Written by dannybutcher

18 Nov 2010

I'm not quite sure where to start. I came home from work early one day about 6 weeks ago as I wasn't feeling too well. It was around 3pm, and I wasn't expecting my wife home until 5, so I'd intended to grab a couple of hours sleep before she got home. We've been married for 7 years, and have no children, though we are trying for them. Sophie is 32, has the biggest pair of breasts you could ever want and lips to die for. She has always liked dressing up for me, and has always enjoyed the attention of other men who try their best to not make it obvious that they are peering at her cleavage when she wears a low cut top.

I walked into the house and immediately things felt wrong. My wife's black knee high boots were on the stairs. At this point I was slightly concerned, and it was then that I heard voices. I crept upstairs and the voices got louder, I even hear what, at the time, sounded like shouting.

As I reached the bedroom door, It was slightly ajar, so I peeked in. There was my wife wearing black stockings and a short black skirt and nothing else, and she was being fucked hard by some guy. 'Fuck me' she was yelling 'I want you fill me with your hot spunk' (I couldn't believe my ears, do women actually say this???). At this point I had no idea what to do. Should I interrupt, should I leave and come back later. I carried on watching.

He pulled out of her and pulled her onto all fours, it was then that I realized she was being fucked by our neighbors son. On all fours she was pushing her arse backwards 'Fuck me!' she yelled 'Just fucking fuck me!' He did as he was told. Grabbing her hips, he rammed for his life into my wife's cunt. She was moaning and panting as he continued to push his hard cock into her. It was when he pulled out before plunging into her that I noticed how big he was. At 7 inches, I'm not small, but this guy was fucking huge, no smaller than ten inches and thick as hell. How she was taking it all was beyond me.

"I'm going to cum!' I heard him say as his pumping got faster and faster, and to my surprise Sophie quickly pulled off of his cock before saying 'No, not yet.' It was then that I saw he was fucking my wife unprotected. Here, my wife was getting barebacked by someone else, and I was paralyzed, unable to interrupt, unable to leave. After about a minute, my wife started slowly teasing his cock, before bending down and lapping her juices off of his glistening end with the bright red lipsticked lips. She took his tip in her mouth and flicked her tongue over his shaft while gagging on his cock. He was moaning as she started moving her head up and down.

'I'm going to cum!!!!!' He moaned.

Sophie quickly laid on her back before saying 'Cum inside me!!!' Of course he didn't need telling twice. He laid on top of her, quickly pushing his cock into her wet cunt, and began shafting her hard. I could even hear her juices sloshing as he fucked her. Sophie screamed as his cock filled her deep, draping her legs over his arse pulling him deeper.

'Cum in me, just fucking fill me up! She was panting like crazy now, a sign she'd usually just cum.

'Inside you?' He asked.

'Just fucking cum in me!'

His thrusting became more urgent before he started moaning himself.

'Fill me up!'

It was at this point I couldn't watch any longer and quietly went down stairs and back out of the house.

I got in the car, parked up in the next street and waited until 5 before going back home.

When I went back home, Sophie was acting like normal, like nothing was different. I struggled to keep it together, but the fact that I wasn't feeling too well helped cover my frustration and quick to temper. I decided that this must be a one off, so left it there. I really love Sophie and couldn't imagine a life without her. So life goes on.

I came home from work yesterday (not to her being fucked this time) and she was ecstatically happy. Then she uttered those fateful words.... 'I'm pregnant.'