5 Jul 2019

So we meet a guy on here and would cam with him, he would wank is big cock for us as we played with each other. All ways watching him cum before we would fuck for him like mad.

Then one day he messged her to see if she could come on cam, just her!!

Of course she said yes it end she loved going on cam for him and having him call her, telling her what he was doing and what he would like to do with her.

If they were to meet,

the first time was for a coffee, they had a snog and she said he had a big hard on and as it was poking out at the top of his trousers, she rubbed the head of his cock with her fingers.

Of course she meet him again his wife was in England visiting her family, he came to pick her up at our house had a kiss before driving back to his home.

His home only one mile from our home, he had a hard on all the way there my wife was so wet by now.

They did not even get into the lounge before they were both naked hands all over each other. Her hand rubbing his big cock hard as an iron bar.

He fucked her all over the house more or less every room, sun bathing nube outside were he also fucked her on the lounger.

After he had her in his wife's bed they showered he dropped her off near our local bar where I met her after working all day.

She was standing at the bar with one of her very short denim skirt and a big smile on her face as if butter would not melt.

She told me all of this many years later after she had meet for a drink in benidorm.

All took place in sunny Spain behind my back, all out in the open now and would love to meet with him as a 3 some this time.

Hope he reads this. As it's our number one big turn on's being in a cuckold relationship with him.