Written by gordon

25 Jan 2012

I had suspected that my wife Sue was havibg an affair for sometime, I also thought I knew who she was having it off with, a guy called Colin her boss at work, one night I told her that I had to return to work to sort out a problem. I sat in my car watching my house shortly Colins car pulled up outside my house I watched as the door was opened by my wife wearing only her undies, I was shocked not expecting to see Sue dressed this way I quietly let myself into the house and sneaked upstairs goimg into the spare room I could hear them making love Sue had always been noisy when she climaxed, they were also laughing about how wet she was, she actualy sprays when she cums making her thighs wet.

I wanted to go in there and sort them out but found myself with an erection at the thought of what was happening in the next room

I left the room, standing on the landing I could see that the bedroom door was slightly open, looking through the gap I could see Sue bent over with Colin's cock buried in her from the rear as he fucked her, by the noises that she was making she was about to cum for a second time, he finished cumming into her fanny, as he pulled out I saw his cock it was bigger than mine, I was very envious, perhaps that was the reason Sue was shagging with him, The door bell rang, I dived qoickly back into the spare room, my wife answerwd the door, I could hear Sue and our neigbours voice laughing from downstairs then the door closed, I watched from the window as my wife and Colin left the house with Colin going back to his car and Sue going next door.

As I watched two old men approached the house and went inside, our neighbour Gwen was in her late sixties or early seventies, after about an hour the two men left, I went outside just as Sue left our neighbours house,

That night I told her what I had seen and heard she admitted that she had been having an affair with Colin for a few months but said that he used her for sex and she used him to enable her to get promotion at work, she told me that Gwen was lonely and invited men to her home for company, she knew that dwen often had sex with them to encourage their visits, that night two men had arrived making it obvious that they would like to have some sexual fun with Gwen.

One of the men sat on the arm of the chair, kissed Gwen and fomdled her breasts, holding his habd she led him into the dinning room, the other man came and sat on thr sofa next to Sue, she let him remove her top, he pulled and squeezed her breasts but when she wouldn't let him go further, he wanted to see what the others were up to, in the other room Gwen was naked on her knee's with the guys cock in her mouth, sucking hard on it they watched as the guy shot his cum into her mouth, Sue was surprised at how good this old lady looked without her clothes on, her boobs were quite large and did hang a bit.

she was obviously ready for more, the other guy took over and fucked her dry fanny, when she left Gwen was still naked, I said that I would love to see her naked, Sue will try to arrange it for me