Written by Craig

10 Jun 2012

A few years ago my wife started dressing sexy for work. (she's very sexy all the time and gorgeous , slim and horny) I asked her why she was dressing sexy and she said that she just wanted to feel good and enjoyed clothes that show her figure. I said that all the men will be looking, she just said that they can look but she dresses for her own confidence, after a few weeks I noticed that she was always shaved only leaving a small strip, the thought of her pussy lips wet and horny really turned me on , one evening when she had just returned from having a bath dressed in her bath robe I mentioned that she always talked about one of her male colleagues and seemed to fancy him , she just laid on the bed and did not say anything but had a very naughty look on her face , I was shocked but really turned on by this and continued to mention this co worker , I asked her if she would like his hands touching her ? While I was asking her I was unfolding the belt on her bath robe , she just carried on looking at me straight in the eye , I opend her robe and she just laid there completely relaxed , I started to gentley caress her stomach and she twitched and let out a sigh , I opened her robe all the way and her dark nipples were hard , I squeezed her nipples and she moaned while I asked her if she wanted him to touch her the same way , at this point I was as hard as I have ever been , to my delight she said yes and opened her legs enough for me to see her juice drip from her swollen lips !! Fuck I was almost ready to shoot my cum !!! ...... I held back even though I wanted to fuck her so hard, I kissed her but instead of a gentle kiss she thrust her tongue in my mouth and moaned , I said that if she wanted to fuck him she could as long as she told me all about it , she said that she wants him inside her and that the sexual tension between them makes her so wet every day ........ We have had a few threesomes in the past and know that we both are quite open minded , I moved down to her rock hard nipple and teased it with my tongue , she was moaning and squirming with pleasure I then sucked her nipples , she pulled me away and said that she had nearly cum , I told her that I have only started and intend to make her cum very hard and more than once !! I moved down to her shaved horny lips dripping , I was in heaven looking at the drips , by now she had a wet stain on the sheet , she told me that she wants him to look at her wet lips dripping for his cock , I went down and licked her gentley as she was so sensitive and just as my tongue pressed against her clit she squirted a nice warm flow , it was dripping off my chin. At that point she pushed me away and said that she wanted to suck my cock , she went straight down and told me that she was going to show me what she wants to do to him , she squeezed my shaft from my balls up to catch every drop of pre cum on her tongue and then put my hard cock all 8inches deep in her throat while her tongue liked my balls , fucking amazing !!!! I had to pull her away after a few minutes I was throbbing with pleasure, we then fucked in every position , she was screaming his name to me with every orgasm as I reminded her that his cock will be doing this to her , we fucked for a couple of hours licking sucking and coming hard "..................That was it now , we had a plan , about a week later while we were getting ready for work she told me that she did not need picking up after work because she was getting a lift from her co worker , she told me that she had asked him for his mobile number the day before while on a coffee break , she said the sexual tension was high and he flirted back , she showed me the sexy texts he had sent that morning asking if she wanted to go for a drive after work , she asked if it was ok , I said that if it is what she wants then no problem , I felt excited as she dressed in some sexy knickers and wore a figure hugging skirt that buttoned up from the front with a slightly revealing blouse , she had already prepared her pussy in the bath and had a few sessions on the sun bed during the week , she looked stunning .... Even more so because I knew what was going to hopefully happen , at work I found it hard to concentrait but was so excited and couldn't wait for the sexy fun later , she text me at 2pm to say that they had both finished work and were going for a drive , I text back and said that she has to suck his cock all the way and show him what a good suck is !!! And to enjoy and cum hard ...... I arrived home at 5pm and she was not home , I ate and had a bath , she returned at 6pm and it was obviouse that she had been enjoying her self, her clothes were creased and hair was messed up a little but she had the biggest smile on her face , she sat down next to me and continued to smile , I asked if she had a good time and she just looked at me with a lusty glint and said ohhhh yes , I slipped my hand up her skirt and slid my finger inside her very wet cum filled lips , she stopped me and said that she could cum again and was very sensitive , she asked me to wait while she ate and then after she told me step by step what happened while stroking my hard wet cock, they drove out in to a secluded car park , he then leaned over and told her that he loved the way she dressed and was very turned on , he reclined the seat she was in and then kissed her , she said he was very turned on and was moaning while he touched her breasts and sucked her hard nipples , he then unbuttoned her skirt slowly , she told me at that point she was close to cumming before he even touched her pussy he pulled her knickers to one side and just looked at her dripping wet lips , then he went down and liked her , she loved it and was in heaven when he slowly slid his finger inside her , she told him to go slow , at this point i slid my finger inside her wet cunt and asked her to show me how he had done it, she said just don't move your finger , I stayed very still and could feel her squeeze against my finger her juice was dripping from my hand , she then told me to lick her while my finger was inside her , she was so wet , I carried on fingering and licking her until she came hard !! Then she told me that she was going to suck me the way she sucked him , she opened her mouth while she had my balls cupped and slipped her warm tongue under my shaft then wrapped her lips around my big hard cock , she took it all and moaned like never before while sucking so hard I could feel precum going down her throat while she squeezed my balls and pulled me deep as she could , she sucked me for what seemed like an hour ( about 10mins ) but believe me it's a long time when its deep and hard sucking , when she had finished sucking she bent over and said fuck me hard from behind while reminding me that it was what he had done to her ,she also said that his cock was big and she loved it fucking her mouth, I slipped straight inside her red hot cunt , she was frantic while I rammed her lips as hard as I could , she looked at me with pure lust and said harder he did it harder , I absolutely fucked her hard , she came so hard and I filled her , as I shot my load she let out a moan and said she could feel every bit of his cum filling her cunt and felt every bit of mine .............it was amazing , one of the best fucks we've had ......... Like I say ....one of the best.......there's been a few