Written by Sara1969

17 Dec 2017

Im kind of relaying these stories in reverse order. My first was called Worthing Weekend and the second Furniture Testing and they give you my background. Saw furniture guy on Friday actually and spent a pleasant hour straddling him on the sofa again..

Gary enjoys me sharing the details so thought I would tell you about my ex who was second guy I saw once Gary said it turned him on.

After my first encounter which happened on holiday, a story I've not told yet, we were fucking one night when Gary asked me if I knew anybody who might be the other guy in a spit roast. Gavin immediately sprung to mind as he was always a dirty boy and a bit of a player hence why he was an ex.

We fucked while we discussed it and decided I would text him the next day.

So on Sunday I messaged him to ask if he fancied meeting for a drink. He replied straight away with sure but I thought you were all loved up these days. I said I am it missed him and fancied catching up. He said missed me or the way I fucked you? I said well being as you asked a bit of both. He said tell me exactly what you missed. So playing to his ego (which is massive) i said the way you fucked my mouth and slapped my ass. He said you always loved being used. I've not had any for a couple of weeks so lets skip the drink you slip into something slutty and come round now.

I showed Gary the messages and he didn't hesitate in telling me to get changed. I asked him a few times if he was sure and his answer was to put my hand on his cock too which was hard through his jeans.

So I showered slipped on a black g and matching bra white blouse denim skirt I would normally wear leggings with and ankle boots. Gary's only comment was to tell me to undo another button on my blouse. So at 4.00pm on a Sunday afternoon I was off to fuck a guy with my man's permission.

Gavin practically dragged me inside before stepping back and looking at me. Smiling he said you always knew what I liked before asking where my man was. I told him he was out watching footy for a few hours. We best not mess about then he laughed and pulled me in kissing me. Hands on my ass then under my skirt before running them over my boobs and pushing me to my knees. He unzipped and pulled out his hard cock and without a word pushed it into my mouth as he held my head back by the hair. Gavin has only one way of fucking and that is hard and dominant. I have to say I like it but just not all the time but it had been a while so I was more than ready. He stood there in the hall and basically fucked my mouth slow and deep making me suck his balls now and then as he wanked before exploding over my face and neck running down my cleavage o to my bra. All the time he was talking dirty to me telling me how slutty I am and needed to be used. Then he led me to his bedroom saying he needed that and would be able to fuck me properly now. He stripped me down to my panties and boots and then kissed me as he messaged my clit. One of the good things about him is he is not afraid of his own cum and we shared more than a bit. Then he went down on me and with a mixture of tongue and fingers have me a massive orgasm. He laughed and said looks like you needed that too he clearly doesn't take care of you. I had actually cum the night before and in the morning but the intensity of the situation was a major turn on.

No sooner had I cum he turned me over pulled my g string across and slid into my sensitive throbbing pussy. He didn't mess about but starred fucking me hard. Very hard. After a few strokes he pulled my arms back and pinned them so my head was on the bed and fucked me even harder. Then he started running Gary down about how he never fucks me like this. And how a slut like me needs to be fucked etc etc. I knew at that moment he was the wrong guy to spit roast me but despite that after 5 mins of constant pounding I came a second time biting the duvet so as not to scream the house down I fell forward and he slid back inside me laying on my back. Kissing and biting my ear he whispered nobody take a pounding like you. Where do you want me to cum. I whispered you choose. No he said you tell me. I thought a second and told him to cum on my tits. He said you always likes it sticky. Turned me over told me to put my hands behind my head and straddled me wanking his wet cock slowly. It took a couple of minutes before he came all over them. Not as much as before but a decent amount. By then it was 5.30 and I said I best be going. He laid down and said you know where I am when you want more of the same. I went home and took Gary straight to bed. Straddling him as I told him all the details. He didnt last long before exploding into my pussy.

Ive nor been back despite him asking a few times. I was tempted once when drunk but common sense prevailed.