Written by spunk lover

25 Oct 2010

My wife and I were living together while engaged and we invited my best friend to be my best man. He was now living quite far away so he flew in days early for a visit prior to the wedding. We put him up in our guest room and had a great time catching up on what we were up to in our lives.

My then fiance was well aware of my fantasy of watching her get fucked by other men so after retiring for the evening she wasn't surprised when I suggested she go visit my friend and make sure he was well looked after. She hesitated but eventually I was able to convince her that I was not only OK with it but was actually sporting a raging erection at the thought. I gave her a passionate kiss while I fingered her pussy and sent her on her way.

She entered his room wearing a robe over her see through teddy and approached him in bed and asked him if he was comfortable and if he needed anything. He looked puzzled and then she let the robe slide off her shoulders revealing the teddy underneath. He asked about me but she reassured him not to worry as I had sent her over to please him. He just grinned from ear to ear.

She pulled back the cover to find him nude with his penis already semi-erect. She knelt down and proceeded to stroke his cock and lick her lips. Soon she licked the shiny head and then the shaft while working his testicles. He moaned and reached out to feel her tits. Engulfing his cock, she worked her head up and down. She gives great head and I knew he would enjoy himself. After a couple of minutes he pulled her up and kissed her with great passion and removed her nighty. He reached down and worked her clitoris giving her her first orgasm. Rolling her over he moved to her succulent nipples and savored them one after the other. She then place her hand atop of his head and gently pushed downward. He understood and moved down between her legs and licked her outer lips driving her wild. Finally he gave her what she wanted and plunged his tongue into her slit while she had her second orgasm of the evening.

When she could take no more, she ordered him to fuck her and fuck her hard. He crawled up between her thighs and ran the head of his penis up and down her pussy lips and finally aligned it with her entrance and pushed. Immediately his cock sank half way in and she groaned and told him to stop. I knew my friend had a large dick as we had been in high school together and had seen his cock numerous times in the gym shower. It was at least eight inches flaccid but I'd never seen it erect. He instinctively knew he had to pull back a bit and work it in and out until she adjusted to the size. Finally, after about twenty minutes their pubes were intertwined. He whispered into her ear " Are you ready for the fucking of your life?" to which she responded "Yes, take me, fuck me good!"

He began to work his monster in and out as she wrapped her legs around his back and moaned. He slowly began to lengthen his strokes and pound her faster which drove her crazy. At this point I could hear the two of them from where I was. He was grunting with every plunge into her sopping cunt and she was screaming for him to fuck her harder. This went on for several minutes and then subsided. They, at this point, were changing positions. She got on all fours while he entered her from behind to resume their frantic fuck. Soon she declared she was cuming and he grabbed her hips for a final thrust to maximum depth and unloaded his balls into her uterus. She said he spurted no less than twelve times and before he was done she could feel his sperm running down her pussy lips and start to drip off her clitoris.

I was exited beyond belief knowing wife and my best friend were getting it on in the next room. I expected her back at that time but things were quiet. Turns out she was sucking the juices off of his cock and had regained his erection so my wife decide to stay for round two. He mounted her and drove his cock to the hilt in one stroke causing her to shout. He asked her where she wanted his cum this time and she replied that she was his slut and he should cum where ever he wanted. That must have set him off because he pulled out and had her kneel in front of his while he stroked his huge cock. He told her to lean her head back and open her mouth. Moments later the first spurt of ejaculate hit her on the forehead and across her left eye and cheek. She instinctively closed her eyes and he told to open them and keep her eyes open when the next spurt hit her directly in the right eye. She blinked but held her eyes open as ordered. The spunk blurred her vision but otherwise did not bother her. The next two streams hit the back of her throat. He lowered his aim and shot the remaining five streams onto her neck and her tits. He dribbled more of his secretions onto her stomach until he was drained.

He was drained and collapsed onto the bed and thanked her. She excused herself to go clean up and said she would she him in the morning but she really came to see me. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the mess she was in but my cock had never been harder. She asked if I still approved of her fucking other men and all I could do is pull back the covers to expose my rock hard dick and smile at her. She knowingly smiled back and declared this was the first time but it wouldn't be the last. She climbed on top of me sliding her pussy down over my cock and bent over to kiss me. I knew I was tasting my best friend's spunk but I was so hot I didn't care. After a few moments I realized I realized I actually enjoyed the tart taste and the creamy texture. She leaned up to ride me hard while I licked her tits clean and finally unleashed a torrent of cum as deep as I could into her quivering snatch. After we both finished cumming she developed a wicked grin. Just as I was about to question her she moved up and squatted over my face. Within moments, the juiced began to run out and I lapped them up not missing a drop.

The remainder of his visit was even better as we had several threesomes. In fact, at my request, we exchanged wedding vows with the best man,s semen slowly leaking from between my wife's pussy lips. He had gone to see her after she had her gown on and bent her over our bed and fucked her not twenty minutes before the wedding ceremony. To my surprise, when it was time to kiss the bride I noticed a familiar taste in her mouth. She smiled at me when we finally broke off the kiss and when I looked at my buddy he just winked and smiled too! We delayed our honeymoon trip and had my best man meet us at a hotel several towns over so me could share my wife on our wedding night. We fucked her over and over and she loved every minute of it. We DPed her and we both fucked her pussy together (no easy feat) and fucked her pussy and mouth at the same time switching back and forth numerous times. We also just jerked off onto her, creaming her face and tits at will. When she could take no more she even asked me to suck my buddy off. By this time we were so comfortable with each other it was easy to take his cock in my mouth, although difficult to get much of it in. I'll tell you it's a hell of a turn on to hear a man groan and grunt as his spunk runs down your throat. It's such a power trip to be able to do that. He even returned the favor!

We now get together with him once or twice a year and repeat the whole adventure.