Written by bi_the_way04

7 Jul 2011

I had been in Australia for about 2 months when I got a job working at a call centre. One my third day I was having a coffee break when a very attarctive woman introduced herself as Jen and invited for an afterwork drink with some of the others.

Not knowing many people I was very happy to attend, though many of them were quite a bit older and not the most interesting people I have ever met. As our shift had finnished at 10pm, most of the others drifted off after an hour, leaving me, Jen and our boss.

He suggested we change venues and Jen said "Do you think he is ready for the Star Wars Bar yet?". Our boss said why not and we all piled in his car. It turns out the pub was really called the Prince of Wales but on entering I could see how it got its alternative name. Abba was blaring over the speakers and many of the revellers were drag queens, transvestites and mustachioed men. My boss gave a few a kiss on the way to the bar and returned with three drinks.

Sitting in a booth with Jen, I learnt that the evening was just starting and the drag queens would start their shows at around midnight. She also pointed out the rather obvious, that it was a gay bar and asked whether I was uncomfortable with being there, or the fact our boss was gay. I said no on both counts and that it looked a very interesting site. I also cheekily enquired as to whether she was gay too. She said "hell no" and as if to emphasise the point started rubbing my cock under the table.

Taking the hint, I slid my hand down and rested it on the top of her thigh, just as hers found its way through the waistband of my shorts. Her very short skirt had ridden up over her thighs. Putting my hand inside, I immediately felt her very wet pussy. I must have displayed some surprise, as she smiled and said "I took them off earlier". She now had her hand around my cock and was rubbing it to attention. We sat for what felt like and eternity, but was really only 2 or 3 minutes, looking one another in the eyes, while masturbating each other under the table. We hadn't so much as kissed, but already knew we were going straight from here for sex.

Our boss appeared and aked if we wanted another drink. Jen said that it was another work day tomorrow and that she really should be going. I also excused myself, saying I would walk part of the way back with Jen. As we made our way out of the bar, I put my fingers to my lips and had my first taste of Jen. My action hadn't escaped Jen and she asked if I liked the taste. When I replied she was delicious, she answered in a typically forthright Australian manner by saying "you are coming home to mine tonight". This was NOT a question, it was a statement of fact.

On an uncrowded train back to her place, we picked up where we had left off in the bar. I had to fight not to cum, but she was less restrained and came three times. Her station was deserted and we were the only ones to get off. Lifting her onto a low wall, I parted her skirt and licked the drops of cum from her legs before burying my face in her sodden pussy. Jen pushed me away and said she wanted to go back to hers NOW.

The door hadn't even slammed before we were both naked. She had a slim, runners body with long tanned legs; small, large nippled breasts and a delicately shaved pussy, topped with a thin strip of blonde pubic hair. She was looking hungrily at my totally shaved cock and balls, still tanned thanks to a month in Thailand on my way to Australia.

As much as I wanted Jen to take me in her mouth, I knew I would not last long. Pushing her onto the bed, I climed on top and soon found myself slipping into her warm and very tight pussy. She wanted to be on top and I was more than happy to oblige. We were both soaking now and I slipped a juicy finger up her bum, which made her moan and shiver, before we increased our pace, both reaching a massive climax at the same time.

The rest of the evening was just as eventful and I think the only thing we didn't do was sleep. I am sure our boss clocked what had happened as we must have looked very bedraggled and absolutely knackered going in to work.