Written by Bobdog

6 Jan 2015

Jo left the house that morning in a foul mood. Her husband, Ewan, had said he would be late home because of a stock-take at work and he would get fish& chips on the way home. She knew that meant she would be eating alone tonight and would end up hovering, dusting and ironing for most of the evening. This was not what she had expected her Friday nights to be like after the kids left home to go to university and college.

Ewan and Jo had been married for 28 years. She was 50 and he was 52. They had a good relationship and a regular sex life. Jo did feel a little short changed though as regular meant every Saturday night and sometimes a Sunday morning. Often she would be aching long before Saturday came. Jo had been unfaithful once, not long ago, when a swarthy builder had taken advantage of her unexpectedly, one wet Wednesday. She hadn’t told Ewan and didn’t expect to repeat the encounter ever again. Least said, quickest mended her mother had told her.

Work that Friday had been boring and Jo was grateful at 4.30 when Debbi, her boss, had said to slip away early as there was nothing much doing. Jo walked home every day and the stroll took her through town passed all the shops she visited including the chocolate shop, Thornton’s. She didn’t go in today she just walked on by thinking more of the G&T she was going to have on her Friday visit to the local on the way home.

Jo walked pass the building site where she had had her encounter with a builder. The hut was gone and the front façade of the new shop was in the process of being erected. She felt a twinge in her groin as she remembered that afternoon of enforced pleasure. Never to be repeated, she told her self. A couple of hundred yards more and Jo walked into the Crown for a drink and to wind down after a draining week.

Tom was at the bar and was surprised to see Jo so early. You’re early today, he commented as he offered to buy her usual. Jo explained the circumstances to him. Tom and Jo had become casual acquaintances as every Friday they both happened to drop into the Crown on the way home to their respective spouses. They had talked about everything under the sun over the last couple of years but had never been in each others company for more than 30 minutes. Jo had only met him once outside of the pub and that was when she had met the builder on his building site.

Tom was 46 and married to Claire. Claire was lovely, attentive, good in bed and the mother of his 4 children. She loved him so much she ignored any signs of indiscretion on his part. He had been married for 21 years and had had several liaisons with other women. All of them had been offs, when he had been on contracts away from home and he had only given in after these women had thrown themselves at him. At least, that’s what he told himself. Claire had suspected him twice but wanted to keep him so let it pass without comment. Tom dutifully brought the money home, kept the house in order and took them all on a foreign holiday every year. Claire had seen her friends divorce and didn’t want to go through that for a couple of minor indiscretions.

I see the front is going up on the new shop, said Jo. The Portakabin was craned out on Monday, replied Tom. He picked up both their drinks and took them to one of the booths and sat down. He leaned back on the high backed bench seat and put both arms up as if he was on a crucifix. Jo sat down opposite and sighed, Ah yes. You have fond memories of that hut?, asked Tom, hoping he knew the answer. Yes, she replied coyly, and you know it. You must have spoken to that brute of a builder you left me with that Wednesday afternoon. He did say you had been very welcoming to him as a foreigner, Tom replied, but he didn’t go into any detail. But you gave me my knickers back in a bag, said Jo. I didn’t know what was in the bag, He gave the bag to me to give to you. And you didn’t say anything so I never mentioned it again!

Jo leaned back now, not knowing where to go from here. She decided to say nothing and to wait to see if he was interested or nosey enough to want to know more. She looked him in the eye and kept her mouth shut. He looked at Jo. He could see her figure was pretty good for her age but that it was well hidden below her standard office workers suit. Knee length skirt, tights and plain shoes. A fine knitted top, over an M&S bra, all kept in place with a jacket that matched her shirt. Her hair was dark and not quite long enough to reach her shoulders.

Tell me then, Jo, asked Tom, what did he do for you to call him a Brute? I could have him sacked if you want. No, no, no, said Jo, I only meant he was big and strong, he really was very nice to me. Then Jo opened up and explained the whole story to Tom. How she had been encouraged to suck the builders cock and how she had loved it. How she had been fucked up the front and up the back for the first time ever and how she had thought about her only marital discretion many times since she had left the hut that day. And how she hadn’t told her husband.

Tom’s jaw was on the table. He could hardly believe what she was saying and was very conscious of his hard-on straining beneath his pants. Jo, for her part, found herself squirming where she sat, having turned herself on with her unexpectedly candid confession. A minute passed without a word between them. I wish it had been you! I wish it had been me! They both blurted out at the same time. Perhaps we should do something about, they spoke in unison.

Another minute’s silence and Tom moved closer to Jo. Why don’t we go for a trip in my car and I can show you where the hut is now, suggested Tom. Jo realising she had started something she wanted to finish smiled at Tom and agreed. What about your hubbie?, asked Tom. Don’t worry said Jo, he’s working late so he’ll never know if I’m a bit late, what about your wife? I’ll just let her know something will keep me at work a little longer, it often happens. And with that he got up and went out the door. By the time Jo caught up with him he was speaking into his mobile.

Job done, he said, when he had ended the call, all sorted. This is my car and he press the remote and the doors unlocked, hop in. They drove out of the car park heading towards the industrial estate and finally ended up at Tom’s firm’s bone yard. This was just a big compound surrounded by chain link fence that contained all the plant and machinery. It also contained 4 Portakabins emblazoned with Tom’s firm’s logo. Tom and Jo got out the car and Tom opened the compound and drove in. Jo followed on foot. Tom parked and locked the compound behind him.

Which is your hut then? asked Tom. Jo said she had no idea as they all looked the same. Tom opened the first and they both looked in. This is it, confirmed Jo. That’s the very sofa. The both stepped further into the hut and Jo sat down on the sofa.

Jo looked up at Tom and said, this is where I gave him a blowjob. Tom smiled and said he thought it must have been a good one as she looked like she liked giving head. Jo agreed and pulled him towards her. She pulled at his trouser and he helped drop them to his ankles. Jo tore down his Calvin Klein shorts and released his erect manhood. Her hands were warm and he felt her grip his shaft and begin a massage of his tool. Her knuckle reached the top of his knob with each stroke and the sensation on his fireman’s helmet was excellent. A bead of juice appeared at the end and Jo leaned forward and licked it off. Tom felt her hot tongue run down to his balls and return to the top as she took his sack in her left hand.

Jo stroked his tool to full hardness and then pushed his cock passed her lips. She only took the head in, pushing his foreskin back with great care. She sucked hard and Tom could feel the vacuum drawing him towards her. Then she let him further into her mouth ensuring her tongue rubbed hard against the helmet ridge. This was the start of rocking motion that saw Tom fucking Jo’s mouth.

Jo could taste the pre-cum from Tom’s erect member. She was delighted that Tom was bigger than her husband. She may as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb, her mother had always said. Jo missed her mum, what would she think of this? Jo concentrated on giving head. Deep thrust from Tom and she could feel the beginnings of his ejaculation. His balls rose up in his scrotum. His cock got even harder and his buttocks began to clench. She put her hand on his bum cheeks and forced a wet finger into the crevice and massaged his ring.

He couldn’t hold back any longer. Just as Jo had hoped, he spurted right in her mouth. She’d held the fluid in her mouth as he withdrew and another globule exploded from the end of his cock and hit her on the nose. She opened her mouth wide and Tom saw a third spurt hit her smiling teeth and trickled into her mouth. She was very pleased with the last five minutes of fun. Tom looked down at her and saw the white stuff being licked up. The contrast of white against the red of her lips was delicious, like strawberries and cream. He kissed her full on the mouth and she responded by pulling him on top of her.

Tom wanted her now, more than ever. He felt frustrated that she was still fully clothed and started to remove her things. He carefully removed her jacket and lifted her top over her head. He was delighted to see a firm pair of tits held back by a white bra. He left the bra on. Jo had kicked of her shoes and Tom raised her skirt to find a matching pair of white knickers. There was a dark patch in the crotch where Jo was wet. She lay back and lifted her bottom to let him slowly pull down her wet pants. She felt the cool air of the hut reach her fanny and she knew she was in for a good time.

Tom could smell the sweet warmth of her pussy. It glistened with moisture as her outer lips pushed forward, swollen in excitement. Her clitoris was pushing through near the top, pink and ripe. Her pussy was neat and tidy. She had kept her pussy groomed below her bikini line to present a perfect triangle of dark hair. The dark hairs were split by her pink pussy lips that pouted invitingly at him. He moved closer to her mound and his nose came to rest in her pubes.

The first thing he did was kiss her on the clit. It was hot and hard. Then his tongue delved down lower, parting her silky lips. She tasted sexy, that was the only description that felt right to Tom. Not sweet, not salty, just right. And it was warm. Jo’s pussy was hotter than his probing tongue. It reached the opening of her vagina but he didn’t push any further. Instead he spread his tongue wide and lapped all the way back to her clitoris. Now her clitoris was very proud and he hit it with the back of his tongue first. This bent her clit upward and aroused her in a way she had only felt before when she was masturbating. She felt really good about it.

Tom’s tongue, still wide returned to her vagina and he just circled the hole with his tip. A little trickle of Jo’s juice squeezed out and ran down her crack towards her anus. Tom returned to her clit and lapped some more, Jo squirmed beneath him trying to get his position just right. Tom used his fingers from one hand to spread her lips wider, exposing her clitoris to his glare. His warm breath brushed past her clitoris and sent shivers up her spine. Expertly, Tom aroused her with his broad tongue. He concentrated on her clitoris and the space below just above her tunnel of love.

With his other hand he placed his index finger on her anus. He could feel the droplets of lubrication that had trailed down from above. Jo immediately knew he was there and her bottom clenched in anticipation. He circled the ring with his finger as he continued with cunnilingus above. Gently, he pushed the hole which, lubricated with her own juice, slid easily in. She gripped him tightly round the finger not knowing what to do next. She needn’t have worried because he did. He pulled his finger out and lined it up beside his middle finger. Both now were pushed into her back passage and she gave a small gasp as the force kept her ring wide open.

Jo looked down her body, looking over her breasts, heaving up and down, still contained within her bra. Tom was looking at her pussy and his tongue, although out of her sight was working magic below. She was building towards an inevitable orgasm and still she had not had her pussy filled. At that moment, Tom bent his arm up so that he could push his thumb into her vagina. He held her in his hand, thumb up her cunt and two fingers up her ass. Jo loved it. The complete sensation of all her sensitive parts being fondled, caressed or licked at the same time was delightful and her pussy told her so. Tom squeezed his fingers and licked her clit and she started to come.

From her bottom first came the first wave. Up through her body and through to her cunt the sensation flowed. Her clitoris hardened and seemed to fight his tongue. The second wave of orgasm was even more intense and she gave out a loud moan. Tom had hit the jackpot. Another gush of pleasure overwhelmed her and she bucked her hips into his face. He held on, stimulating all the parts he could reach and yet another cycle of excitement coursed through her sexual organs. He had returned her blowjob with interest.

The orgasm began to fade and Tom looked up at her. Between her tits he could see the smile on her face. He had enjoyed it so much he was now as hard as he was before he had come on her face. He pulled himself up onto the couch beside her. I enjoyed that, he said and she looked him directly in the face and assured him she had too. She kissed him and her hand went instinctively reached for his erect cock. She felt him up and down and was impressed. His balls were loose in their bag but he was rock solid.

Tom was sitting with his trouser round his ankles and Jo was naked with the exception of her bra. Tom was caressing her stomach and enjoying the warm smooth flesh of her abdomen. Jo continued to gently masturbate him, fascinated by the glossy droplet oozing from him. Both of them were startled when the door to the hut opened. There standing in the doorway was the east European builder who had fucked her before. Get out of here, Serge, you crazy bastard, can’t you see were busy?, shouted Tom. I saw everything, he replied, but perhaps we should ask the lady if I can stay?

Both men looked at Jo. Jo looked at them both and, remembering the dirty magazine with the girl getting stuffed by two guys, said, In for a penny, in for a pound. Serge looked confused until Tom told him to come in and shut the door. Serge walked over to Jo and asked if she had got her knickers back. She nodded and replied that she seemed to have lost them again. He smiled and began to remove his trousers. She knew what was underneath.

Tom was stunned. He had been having a great time when Serge had interrupted and apparently taken over. He was deciding whether to sack him on the spot or leave when Jo spoke. She said this is a dream come true for me, I want you both, are you up for it? Serge said Yes and Tom thought quickly. He wanted her, was ready for her and was now only going to get a share. Lust was his driving force and it answered for him. Of course I am, he replied, we’re going to fuck you good and proper.

By this time, Serge had got naked. He was strong and muscle bound but a bit rough, a days worth of stubble and at least a day since he had showered. Jo liked the sordidness of the situation. One basic bloke with strength and stamina and another bloke whom she could talk and relate to, were ready to satisfy her sex-fuelled ambitions. Tom too removed the remainder of his clothes and sat down. His cock was standing tall and Jo, who had stood up, reached down to play with Tom’s tool found Serge’s prick, also hard, being directed at her mouth. She could only do one thing with such an invitation and her lips accepted the still rising member into her mouth.

Still with Serge’s cock in her mouth she managed to straddle Tom’s legs. Serge had to shuffle round and kneel on the sofa to keep in close proximity and Tom grasped his own cock and rubbed it up and down Jo’s slit. She was still wet from her orgasm and Tom’s cock could feel that she was ready to accept a full cock up her cunt. He positioned his knob in the circle of her vagina and Jo didn’t move her hips. She could feel Tom at the opening of her hole and wanted to savour the sensation. As Tom pushed up she also went up ensuring he could penetrate her no further than he was already. The effect on Tom was a very arousing tease.

Jo had Serge by the balls and was giving him deep head. She allowed the end of his cock right to the back of his throat and pushed his knob on to the roof of her mouth with her tongue on the out stroke. On the in stroke she sucked hard, enlarging the swelling helmet in her mouth. She started to get a good rhythm going with Serge and after only a dozen tantalizing strokes she felt him harden. She knew he was about to come but wanted it on her face. She pulled back and continued to wank him by hand.

Jo, still balanced teasingly on Tom’s knob, felt the first spurt of spunk hit her in the right eye. The second went in her mouth and the third across her lips. After a couple of dribbles a final spray landed in her hair. The warm spunk slid off her face in a long sticky trail and landed on Tom’s shoulder. Jo wanted that cum in her mouth and lowered herself to lick it from Tom’s body. This disrupted the fine balancing act she had been conducting with her pussy and her wet cunt slid slowly down Tom’s cock. It felt great to Tom as the tease had stopped and he had filled her up. She lapped at the white cream and swallowed it over. Serge has stepped back off the sofa and was standing behind her.

When she had finished devouring the sperm she kissed Tom and said, Fuck me now, boss, fuck me now. Tom didn’t need another request and began to thrust up and down at a speed he felt was comfortable and sustainable. Serge came round the other side of Jo and began to stroke her back. He liked her white skin and got aroused just touching her. His hand stopped on her bra strap and with two fingers he unfastened the clip. The bra fell down her arms, which were holding the back of the couch. Tom was delighted with his new view. Milk white boobs with reddish brown nipple about the size of a 2 pence piece. The nipples were erect and rippled with arousal. Tom leaned forward and sucked on one. Serge took the other and massaged it between his fingers. Jo revelled in the double attention.

Jo helped Tom with the rhythm, rising and falling, following his lead. Serge stood up and wandered round to view the action between Jo’s thighs. Jo was kneeling astride Tom; his legs were together between hers. Jo’s butt was exposed and Serge could clearly see a big prick parting some pink lips and fucking her pussy. The cock was slippery and glistening with lubrication and the labia were flapping in and out with each stoke. Serge knew it was the horniest live action he had ever seen. Above the cock and fanny show was Jo’s ring. It too was glistening and Serge felt he knew what he had to do.

Tom and Jo fucked well together. They seemed to click and concentrated on ensuring each was getting maximum pleasure. They had almost forgotten Serge was there. Serge put his big rough hands on Jo’s arse cheeks. He felt them rise and fall in ecstatic rhythm. He gently parted Jo’s rear cleavage and viewed her pink ring. Reddish brown like her nipples on the out side of the ring and pink like her lips in the centre. It was an inviting sight and he licked her with one broad stroke. Jo ‘ooed’ as she felt the hot tongue slip passed her most intimate muscle. Serge looked again and all the wrinkles pointed to the centre. He pushed his tongue to the centre and tickled her with a circular motion. She gave another encouraging groan.

Serge was hard again and he stood up and placed one leg either side of Jo’s. There were now six legs in a row. Serge, Jo, Tom, Tom, Jo and Serge. Serge took his cock and rubbed it against the moving target that was Jo’s anus. It slipped up and down in time with her. Juice from Serge’s cock lubricated her hole and as Serge leaned forward it began to penetrate her. First it was only the tip stretching her, then, as the head passed the point of no return his shaft buried his full length in her ass.

Tom saw the expression on Jo’s face change. It went from pleasure, through pain and into ecstasy. He also felt her pussy change shape as Serge’s big cock filled her rectum. He settled into a new rhythm as the dynamics of this fuck changed.

Jo felt every inch of the big cock up her arse. That combined with the equally hard prick up her cunt and the regular motion of both men sent her to a new level of satisfaction. Having both holes filled was every bit as good as she had dreamt it would be since her first anal fucking by the man who was up her bum now. She felt both of them thrust in unison and her cavities filled and emptied together. The force of two cocks in two holes moved her erogenous zones to unfamiliar places. Her clitoris was being pulled back to her rear and rubbed more effectively against Tom’s pelvis. This was worth the effort.

An orgasm was surely not far and Jo moaned louder and louder with each thrust. Tom sucked on her right nipple and Serge squeezed her left. This added attention brought Jo to the beginning of an incredible spasm. It started in her tits. First her nipples turned extra sensitive and this sent an electric shock down to her cunt. This in turn forced her ring to tighten and she exploded into an orgasm. Wave after wave of satisfaction filled her body. and she began to shake almost out of control. Serge held on and continued to pump her ass. Tom also kept ramming upwards into her pussy.

Jo came and came and came some more. She was drained and gave way beneath Serge. He pulled out and she rolled to the left. Both Serge and Tom stood up and started to wank over Jo. They both came together and their jizz settled in big pools on her boobs and tummy. She rubbed their cum into her skin. The slippery stickiness was like liquid silk and she felt like she had done everything and had proved that she could satisfy the most insatiable of men. She felt good.

Thank you boys, she said, I need to go home now. The three of them dressed together, not embarrassed at all. Tom helped wipe her body of most of the mess before she covered her, now well moisturised, body. Serge disappeared from wherever he had come from and Tom let them out of the compound and ran her home in the car. Just before she left the car she whispered a question, Will we ever do that again?

Tom watched her get out of the car. As she glanced at him for the last time he noticed she still had some cum in her hair. He let her go without a word.