Written by M

16 Jul 2009

I have posted on SH loads over the last couple of years, all of which are 100% accurate accounts. I am a married 32 year old man with a 29 year old wife, we have 2 children and live a normal happy life. Our secret is we love fucking other people. My wife R is a size 14 / 16 but very curvy in the right places. She has large firm breasts which attract lots of attention. Over the past 2 years my wife has fucked approx 18 guys. We have swapped with friends and R has even had threesomes. R has certainly seen more action than I have. We never advertise for people or go to clubs, we live our normal life and see what genuine opportunities present themselves. We find this much more exciting. This brings me to our latest encounter.

R has a friend called Jenny who is married, they have been having marital problems for sometime. Ever since the birth of their son. R received a call from Jenny last Friday saying her husband had left her and it was finally over. R went to visit her to ensure she was OK, R arrived home sometime later. R informed me she had arranged to have a night out on the Saturday with Jenny to cheer her up and show her life has things to offer, Jenny was down but agreed to go out. I agreed to stay home and look after our 2 children. Jenny needed a friend and I told R she should do whatever to help her through it.

The following day arrived and R started to get ready, she arranged to meet Jenny and they were going out into Leeds for drinks and a chat. Have a bit of a laugh to cheer Jenny up. When R appeared some time later she was wearing a shortish black skirt, a white strapless top and a pair of heeled sandals. She look very sexy. R kissed me and I squeezed her bum, she was wearing a tiny thong. R moved away and rang for a taxi, shortly after the taxi arrived and she was gone. I did the usual stuff, put kids to bed. Had a beer and watched Rugby on TV. Around 11.30pm I went to bed. I was soon asleep.

I was woken by a bang, I jumped up and looked at the clock. It was 4.50am. I then noticed R wasn't in bed and I quickly realised the bang was R coming home. I waited and soon after R came into the bedroom, she undressed and climbed into bed. I pretended to sleep. As soon as her head hit the pillow she was asleep. I started thinking why she had come back so late, my mind was racing but I soon fell asleep.

I woke up a couple of hours later, it was fully light so I decided to go down stairs, as I climbed out of bed R had pushed the duvet off her. She must have been hot, I then noticed she had marks on her breasts. I looked a little closer and realised it was a love bite. She had a couple of scratches on her leg too. I instantly knew she'd fucked someone. I picked up her thong off the floor and it was soaking. I dropped it and went into the bathroom. I had a wank thinking of what she'd been doing. I soon came on my hand, I got myself together and went downstairs. Shortly later the kids came down, I fixed them some breakfast. Whilst they were eating in the kitchen I went back upstairs. R was awake by now and was in the shower. She saw me and smiled. I pointed out her love bite and she then told me what had happened.

R and Jenny had gone out into Leeds, during the night both of them had loads to drink. Jenny had been pouring her heart out and telling R what had been going on, apparently her hubby had been seeing someone else. Jenny told R she'd not had sex in 6 months due to the arguments and his affair. After lots of drink and chatting R actually told Jenny about our "life style" I was shocked she'd told her, R told Jenny she needed some cock of her own as he had missed out on loads and shouldn't waste time waiting around hoping her husband would return. Jenny thought she was joking. R informed her it was true. After more drinks Jenny became curious and started asking questions about our encounters. R told her everything and held nothing back. Jenny admitted she had seen programs on TV about swingers clubs and found it exciting but said she could never do it, R informed her we have never been to a club but wouldn't rule it out. After more drinks the girls decided to leave, R asked where now. Jenny joked and said to a swingers club. She was obviously a bit drunk, R laughed and said OK. We have never been but there is quite a well known club on the outskirts of Leeds. We have seen it advertised on here and have driven passed it loads of times. When they got in the taxi R surprised Jenny by asking to be taken to the swingers club. It is only 5 mins out of centre so soon the taxi pulled up outside. They paid the taxi and got out. Both of them seemed surprised to be there.

They went in and it is a members only club, they had I.D with them and were made members. They went in and went to the bar to get a drink. After a while they decided to see what was going on. They went for a walk around, R told me she was soon turned on. There were people playing and fucking all over the club. It wasn't too busy but there were quite a few in. They went through into a different room. There were a few people watching a couple shagging. R and Jenny were stood watching when a guy walked up behind Jenny and touched her hand. Jenny jumped a little but didn't pull away. R told me Jenny was snogging this total stranger within seconds. R stood and watched her. R interrupted her and told her not to do anything she might regret. Jenny smiled and then started kissing the bloke again. R watched her friend for sometime. Soon her skirt was up and the bloke had her knickers down and was licking her out. R became turned on when her friend removed the rest of her clothes and laid down. The guy got between Jenny's legs and started to fuck her. R was so turned on she had her hand in her knickers and was rubbing herself whilst she watched her married friend fucking a stranger.

A man took hold of R from behind and he put his arms around her and put his hand down her knickers. He was rubbing her wet lips. R put her hands around his neck and he was kissing her neck. He then pushed 2 fingers up her. R started to come, she was been finger fucked and kissed whilst watching her friend fucking. R stopped the man and took her knickers off, she bent over and waited till the bloke pushed his cock up her. He started fucking her from behind. He fucked her hard and came very quickly, spunking up her. R dropped on her knees and removed the rest of her clothes. She laid down and started rubbing herself again, R then realised Jenny was fucking a different bloke. Within minutes 2 men were naked laid by R. The first one started sucking her tits. The other was fingering her sticky hole. R laid back and closed her eyes. The first bloke put his cock to R's mouth, she took him and started sucking him. The second bloke got between her legs and started to fuck her. He had a big cock and was fucking her deeply. After about 10 mins R turned around and got on her knees. The bloke pushed his cock back up her and started fucking her from behind. The other guy pushed his cock back in her mouth. R said she could hear Jenny screaming as her orgasm went through her. This was too much for R and she came too crying out with pleasure. The guy took his cock out of R's mouth and went over to Jenny. The guy had fucked her so he took his place. Jenny was taking her 3rd cock. After another 10 mins both guys came. The girls laid for a while recovering. Soon after they got dressed and left. R had fucked 2 guys, Jenny had fucked 3.

Both of them went back to Jenny's house and had a chat. Jenny was a little upset at what she had done. As the drink was wearing off and reality hit home so became a little emotional. R talked her round and ensured her she had done nothing wrong. After a while Jenny was laughing about it. R told her she had now fucked over 20 men in past 2 years. Jenny laughed and called her a slut. R dropped hints about a potential threesome with me. Jenny laughed and said, we'll see. Jenny has been invited to ours on Saturday night for a meal. Am hoping she might take R up on the offer of a threesome. I will post if anything happens.