Written by jake 100

18 Oct 2010

recently my wife L and myself visited friends. They have a large house in a village and it was a wonderful weekend. At home L is sexy but we sometimes struggle to find time for fun but when away she changes completely!! We arrived safely and after a long journey and long chats with friends finally went to bed.

Within minutes of getting into bed L was pressing her arse against me and purring, always a good sign!

I was soon v hard and before i knew it she removed all her nightclothes. Her wetness rubbed against my cock and i could feel the wet pubes as she slid her lips against me, she wont shave her pubes off and i love her all the more for it.

we were laying on our sides and i reaches and grabbed a breast. L is 38 e with v long v big nipples which are usually v sensitive, too much to touch at time, but not tonight! I grabbed her tit and pulled it roughly and she responded with groans of delight, at the same time she reached down and guided my cock into her wet open and v hot cunt.

fucking hell it felt good.

we started fucked , i'd like to brag and say slowly like some sex master but in reality i just wanted to pound into her. as we fucked her wetness coated my balls and i became rougher with her breasts really tugging at them as we fucked.

I know she is getting v excited when she talks dirty and gives filthy instructions

suddenly she wispered, "fuck me" , "Fuck my cunt"

i nearly came there and then but managed to hold back

I released her tits and put both palms on her fantastic arse

"You love a cock in you,dont you?"

"yes", she answered

I pressed my palms on her arse them pulled her cheeks apart, she gapsed.

I move my thumbs toward each other until i was almost touching her lips and open her even wider, "oh yes" she gasped

"What am i doing?" i asked her

"You're pulling me open to fuck me, go on fuck me fuck it up me,use it,use it" she panted

I fucked her v v hard and pulled her as wide open as i could as i did so,

we came together and i came loads, filling her with cum,

the room stank of sex,and she was leaking cum onto our friends spare room bed.

it tickled from her all night

I love to spread her and use her and she loves it to, when we aren't at home!!?

I realise this isnt the mad orgy type story that appears here but ,as you can tell ,it is true.

more to follow if interested.