Written by Jim-jenmcv

18 Feb 2008

My wife(Jen) and I(James) are not what you would describe as \"proper\" swingers, we have never went the full way with another person in our sex life, it\'s always been a fantasy for us, something we use to bring each other off, she has flirted and even the odd handjob with another man, but never went to full blown sex, that changed this weekend. The following story is very long but it 100% true, photos of my wife can be seen on our profile including the outfit I describe in our following post.

We had went out on Saturday night to a friends party, as per usual she was looking fantastic, a delightful little black dress that shows off her figure so well, and underneath a silky red and black suspender belt,tight black lacy thong and a nice matching black bra. knowing what she had on beneath the dress was driving me crazy all night, I couldn\'t stop going over and resting my hand on the back of her dress and feeling the top of the suspender belt and running my hands up and down the straps along her bum, of course to wind me up even more she was heavily flirting with other men at the party, accepting any offer of a dance off anyone that asked. I watched the surprise in a few faces when she moved a strange pair hands from her hips to her bum so they would know that she was wearing suspenders.

This more or less went on all night and by the time we were heading back to my friends house I was gagging to hammer the ass off her, I had my hand up her dress in the back of the cab rubbing away at her clit and boy was she wet, by the time we got to the house it had packed up quite a bit, lots of people we knew and lots of people we didn\'t, she was back doing what she was doing all night and flirting like mad while I got drinks, my blood was boiling and my cock was rock hard watching her

flirt away, dancing and pulling her dress up a bit to high so it would show off her stocking tops.

After an hour I couldn\'t take it anymore so I went and found a room that wasn\'t being used and had a lock inside the door.I went to drag her off to it, by the time we had went back up there was a guy in it using his phone, she was all over me going through the door and I think the guy just picked up what we were going to do and went out of the room. the door was just about shut and I had the front of her dress pulled open, my hands down the front of her thong, rubbing at her clit and moving back and pushing my fingers right up into her pussy, she was moaning and grinding down hard on my hand, she was also busy with her hands, she had my jeans open at the front and had my cock pulled out of my pants, her small hand running up and down the length of my cock, working the tip and making it wet.

By this stage her dress had fallen right off her and was kicked behind her and she was standing in just her red silky suspender belt, stockings and matching thong and bra, me with my hand still in her panties as I kissed her neck with her still wanking away on my cock, just then the door behind us opened, in the rush to get on her and the surprise of the guy on his phone in the room I had forgotten to lock the door, in walks this young guy about 25 neither a friend of mines or my wifes.

He just stands there staring at Jen her stripped down to her underwear with my hand in panties,\"nice lingerie\" was the first thing he said \"thanks\" she replied then it\'s like he finally notices me, \"love that silk belt mind if I have a feel mate?\", I looked at her for an answer and she just smiled at me, \"shut the door\" she purred, I removed my fingers from her soaking pussy and just sat down on the bed waiting to see how far this would go. he walked over to her and started rubbing her belt, running his hands over the silk at the front, slowly moving his way up and rubbing her tummy then up towards her bra giving her tits a good squeeze then back down onto the belt and down over the her pussy mound at the front of her knickers, \"fucking hell mate she is wet\" he added to me as his fingers worked their way inside her knickers, he moved his other hand up and popped her tit out over her bra, leaning forward to take her nipple into his mouth, sucking and biting it which is something that drives her crazy, she started opening his trousers, bringing his cock out of his pants and wanking it, rubbing her thumb over the tip and getting the head of it nice and wet, the dirty bitch even put her hand up to her mouth and licked his pre-cum off her thumb, by this stage I was wanking my cock just dying to either nail her or watch her get nailed by this young stud.

He then grabbed her by her shoulders and pushed her down onto her knees \"suck my cock slut\" a wish she quickly granted, I moved round behind her and started rubbing the head of my cock up against her ass, while I leaned over her shoulder to have a great view of my wife with this strangers cock in her face, she was licking his tip and rubbing it around her lips, soaking her face with his cum, and popping half his cock in and out of her mouth, he reached down and put his hand to the back of her head and pushed her mouth the full way down on his cock, moving slow at first the building up speed until he has fucking my wifes face really hard and fast with all his cock stuffed down her throat, her gagging and moaing as he as his cock rammed down her throat abd his balls slapped off her chin I had four fingers buried in her pussy as I rubbed my cock up and down ass making her cum twice all over my hand as I watched him abuse her mouth.

We took her off to the bed and placed her on her hands and knees,I pulled her panties off and entered into her from behind and our unknown friend continued his assault on her poor mouth while both of us played with her tits.

I was ramming her very hard and it didnt take long until I shot my load and pulled out of her and he wasted no time pulling her away from me towards himself and then quickly flipped her unto her back with her legs up over his shoulders and her pert little bum hanging off the bed, he fucked her really hard and fast calling her all sorts of names \"you like that don\'t you slut\" \"bet you wish you there was more than two cocks here for you whore\" \"I should take you downstairs and let all my mates pass you around, let everyone fuck you till you cant stand up\" to which she would moan she approval,he was holding onto her legs by her suspender straps now pushing her feet nearly behind her head and I lost count of how many times she came at this stage, the squelching noises from between her legs as he fucked her where unreal, her whole body was glistening with sweat and the delight on her face was great to see.

He was slamming his cock that hard and fast into her that I swore that he must have been in pain, there was no way he could last much longer at this and sure enough he shouted \"fuck I\'m cumming\" and filled my young wifes cunt with his load, pumping her slowly till he emptied everything he had in his balls, he pulled out of rubbed his flaccid soaking wet cock on her silky suspender belt then stuck a few fingers up her pussy, pulling them out slicked with his and my cum then reached up and stuck them in her mouth. \"thanks for that mate\" was all he said as he pulled on his trousers and then left the room pulling the door closed behind him.

I had to take her to the toilet after that and get her cleaned up before we could go downstairs and get a taxi home, her stockings where all ripped and her knickers where soaked right through, his cum was still running out of her long after we got home and into bed, of course we had another fuck, I shoved her cum soaked panties into her ass while I pounded her already sore pussy..

So here ended our first swinging experience but I don\'t think it will be our last, hope you enjoyed reading this as it is great fun sharing it.

James and Jen.