Written by STUART2

27 Nov 2008

Quite recently my ex - ex was left by her husband. She has always been insatiable sex wise, and cant get enough cum in her pussy. We have a met quite a few guys from sh and of course they have all fucked Kim.

On Monday we arranged her next guy to come to my office at lunch time, she told me that she wanted him on her own, and I could peek through the door jam and see her enjoying this total stranger. When he arrived he went straight in to see Kim pushing the door too but not latched. She was dressed in a black mini with black thigh sox (her favourite for getting fucked in)

I gave them a few minutes to get aquainted before peeping through the crack of the door. He had her nickers off and her legs spread wide, feeling one thigh and his fingers were inside her squelching her sopping hole. She was feeling his cock through his jeans. Then he stood up to take the jeans off, Kim gasped, you will need to take your time with that! I knew he must be a big guy, could not see as his back was toward me. He said get this in your mouth, as she obliged, to my suprise she doesnt usually suck strangers. I could still only see the guys arse!!

He then lifted her legs stroking her bit of exposed thigh I got a glimpse of his massive cock as he entered her, she squealed a strange gulp cum gasp as he slid in up to his balls in one thrust. Kim was saying oooh lovely as he screwed her long and deep. He went fast as her toes curled up, and I heard him say you want my spunk up you kim, I think she wimpered yes as he started to unload grunting every thrust, it started to pump out of her as he pushed it in, he must have pumped her for 3 minutes as he cum.

Then he flopped on top of her as his cock shrunk down, he dressed and left.

My turn- Kim wanted my tongue inside her I looked and it was such a sticky mess I didnt fancy it really, but she insisted as she wanted to cum herself, what can a man do, yes I did the business and slid my tongue up her tight little bum, ready to have my cock up her private little bum, I was throbbing bigger than normal as I entered her bum, she fingered her stretched pussy whilst I shot my load up her little bum.

Wonder which BIG guy we will meet next, maybe he will write about what he does to Kim?