Written by Naughty young lady

17 Aug 2017

Hi everyone I am completely unsure if I should write this but here goes. The events of this sexy story happened in 1991 when I was just 18 at the time I was a size 10 auburn good time girl. I was at the time working in Bridgend South Wales as a trainee personal assistant and had to wear the appropriate clothing short skirt suits tights heels you know the look. This is exactly how it happened. I had been out on the town on the Thursday night and got a taxi home in the early hours of the morning very worse for wear and only having a bit of a snog with a random whilst out I was quite frustrated The taxi driver was a bit rough but real good company he had me laughing all the way home chatting about the night out and work the next day we got to my house quickly and as I was fumbling for some change I could feel him looking at my bare legs making me feel really horny if my parents were not home I would have taken him in. I paid the fare and as I got ready to leave he asked for a good night kiss which I told him he was a cheeky sod and to piss off really just wanting him to grab me a stick his tounge in my mouth. He asked again so I agreed and snogged him and opened the door to get out as I stepped out he said see you at 5 tomoz I will pick you up from work to which I laughed. I got in bed a could sleep so o slipped my hand into my panties and stroked myself thinking what I had done I was amazed how wet I was a slipped two fingers inside myself and came biting my hand to not make noise. I woke the next morning showered and dressed thinking about what the taxi driver had said I chose my silver body so no bra and done the poppers up under my wet pussy hold up stockings and over the top a mid length skirt with white blouse and matching jacket and nice heels just in case my taxi arrived. I can still remember how wet I was but at that time had no idea why I mean bald headed tattooed and rough complete opposite to my usuall type. If you want the rest please ask if not I understand never want to bore anyone xxx