Written by Sandy

25 Oct 2017

this is for Kennyboy.

I walked slowly towards the other lorries ,not knowing which was my target . I was aware of cum seeping out of my cunt and down my leg ,another first . No need to worry which lorry as a voice called out "get your fucking arse over here bitch "

Nice to know the art of romance is still alive .

I walked over to the lorry and saw a large shaven headed powerful man covered in tattoos hanging out of the cab . I thought that this is what I had fantasies about ,but this is real . I could run back to the car ,but then what , a long time to regret . I reached into my pocket and took a swig of gin and decided to burn my boats ,

I heard myself say " what ever your fancy is ,the answer is yes ,as much as you like " I remember an essay entitled "Eating grapes downwards " Stating eat the best first for the full impact and this what I was going for . I had only rarely sucked my ex and swallowed and I was an anal Virgin ,what on earth was I letting myself in for ?

I climbed into the cab and Frank ,real name drew the curtains across .

I was examined like a prize cow . Breasts squeezed ,legs spread ,fingers in cunt going right up on the spunk still in there .Fingers were then replaced with full hand pushing and stretching . "Don't you want me tight for you ?" His hand came out and went round to my arse . For the first time ever I felt it stretched as first one finger ,then two went in . Frank then kissed me .I hadn't expected this and was not prepared and my mouth was wide open as his tongue and a load of saliva entered my mouth . I loved it and gobbled him back .

Frank pulled his trousers and pants down ,gebbed a handful of my hair and pushed me down to suck him . He was very thick and long I heard myself retching as he entered my throat ,but there was no let up he spun me round on the seat so I was on my back with my head hanging off the edge of the seat .Frank got in font of me and pulled my head right back and pushed his prick back in my mouth . Wonder of wonders it kept sliding down .I couldn't breath but I wasn't gagging .I could feel him well beyond my throat as he started to fuck . It got till his pubic hair was against my lips .I had to pull away though as I needed air badly .he waited while I gasped and spluttered and called him a sadistic sod . He laughed and said better find out now than later .

He then decided that we should move to the bed . As I bent over the back of the seat ready to climb over .he smacked my bum ,very hard .it was if I was on fire .For the first time in years tears filled my eyes . I asked why he did it and he just said ,because I can . I was crying now and said I promise I will do anything you want .Isn't that enough ? His answer was a third smack . I must have been making a noise because a voice outside asked if everything was OK? Frank told him to fuck off and I called out that I was fine end enjoying it.

On the bed ,on my back Frank was soon up my cunt .I kissed him and said I wanted it all . I was spared nothing ,my ankles were around my ears as he fucked me hard . It was clear that Frank's pleasure was abusing me me and I was not supposed to enjoy it. This was proved true when he had me kneeling and took me from behind .He was to long for me and I struggled to get him out a bit .That was all he needed .Taking two handful of hair he pumped me as hard as he could . I felt him shoot up me and then he fell on top of me ,giving me love bites all over my neck . Eventually he got off me and like the dutiful whore that I wanted to be ,I cleaned him up with my mouth . Frank relaxed with a cig . And put an arm around me . He asked me if he had hurt me .I said very much but if that is what you want I won't ever stop you .

We will put that to the test shall we ,was all he said .

All to soon he resumed his interest in my arse .I was put face down with legs apart .I heard him spitting as he got we well lubricated . One ,two ,then three fingers were in me . At first it hurt ,but then I relaxed and it was good ,very good .fingers came out and Frank came on top .he had an arm across my shoulders so I was held down .I felt the tip of his cock nudge my arse .I managed to reach down and pull my bum cheeks apart .then oh no ,I farted . Frank was not amused and he pushed in hard .I gasped pedi at the pain as I was stretched wider and wider . I was groaning quietly until he was all in .he lay there for a long time which was thoughtful of him as it allowed my body to adjust to him .

Slowly he started to fuck me .It was wonderful .I wanted to tell him that ,but remembered he didn'twant that ,So I groaned and he fucked me harder . Soon he was fucking me as hard as he could the lorry was shaking ,he was panting and his sweat was dripping off him onto my back . With a cry he buried himself into me and I could feel his cock pulse as he pumped into me .

Outside came the sound of a cheer. I realised I was weeping again but for many reasons .It. was the biggest orgasm I had ever had and I thought it might be just a one off and would I lose what I had always wanted ,just having found it ?

Frank rolled off me and without being asked I cleaned him up with my mouth .I could taste everything .

It was time to go . I didn't bother to put my coat on.I was going straight home ,no dogging for me .

How I drove home I do not know ,but I did and sunk into a hot bath .

I had given Frank my number and joy of joys whilst I was relaxing ,he called to make sure I got home OK and asked If I fancied going with him on his next trip down to Italy .

Can a duck swim? Xx