Written by Ben

3 Dec 2009

Amanda and me are in our early thirties and have been married 7 years. Two years ago we attended the wedding of Tom 25, when he married Kate who was 26. Amanda and Kate had known each other for years, got on really well and told each other most things, she would often call round for a chat. Earlier this year, Amanda told me that Kate and Tom had been trying for a baby since marrying, without success and had been for tests which had shown Tom had a low sperm count. The choices seemed to be keep on trying or artificial insemination with either his or donor sperm. I pointed out that another option was to get someone else to fuck her. "Like you, for instance" laughed Amanda.

The next time she called she enquired how things were going and Kate said they were still trying but Tom would not accept his sperm count was the problem. Amanda said "Perhaps you're not relaxed enough, to tense and stressed". "You know we all like a bit of attention before the main course. Does he get you aroused and gagging for it before you have sex?" "No, not really" she replied. "Doesn't he go down on you, lick your pussy and clit?" "No never". She continued "Have you tried different positions. Does he take from behind or with you on top so he gets his cock in nice and deep?" She said "No. He just gets on top and we do it". Oh God that's awful. Does he ever make you cum. Do you ever have an orgasm?" "No it's usually all over in a minute" she replied sadly. Amanda then said "Have you ever thought of letting someone else fuck you? Ben and me often have different partners. Think about it. You'd get well fucked and who knows pregnant as well". She looked shocked but didn't dismiss the idea just saying "What about Tom?" and was told unless she told him, we certainly wouldn't.

Nothing more was said for a couple of months, when she was still not pregnant. She was talking to Amanda and asked her about having sex with other men, what it was like, did she feel guilty, did they make her cum. Amanda told her how much she enjoyed being fucked my other men adding that we were planning a party in a couple of weeks if she wanted to join us she was welcome. A day or so later Kate phoned and said that Tom was going away to a football match with some mates and would be away from the Saturday to the Sunday night. If it was the night of our party could she come. We were both more than pleased and when we told the others they were delighted to welcome some new pussy.

The Saturday evening arrived the other couples had arrived but not Kate. We had a couple of drinks and one couple were fucking in a chair and another in a 69 on the floor as we watched. I heard he doorbell and looked at Amanda who went to answer. She was gone awhile before she returned with Kate who looked nervous, covering her pussy with her hands. She looked stunning,completly naked, nicely made up, long dark hair, firm tits with little pink nipples, cunt shaved except for a narrow strip of hair. Amanda introduced her, sitting her on a chair and told her to open her legs so we could all see her pussy. She was nervous, opening them a little. Opposite her one of the other women had her legs spread wide and was masturbating. Amanda told her to copy her and open them wider, to touch her clitoris with her fingers. She did as I bent forward and took an erect nipple in my mouth, sucking on it and caressing her other breast. She sighed, rubbed her clit harder slipping a finger into her pussy as Amanda sat back, being replaced by one of the men who pulled Kate to the edge of the chair and buried his face between her legs plating her cunt. Amanda was kissing one of the women, fingering each others pussys, as the other couple fucked and the others watched, the woman slowly wanking his prick. Kate was quickly aroused, close to coming, she had one hand on my head holding me to her tits and the other pressing his heard firmly as she pushed her cunt against his tongue until she shuddered and came.

We looked at her, she was flushed, eyes closed, a smile on her face, nipples erect, her cunt soaked with her juices as she played with her clit, all inhibitions gone. The couple were still shagging on the floor as Kate looked at the other three hard cocks. She looked at me and said "After that I need a cock. Ben will you fuck me first". She stood and bent over the chair offering me her cunt. I put my prick against her slit then entered her, she had a good tight cunt and I could feel her muscles gripping my cock as we fucked. A cock was pushed to her mouth and she gasped she didn't want him to cum in her mouth, she wanted it all in her pussy, before taking it between her lips sucking gently to keep him hard. I'd got my fingers on her clit rubbing and pulling it as she pushed on my prick as I shagged her, pulling right out, her hole pink and open before I filled her fuck tube with my cock. She'd stopped sucking and he was watching so I pushed her head down further, exposing her arse saying "Have you ever been fucked in the arse?" She said "No, maybe later. I just want you all to cum in my cunt". I wet a finger and worked it into her arse, fucking her harder as she began to gasp and groan as she came, crying out for me to cum "Spunk in me, make me pregnant." I could feel my spunk rising and thrust my prick as deep in her cunt as I could unloading it inside her. I said "Don't move. Don't let it run out. You've got more cock and spunk to take yet".

She was penetrated for the second time. She moaned, feeling a larger cock stretch her cunt as he slammed into her, holding her hips to stop her falling. Amanda had got between her legs, using her tongue on Kate's clit, the balls slapping her chin with each stroke as Kate pressed her head on her, not caring it was another woman licking and teasing her clit with her teeth. A cock in her pussy, her clit being caressed by a tongue and she came again, her juices soaking Amanda's face. She was begging for another spunking but he carried on fucking her, long strokes, penetrating her deeply, pulling almost out then back up her cunt, slowly sometimes then ramming her hard until he increased the pace, holding her still, as he moved in her 4 or 5 times, sending a load of spunk each time to mix inside her. Amanda stopped sucking my prick long enough to tell Kate to lie on the floor and spread her legs ready to be fucked again, warning her not to spill any of the spunk doing its work in her cunt. Some cushions were put under her to lift her bum and she was positioned to be fucked again. He was knelling, fucking her pussy as two of the women sucked her nipples and fingered her clit. The shy, nervous woman from earlier had long disappeared. We were watching a total slut who was enjoying sex, being fucked, touched by other women and most of all getting pleasure from it. She was lifting her body, trying to force his cock more deeply in to her cunt, almost out of control, sweat on her face and body as she built to another orgasm. She was desperately fucking him "Give me more sperm, I want your seed. Cum in my cunt. Give me a baby" she demanded as he shafted her harder. He came, thrusting in her as she held his arse feeling more spunk spurting from his prick adding to the mixture swimming inside her sodden cunt. She held his cock inside, until her own orgasm subsided and his prick slipped out, followed by a stream off thick white spunk.

She lay on the sofa afterwards watching, as the rest of us fucked, occasionally playing with her clit, or her tits, spunk slowly dribbling out of her cunt, onto a towel. Later in the night we all fucked her again, this time more relaxed and less frenzied. Kate came to bed with me and Amanda and in the morning I took her from behind, with her willingly going down on Amanda and licking her cunt as we fucked. I fucked her whenever she visited until a few weeks later she called with a huge grin on her face and told us she was pregnant. Tom is delighted, but of course no one knows "Who is the Daddy".