was a success and I intended to have more. After all there was a waiter I fancied and getting him between my legs for a good fucking was in my plans.

I hope this was not boring but it was how it was but if you want more, I can assure you things got tasty.