Written by Rob

17 Jul 2009

I got home from work early one day expecting an empty house as my wife and her friend had gone for a massage at the local council heath suite.

As I closed the front door I could hear noises from upstairs so thought I had better investigate, I crept up the stairs and could hear that the noise was coming from our bedroom, the door was slightly ajar so I quietly popped my head in to see what it was.

Well there spreadeagled on the bed was my wife in her pants and bra being given a massage by her friend ( obviously the health suite had got them in the mood for more )- neither of them saw, or heard me so I just kept watching, it was soon after this that the massuers hands were inside the pants and massaging my wifes smart little bum, I was then surprised to see my wife open her legs and expose her tight little arse at which point the massage fingers went straight in - I was now rock hard -this was something my wife had always said no too and here she was being fingered by another woman.

It was at this point that her friend caught sight of me, smiled and silently beckoned me in, she then said to my wife, isnt it my turn now? o k she said, take your clothes off and lay down, at this point my wife turned over and saw me ( with huge bulge in my trousers ) and realised that I had seen it all - oh well she said I guess you had better join in.

And that is how I spent the rest of the afternoon with my wife and her friend - exactly what we got up to will come in the next instalement but sex with my wife had never been that good before.