Written by Oldiebutgoldie

24 Jul 2009

From an early age the wife found she preferred watching someone wank, sucking them, fingering her clit etc. She also liked the thought of more than 1 cock at a time which is why she used to get blokes to wait outside a shed for her to wank them off in turn. She always watched them spunk.

She never minded showing her fanny & tits to men, always been willing to sit opposite a bloke showing him everything while he played with himself. She loved to see spunk shooting out of a cock and if she was fucked she preferred him to take it out & either shove it into her mouth or spunk all over her.

She went on holiday abroad once with a female friend, they both picked up a bloke each and went back to the apartment. Her mate got fucked in the bedroom while the wife sucked away at her bloke\'s cock, then he started to fuck her. Three more blokes came home & into the room who were also staying at the apartment, two went into their bedroom and one came to watch. Then the guy who had just fucked her mate came out of the other bedroom with his cock out, pulled the bloke out who was fucking her and started to fuck her himself.

The wife found that she was being fucked, so with another bloke on her left and the one she had started with on her right she took a cock in each hand and started to wank them both. Then she took it in turns to suck them while she was being fucked. Apparently they were able to last for 20 minutes or so until the guy shagging her said \"Going to spunk\". When he spunked into her cunt, one of the 2 other cocks started showering spunk onto her tits & face, then the other cock did the same.

Covered in spunk, she sucked the 2 cocks in turn then went into the bathroom for a wash. When she came out & left with her mate, the guys were all keen to see them again but the women did not want to.

She had loads of other escapades before I met her and I have taken her out dogging, after making arrangements to miss the many idiots that you find. I have seen her get 10 loads of spunk out of 4 guys in half an hour, then I have fucked her while they watched.

If anyone wants a Part 3 let me know.