12 Feb 2019

Some days you just know shes going to get used hard.

We hadn't been out for a while and I thought a night out in the seeder part of the City might be just the thing Jay was asking what she should wear jeans or dress clothes Short skirt and tight top will do it for me I laughed. Always like to see her make the effort and it was the thought of making her lift her skirt and bend over a table that set my mind into overdrive.

Many drinks later and an increasing urge to get my cock sucked saw us jump in a taxi and head for The Town house. we checked in and made our way through the bar a few guys eyeing Jay up as her heels clicked she looked amazing in her stocking clad legs a little bit of skin showing following my fingering her wet hole in the taxi. At first glance it didnt look that busy mostly guys a few couples but no single ladies to be scene. We grabed a drink and sat in the lounge on a rather low couch Jay strugling to keep her knickers covered her short skirt riding higher than she would normaly like. I headed off for a pee and when I got close to the toilet I got distracted by noise from the basement so wondered down to see what was going on. Some young lass was getting held over a bench while a black guy was fucking her for all he was worth the other lad forcing her head down on his cock I may have been watching longer than I should have. When I got back up stair Jay had gone as had the young lads that had been eyeing her up.

A couple in the corner pointed up to the first floor and said I think she went looking for you. I headed up stairs taking in the sights in the first couple of rooms various folk fucking and sucking then got to the window looking into the bdsm area.

Jay was surrounded by 5 or 6 lads some groping her tits another with his hand down her thong feeling her pussy hands all over her body but she looked happy to let them. I stood watching as a bloke next to me said wait you see this she s going to get the ride of her life the big guy with the tattoos his hung like a horse. Jay s legs were being forced apart as various hands tried to find there way into her knickers her head tilted back as one of the guys pulled her hair back while his mate popped her blouse open hands grabbing her tits her sensitive nipples pocking out she was obviously enjoying the attention

a fair group was watching as she was forced onto her knees her legs spread offering her self to the wandering hands young lads fingering her making her squirt she went to close her legs as a large orgasm ripped through her but it wasn't to be her head pulled back as a guy forced his cock in her mouth whilst two others pulled her hands towards their cocks. She sucked and wanked the guys as I made my way into the room. What you doing I laughed. The guys looked as if to say who the fuck are you. Oh don't stop on my account I reassured them you can have her she scowled at me knowing I would enjoy watching her service them all in fact would encourage her to be a total slut. I unfasten my jeans and told her to get her arse over here she did as she was told now use your mouth she started sucking my cock as I grabbed her head forcing her to swallow deep I leaned back against the large chair so she could use her tongue over my balls and down so she could use her tongue on my arse. She was bending over her tight arse on display to all in the room the first guy asked if he could fuck her. That's why shes here he lifted her short skirt over her arse pulled her thong to one side and sunk in balls deep Jay stopped wanking one of the lads and slid her hand down to play with her clit bringing her self to a thundering orgasm

her legs buckled she dropped to the floor her knees clamped shut. Get on your back she did as instructed now lift your legs she pulled her ankles back towards her arse cheeks spread your knees and play with your pussy. She spread her legs her hand pulling her now soaking thong to one side she put on a show for the group playing with her clit and fingering her wet hole. On your knees she turned over head down arse in the air I ripped her thong down fingered her wet cunt and lubed her arse before sliding my cock in fucking het like a thing possessed I shot my load pulled out stood up and told the guys crack on she fucking luvs it!

When I got back she looked like they had taken me at my word she was covered in all sorts stockings ripped hair all over the place make up smudged legs like jelly and just one guy sat in the corner wanking a good night in Liverpool.