Written by Michael

15 Oct 2012

Hi all, my name is Michael, I am 63 and married to Marion who is 53. We have now been married for 33 years and happily so. Unfortunately due to health problems I have been unable to consistently have sex with my wife. Marion is not a problem but secretly I know how much she enjoys sex and despite her comments I believe she wishes that we could have more sex. Marion still retains much of her youthful looks and lovely figure. Despite putting on a little weight still has a wonderful figure. Size 14, 5,6 in height without heels and a generous 38d bust.

Two weeks ago Marion and I had been out at a friends lunchtime party and on our way back home decided to pop into Bluewater shopping centre in Kent. A very large indoor shopping complex. It was late afternoon and still very busy there. We were rather overdressed for shopping as I was in smart jacket and trousers and Marion was looking gorgeous in a very smart dress, nylons and heels. It was whilst we were sitting in one of the coffee shops I noticed a young man sitting on a nearby table looking intently at Marion. My wife totally oblivious to this. He seemed to be staring at her nylon legs that were crossed and with her hem above her knee I guess he was getting a rather good view! During the next hour or so walking around the shops I noticed the young man on several occasions. I was not sure whether I was exaggerating his precence but still he always seemed to be not very far away. Anyhow my wife and I agreed to part for an hour as I had some items to buy and my wife wanted to explore the feminine shops on offer without my constant interuptions but not before departing without asking for money!!

We agreed to meet at another coffee shop and arriving to meet her I again noted the young guy sitting almost opposite her again eagerly feasting his eyes on her. Instead of being angry I have to admit at being rather flattered and somewaht sexually excited at the thought of my wife having a found admirer. I never said anything to my wife but continued to act in my usual manner. It was while I departed to use the toilet and on my return I noted the young man had left. It was on our drive home that my wife told me that she was approached by a guy in the shopping centre who had asked her if at sometime would she consider meeting her for a drink. He also paid her a compliment on how she looked. She said he was very polite and rather shy but was very flattered by his comments and naturally turned him away. He had given her a card with his name on and also his contact details. She asked me to get rid of it as we arrived home.

Over the next week or so my curiosity got the better of me and having not got rid of the card and without my wifes knowledge decided to call the number and speak to the person in question called Graeme. I cannot deny that initially the call got off to a very hesitant start and Graeme almost was in denial in his attraction to my wife but having convinced him that I was not angry we eventually got to a point where he actually opened up to me and admitted his attraction for my wife. I too admit that it was strangely exciting for me to discuss my wife with a complete stranger. Over the next few days we discussed Marion in a couple more calls. The end conclusion was that Graeme visited our home last Thursday whilst Marion was at work.

Again upon his arrival Graeme was somewhat nervous but having got the initial awkwardness out of the way Marion again became the subject matter. Despite his age of 29 he found Marion in his own words very very sexy and when at Bluewater had enjoyed the view of her nylon legs in heels and the view of trying to look up her dress as she sat down. He even told me that he had not stopped masterbating over her since that day. It was inevitable that Graeme wanted to know more about Marion and the clothes she wore. His confidence growing by the minute. With my own excitement growing I for the first time rather hesitantly introduced Graeme to our bedroom and showed him my wifes selection of lingerie and nylons plus her heels and outfits. To say he was not overjoyed at this was an understatement and he pawed at her nylons like a kid would in a sweet shop. He mustered up the courage to ask if he could keep some of her nylons to which i agreed and even more alarming he told me that he wanted to masterbate over her high heels. I allowed him the pleasure of doing that on his own.

What this has led to is that Graeme openly told me would my wife allow him to 'fuck her' I told him I was not sure about that and if honest we should take one step at a time. Graeme and I spoke again this morning and we have arranged for him to return this week so he can rummage through my wifes lingerie and nylons. I am not sure how far this will go but I do know for the short term I am enjoying this intrusion into my wife from Graeme and with time maybe we can go somewhere with this. From a personal point of view I am finding the whole thing incredibly sexually exciting. Watch this space.....?????