Written by charlie

10 Jul 2014

We had often spoken about meeting a guy with the thought of maybe my wife agreeing to have sex with him...Teresa my wife is 52 and in good shape for her age, big tits and large nipples, firm bum and quite slim with a great pussy which is always shaven.

We often had some great sex after me telling her I wanted to watch her with another guy as this always turned her on.

We began joining swingers sites and spoke to a lot of timewasters and almost gave up on meeting a guy.

After a lot of searching we finally started talking to a 29 year old guy called Tim from Essex, he was good looking and had a good sized cock which he claimed was 8.5 inches. Anyway after much talking on the phone and emails we arranged to meet at a hotel in Hythe Kent. We were both nervous as we drove there and Teresa having second thoughts and almost turning the car around. I told her you don't have to do anything you don't want to and just walk away if you are not happy

We arrived at the hotel and as we were checking in someone said hello, and it was Tim, we both said hello and after finishing checking in sat in the bar and we all had a drink. Tim told us he didn't expect us to turn up and I said we almost didn't and we all laughed about it.....Tim then said out of the blue i'm sorry if I cum quick the first time as I haven't had sex for a while.. I said that's not a problem.

Tim asked how Teresa felt about having sex with him, she said now i'm here i'm ok..

We went to our rooms and agreed to meet in a couple of hours, we got in our room and she kissed me and said thank you I always wanted this to happen. I put my hand between her legs and pulled her panties to one side and gently slid 2 fingers into her dripping wet pussy, she gasped and said I want you to cum in my mouth.. She was really turned on, she unzipped my trousers got my stiff cock out and began to lick the precum off my now throbbing cock, Teresa began to gently run her fingers up and down my cock and I said imagine its Tims cock with that she put her wet lips around it and slid them up and down my shaft, leaving her red lipstick all over my cock, she took my cock out of her mouth and said is this what you want to see me do?? I said yes, please make me cum now, with that she put my cock in her mouth and with that I was filling her mouth with my warm sticky cum. I that better she said and laughed....

After showering and getting dressed it was time to meet Tim, Teresa didn't bother with deodorant as Tim had asked her to be natural....We had a drink and Tim said shall we go up, so we all went to our room .. As soon as we were in the door Tim grabbed Teresa and began kissing her and running his fingers through her hair she responded by rubbing his cock through his trousers, he pulled away and said have you got something nice to put on for me, Teresa said yes I hope you like it and went into the bathroom to change, Tim stripped off and waited for Teresa his cock was 8.5 inches and cut and shaven and it was twitching and leaking precum . Teresa came out of the bathroom wearing a see through teddy and a matching lacy thong, and said will this be ok , Tim just nodded and walked towards her, He started kissing her and feeling her all over, Teresa grabbed his cock and said is this for me? He pushed her gently on to the bed so she was sitting up then put his cock to her mouth which she began to lick and suck, Tim was gasping and began to fuck her mouth he pulled his cock out and said are you ready for my cum, with the he bent down to kiss Teresa got hold of the Teddy she was wearing and ripped it open tearing the material and exposing Teresa's ample boobs, he put his cock to her mouth again and said make me cum, Teresa started to slide her lips up and down his cock when suddenly he pulled out and began to dribble from his big cock thick cum which was falling on to Teresa's exposed tits , Tim began to rub his seed all over her tits and then offered his cock to her mouth to lick clean, Teresa gently licked his cock, playing with Tim's balls at the same time, he was still hard and he wanted more, he pushed , it was so hot in the room Tim had beads Teresa flat on to the bed, removed her panties which were wet from her pussy juice and he began licking her pussy, pushing his tongue deep into her, he put his finger in his mouth to get it wet and slid it into her bum, by this time Teresa was rubbing her tits and playing with her nipples. Tim stood up pulled Teresa to the edge of the bed pushed her legs up rubbed his cock up and down her pussy and then sunk his full length deep into her, she squealed as he was pushing his cock deep into her, every stroke his balls were touching her bum, this guy knew how to use his big cock and Teresa was loving it, she said gently i'm going to cum and this made him go faster really pushing his cock deep into her, Teresa lifted her bum off the bed so his cock could go as deep as possible as she came, she seemed to cum twice one after the other, she lowered her bum back on to the bed and seemed to relax, It was so hot in the room Tim had beads of sweat running down his back and on his forehead, Teresa was sweating under her arms and her body had a glow to it where she was so hot.. Tim was still pushing his cock deep into when he gave a sudden jerk and he was filling Teresa with his cum, he took his cock out and it was shining where it was covered in his and Teresa's cum , Teresa laid back on the bed exhausted, with Tims thick cum oozing from her pussy, Tim looked at me and said your turn, I moved over to Teresa and couldn't resist licking her cum filled pussy, taste nice she asked, i said its lovely, my face was now covered in Tims cock, i was so turned on i couldn't wait any longer and slid my cock into her wet spunky pussy, i only lasted seconds before cumming.. We all had a drink and Tim was hard again, he began to lick the sweat from Teresa's armpits sucking and nibbling the soft flesh, he turned her over and began to lick her bum, Teresa pushed her bum in the air for him, he stood up stepped back and just looked at the lovely sight of Teresa's bum in the air, he moved over to her and sunk his meat deep into her again, Tim didn't take long to cum, and he just picked his clothes up and left. We have tried to contact him again but he changed his mobile and email...Teresa will never forget that night and we have never repeated it..