Written by stay at home boy

6 Apr 2019

It was a last minute dash to get my wife booked in for a hotel weekend from Friday to Monday. Her friends had happened on a late option at a very nice four star hotel in the Midlands and when she discovered that there was one extra place available, she took it. It was a spa and the price was perfect and due to a cancellation of a wedding just earlier in the week.

I agreed to look after our pets and house sit in preference to going with her, none of the other husbands were going and we made arrangements to meet for a few beers each evening and watch the sport on TV.

I got a message to say she had arrived and was in an annexe whereas the girls were in the main hotel and that suited her fine. My weekend began with a load of preparation for the next day as I had a couple of jobs I desperately wanted to finish before the kids broke up for Easter, just two weeks hence. I got a further message saying that the place was lively as some of the wedding party had kept their room bookings despite the marriage being off. It was mostly male guests who were there, less the unlucky groom. Liz told me there were some pretty fit guys and suggested that it might be a blessing that she was away from the other girls. I wished her luck and got three purple imojis in reply, our shorthand for things hotting up.

I was in bed early courtesy of the beers and slept soundly except for a couple of trips to the loo, but that was expected. I saw my phone was glowing when I returned from the second visit and through very bleary eyes recognised my wife's name as the sender. Putting my specs on I woke suddenly when I realised it was a photo of her naked. The text beneath read, 'just got back to my room, great night'. I replied but got nothing back

Next morning I had a call while walking our dog. Liz rang to explain that she had been chatted up by two of the wedding party and finished up going back to the room they were in. She said she didn't think her friends saw her leave as they were just about blotto with all the wine and she was going to blag it if anyone asked any awkward questions. I asked about the fun and she said she would tell me more later and she was due to have a massage and stretching session shortly so she was going for her friends and would ring later.

I was very pleased she had been fucked as I knew she was getting desperate as I had been neglectful due to the stress of the jobs I was on.

Later that evening she said she had sent an e mail giving the dirty details and told me to get the laptop out.

I opened up and saw what had happened:

Hi love, just wanted to say what fun I had last night. I was in the bar after dinner with the girls and had a couple of drinks but knew I was not going to keep up with the others. When in came five fit young guys from the wedding party. They were on the pull but our party seemed to be a bit old for them and they went into the village only to return a couple of hours later because it was dead. They made a beeline for us and the girls were pretty smashed so made no sense at all, our accent not helping either. However I was at the bar and got chatting to two of the lads who seemed interested. We talked and had a laugh and they got a bit touchy feely and I suggested they kept it low key in order that my friends did not get the wrong idea. Now that began the ball rolling. They asked what I meant and I smiled and made it worse by not saying anything, just raising my eyebrows in a 'You must know' attitude. They looked across and one of them said 'Why don't we take our drinks to our room, it's at the back and on a different floor to your friends'. They suggested that if I was game that I should go to my room and ring their room and give it five minutes then one of them would meet me at the entrance from the back car park, the opposite end of the hotel from the bar and the girls.

I thought for a few seconds and nodded my head and said I would say goodnight to the girls who were laughing and joking with the other guys and go to the annexe and take it from there. I felt quite nervous but also very excited. Walking out of the front door and waving to the lasses but only one waved back so I don't think I was missed and I definitely was not pissed as they seemed to be. I felt like a spy on an espionage mission, secret phone calls and clock watching In my room I changed quickly into some sexy gear I had chucked in the case at the last minute. I had my coat on as I tripped across the gravel, stealing a peek into the window to the bar and saw the girls were still being entertained, more importantly, they were all still there. At the back entrance, one of them was there, David. He saw me and grinned widely opening the door for me using the button to release the lock. I entered and we went upstairs to the second floor.

I felt it would all go horribly wrong until we got in their room. Joshua sat on a small sofa near the window, my glass had been replenished and a new bottle of Prossecco had been opened for me. They had wine for some reason instead of beer. We sat down, me taking the other seat on the sofa and David sat on the edge of the bed. Away from the others these two were quite normal and we chatted freely for a while, then Joshua kissed me gently and I melted. i knew why they invited me but the suddenness was electric. I thought of you and what you might say and then I was theirs. I wanted to have them, I was suddenly feeling very desired. Stockings and suspenders usually get guys going and this was no exception. Josh gently rubbed my thigh and I opened my legs for him and allowed him further access. David must have had a good view of my stocking tops and as my dress was pushed further up he growled appreciatively and said I looked fabulous. Thankfully the spa pampering I had enjoyed had included manicuring and a make up session which I felt was well worth it. I was relaxed and enjoyed the attention as my dress was released from the zip holding it and drawn down my body.

Soon I was relieved of my drink by David who put it to one side and helped Josh to strip the dress away. Their eyes feasted on my underwear and they sat me on the bed and took a position each side of me as they played with my breasts and released them from my black bra. My nipples proudly gave away my excitement and encouraged a pair of lips to each one. I was laying with them both on the bed and kissing them in turn and rubbing their erections over their trousers. Josh tugged at my panties and got them down after I lifted my bum to help them, my cunt felt very wet.

I protested that I was now naked bar my stockings and suspenders whereas they were both fully dressed. I told them I wanted them nude as quickly as possible and watched as they amused me getting their kit off as fast as they could and two proud stiff cocks were there for me to use and be used. The room was very warm and I suggested they open a window. They told me to do it and took the opportunity to scrutinise my bum as I leaned forwards to ease the window ajar. I stood momentarily exposing myself but there was nobody about. I went to close the curtains but David said to leave them open, it felt sexier. I turned to rejoin them on the bed and they laid a pillow for my head very thoughtfully, then knelt each side of me to get their cocks inspected and then sucked. This felt like a porn movie but I was past being coy and allowed them both to lick my wet cunt while I pleasured their thick cocks. They both tasted different in some way I could not decide exactly why, but the joy of having them both was a real treat I had almost forgotten.

I felt my juices running down my bum crack and felt very sexy as the tongues penetrated me and found my weak spot and made me squeal a bit and then come a lot. David took the lead in fucking me when he snaked his body across me and took up the missionary position, kneeling between my stockinged thighs and easing Josh across a little. I looked at his knob end, red and swollen and looking delicious. It was pointing at my cunt and I felt very strong yet vulnerable, his cock was no bigger than yours it was preparing to enter me and I fleetingly thought of condoms but there it ended. As he slipped the tip in, I moved down the bed and aided his entry, his shaft went deep inside me and I felt the warmth and the stretching of my walls. It felt great. He began to fuck me and Josh came to the side of the bed and offered his cock to my lips. I took it willingly and we fucked and sucked in unison.

This was heaven at its best and the feelings were ecstatic, impaled one one cock and sucking the other off, two guys in their late twenties I guessed were having the time of their lives with my body and I was giving it willingly in return for another orgasm which I got and as I subsided, David filled me with come. Exhausted, he rolled away, eyes closed and Josh took his place and squeezed his cock into the flooded tunnel of my cunt. Sloppy seconds for him and it had the effect of shortening his ability to last and quite quickly I was given the second load, just as impressive as the first. Both guys were spent for the time being. I pondered my position and said I was going to call it a night. They looked disappointed but I explained that there was a chance that one of the girls might want to speak to me in the morning so I had better be in my own bed and not having to explain where I was. Reluctantly I dressed and kissed the guys goodnight and said 'Maybe tomorrow?' They both said they would love that.

So maybe I will get a further story to tell you after tonight.

That stunned me. Yes I hoped she might have fun, but this was stupendous and I wanked myself silly reading again and again of that fabulous night