19 Oct 2018

Well its night i now two years down the line were my wife Karen suggested you swap roles sexually I had always adored wearing panties so had no objections to Karens idea on the first night we were going to play Karen had me body waxed at a sunbed palour, On coming home that night found a dress full set of female undies including stockings on the bed with instructions to dress the little note was addressed to Lisa . I did as instructed and when dressed went to find Karen went into the living room and my wife was there dressed in mens jeans string vest and checked shirt my wife walked across the room and shook hands with me hello I am Kevin pleased to she you Lisa you so pretty I was shocked with this what was going to be a role play game had being started by my wife so quick Kevin [ Karen ] put some soft music on and offered me a gin and tonic while she drank a larger I was feeling odd this seemed so odd like I was in another world m y wife seemed to have planned it so carefully , A few drinks later Kevin [ Karen ] asked me for a dance took my hand and led to to the middle of the room and took the lead and I was put into the girls position as we danced as we danced she put my head on her shoulder could not belief I was accepting all this she whispred how pretty I looked kissing my neck then I felt her hand going up my frock at the back she was stroking my knickers I was in a daze her fingers went under the elastic of my knicker leg and was groping my bum cheek mmmm she whispred we need to go to bed darling this was the start of something I have being put into two years ago Kevin is now my husband I am Lisa his wife xxx Lisa to be continued if it is of interest