Written by Steve

23 Jul 2013

I was asked to update so here it is. After giving her boss his blow job she came home absolutely beaming. I was tortured with jealousy but wanted to know the grisly details. She tried to re enact it all on me but this bloody erectile dysfunction kicked in again so she just told me how empowered she felt marching into his office and saying, I need my pay rise so get your dick out you slimeball. He couldn't wait to unzip and she says he was already sporting a semi as it flicked over his waistband. She wasted no time in kneeling down and holding it which caused it to fully erect. Fucking massive was how she described it and thanked god she didn't have to accommodate him in her pussy. After a few strokes she took him in her mouth and he gave her what I haven't been able to for pretty much a year; a mouthful of firm potent cock. She admitted it felt good to know she was capable of exciting a man to such hardness and she had become wet herself. She enjoyed watching his face contorted in pleasure and hearing his soft joyous moans. He lasted a full ten minutes before she felt his scrotum tighten and his hips tense. Then he blasted his hot seed onto my wife's mouth which she was anxious to show to me. That's when she adjusted herself quickly and rushed to the ladies to FaceTime me. As she lay on the bed telling me this I stroked her stocking tops and eventually her pussy which I found was soaked. A sudden rush of blood to my cock gave me the confidence to try to penetrate her so I hurriedly lowered my track suit bottoms and mounted her pulling aside her g string I managed to slide my half hard on into her soppy cunt. Excited she dug her nails into my arse and pulled me in deeper crying fuck me baby. I hadn't even got fully hard when cum dribbled weakly out of me. For the first time during all of my erection problems she looked genuinely frustrated and even angry. I'm so sorry ang I whimpered. She held me close and kissed my forehead. Shh it's ok babe she whispered. One miserable blob of spunk sat on her stocking top. I touched her sweet lips where his powerful cock had exploded and asked, does he want to sleep with you. She looked deep in my eyes. Yes she said. Terrified I asked what do you want. She kissed me very tenderly and said shush babe, lets not talk about it now