Written by dave/shed

22 Jun 2011

Its been about a year and half now that my wife sue as been with her "fuck" buddy tom.Once or twice a week tom pick sue up,they either go for a bite to eat first or go straight to toms to "fuck".Then when my wife gets back!,then i get her "spunk" stained knickers stuffed in my mouth and told every last detail of what she been up to as she wanks my "cock"!!!,and if i shoot my load,im not allowed to lick out whats left of toms spunk out her "pussy".Sue always tells me how much better tom "fucks" her than me,and that his "cock" his much bigger,than my little "dick".The only time i get to see my wife being "fucked" by tom is on cam,once every couple of weeks if I'm lucky.And when i do get to watch!,tom first shows his big "cock" and tells me I'm going to "fuck" your slut wife now wimp!!!.which first her "cunt" or "mouth"?, mouth please i say! "ok" slut your wimp hubby wants it in your "mouth"."Sue takes toms "cock" into her mouth and starts "sucking" him off, then licking along his long "shaft" and sucking his"balls".As my wife "sucks" "licks" and "slurps" on toms "cock",tom tells my wife what a "dirty" little "slut" she his.A hand on either side of my wife's head now, tom begging to "fuck" her mouth hard and deep making her gag now and then."fucking" "slut" tom calls out "suck" it you "fucking" bitch!!.Sue is now "sucking" away like there's no tomorrow on toms big "cock",MMMMMM More to follow..........may be