Written by jrm

8 Mar 2011

A good pal of mine, from my days in the forces, was in the U.K for a short while before heading overseas on a work contract in the middle east. We had asked him if he wanted to stay at ours so we could catch up. I could see J was excited as she had met Stu before and after a bit of quizing had admitted that she fancied him.

Stu arrived that afternoon and we caught up while julie played host bringing tea and snacks, it was funny seeing the change in her as she was a bit flustered in his presence. Both me and Stu are of athletic build and have kept fit even after leaving but Stu was more toned up top and has piercing blue eyes aswell as a tan (courtesy of Iraqs sunshine).

We decided to head out to some fun pubs and I joked about getting him laid before he left blighty, to which J shot a glance at me shocked. I gave her a wink but I dont think she apreciated it. We had had a good few drinks and as the night wore on I noticed J come right out of her shell, and it was me getting the drinks in as her and Stu were deep in conversation, which started the butterflies off in my stomach.

At the end of the night we caught a taxi and headed home, I cracked some tinnies and poured the wine while they chatted in the front room, I could sense that J was quite turned on and with the aid of some dutch courage was being suggestive but our poor guest had had just that bit too much and ended up sleeping, so I slipped my hand up Js dress and into her nickers. Her pussy was slick with her juices and I plunged two fingers straight into her kisssing her passionately, with our house guest within reach on the other chair, adding to Js excitement.

The passion took over and I ripped her thong at the gusset and spread her wide with her dress up, hoping that my mate would catch us. Js chest was thumping and it took no time at all to bring her to a very wet muffled orgasm. When she had recovered she got up and dragged me by my hand upstairs leaving Stu fast asleep, and as she sunk down onto my aching cock I asked her if she would have fucked Stu and almost instantly she came on my cock shouting "Yes, yes, yes I wanted him in me so much". When we had calmed down I heard the light in the bathroom click on as our house guest went to the loo, and he couldnt have missed what she said. I am sure I could feel her face glowing red as she collapsed next to me, but alas our friend was not in good shape and headed straight for bed.

The next morning it was as if nothing had happened Stu was the same Stu, however J was a bit on edge around him until realisation set in that he was just too pissed to notice, and we enjoyed a nervous giggle at my mates expense.