Written by stephmale

8 Jul 2008

Tracey had just been fucked up the ass by the neighbour & her boss D, and now she wanted sex with me in the toilets. This was a dream come true. Off we went to the toilets,while driving i had a finger up her - she was soaking. When we got there the ladies were locked.\" You will have to wait to tonight\" she said. As if was my reply the mens are open.\"I\'m not going in there, its full of old boys wanking\".\"How do you know\" i asked.She replied she had heard rumours.

I checked it out & told her there was no-one inside. In we went.I was as horny as hell.The wife was in the dirty park toilets in stockings sussies no knickers & horned up. I pushed her up on to the sink & pulled open her uniform & sucked her tits & fingered her soaking pussy. She was cuming in seconds & moaning loudly. She went down on me & sucked like a trooper. It was then that i noticed an old boy about 70 standing wanking at the door.I pulled tracey\'s uniform off her so he could see her in all her splendour.

I told her i wanted to fuck her ass but said she was too sore & needed her pussy fucked. I turned her over & plunged all the way into her before she even seen the old chap. When she saw him she just asked if he was enjoying the show! How she had changed!! This was all the encouragement i needed and i shot my load as she came as well. The old chap, Felix was his name walked over to her for a grope & slipped his fingers into her soaking pussy pulled out my cum & licked his fingers.He then shoved a finger up her ass & done the same. The sight was amazing. Tracey went into the cubicle to tidy up while Felix licked his fingers dry before shooting a massive load.

As we waited on her he asked if we would repeat the show for him & some old chaps that called around to his house for a drink. Tracey replied she would think about it! I dropped her at work,we kissed & i could taste cum on he lips. She said she better go. I replied see you later & to put some knickers on.The reply? Dont think i will bother. I went back to work with a horn thinking what else would she be getting up to. I couldnt wait to get home that night. The toilet experience was to change both of our lives from that day on.