21 Feb 2018


Dean had tickets for a posh charity dinner dance on the following Saturday, it was a well known bash locally and I knew the tickets were very expensive. He asked if we wanted to come but I told him it was out of our budget, Dean insisted that it was his treat for all the meals he’d had at ours so I accepted. Jade’s mum Lisa said she would love to have Brad for the week end give us a break so that was sorted.

Jade said she would need a new dress and heels, I said hang on we haven’t got the budget for new outfits. She said the only posh dress she had was her short black cocktail dress, oh yeah that’ll do you look hot in that. It was a halter neck with a short flared skirt and the bodice was all lace and revealed a lot of her boobs her nipples only hidden by some strategic embroidery work. Jade tried it on, her tits had swelled since she bought it a few years back but the tie straps allowed her to adjust it although she really filled it out and she had a handsome cleavage. Jade teamed it with a sparkly shall she had and I bought her some new 3” black strappy heels which fastened around the ankle, wow they were sexy. Luckily I had a black dinner suit I had bought for a works awards function not long back.

Jade came down stairs and she looked awesome, her black sandals showing off her shapely legs, her toe nails painted red to match her finger nails. I asked if she was wearing stockings and suspenders, she gave a wry smile and briefly pulled up her skirt to reveal a frilly black garter and matching thong. My heart jumped a beat with excitement, as sexy as Jade can be she didn’t like wearing suspenders out so this was a real treat, she knew how it turned me on. Jades breasts filled every millimetre of the bodice all but her nipples visible through the lace, I felt my cock twitch at the sight and the thought of the view all those men were going to get. She wore sparkly drop earrings and a matching bracelet; her hair fashioned into a thick plat interwoven with a red ribbon decoration.

Dean arrived in the taxi when he came to the door his mouth gaped open before he managed to say wow. We were shown to our table were we met another couple; a mate of Dean’s that I knew a bit from our 5 a side days. Dean introduced us to Peter and his wife Rachel; she was a brunette and not bad looking but carried a little mummy weight. Jade was lucky as hers just fell of naturally and I think breast feeding and her gym work helped. I noticed Peter checking out Jades boobs a few times.

We all got on well and after a really nice meal the dancing started up, Peter and Rachel were soon up. Jade loved dancing but I wasn’t keen as I have two left feet, luckily Dean was good dancer and he and Peter kept both the girls satisfied, with me volunteering myself a few times after some Dutch courage. Peter and Rachel had to leave at midnight as they had a babysitter, we bid them farewell and Dean ordered a bottle of champagne. I said what’s that for he said it was to toast the sexiest lady here and gave Jade a peck on the cheek.

The chat got a bit saucy and Jade was the subject, well her tits and legs mostly which she seemed to revel in it. I was seeing a new more confident Jade; she would never have worn suspenders 3” heels and exposed so much of her breasts. She had had loads of admirers through the night and she knew it. The lights had been lowered further as the night was winding down and slow dances were being played. Dean took this as cue and pulled her up for another dance, I noticed he worked his way to the back of the dance floor and he kept her up for a couple of dances. When they came back Dean went off to the gents, I joked with Jade that he’d probably gone to relieve himself in a different way. Jade laughed and said she wouldn’t be surprised as his hands had been everywhere and she felt his stiff shaft pressing against her. My cock was stiffening and I probed for more information, exactly where did he have his hands. Jade said his hands kept feeling her bum and rubbing up her thigh and hips, she said she thought he was trying to check out what under wear she had on.

It was near time for our taxi pick and I told Jade I wanted a last dance to check out her underwear; Jade giggled but said she would just nip to the ladies. Dean came back asking where she had gone I said she had gone to freshen up and she was hoping to fit in a last dance before we left, I think he got the wrong idea as when she returned Dean didn’t give her a chance to sit standing and pulling her to the floor. On their return we made our way to the taxi, Jade whispered that Dean’s hands were all over her again, as we sat in the back of the taxi asked her if it felt good. Her eyes widened and she said it excited her knowing she had removed her thong for me whilst in the toilets, thinking I might have ventured a hand under her skirt. I asked if Dean had, she he tried to but she stopped him, I told her she should have let him have a feel of her pert ass.

Jade looked at me quizzically but since he stayed over at ours and Jade told me what happened I told her I couldn’t help getting excited at the thought of Jade doing it again whilst I looked on. I knew Jade was as horny as hell and had enjoyed flirting through the night and even enjoyed Dean’s attention on the dance floor. I was gambling that in our alcohol fuelled states that there could be a repeat back home so I was sowing the seed in Jade’s mind. Jade told me that it was a mistake and she wouldn’t go that far again, I kissed her and put my hand up her skirt and probed her pussy while whispering in her ear maybe you could just let him taste some milk. “Hey you two “we’re home.

Indoors Dean and I removed our jackets and shoes and he went into the lounge as Jade went to the bathroom, we decided on some nibbles and brandies as a night cap and I went to make them in the kitchen as Dean settled back. Jade clicked into the kitchen her heels still on, she left her clutch back on the table and went to remove them but I asked her to leave them on. I knew she couldn’t put her feet up on the sofa with them on and with them on her knees would be up causing her to show her thighs and maybe more. Jade took Deans coffee through and I followed, I was wondering if she had put her thong back on when I noticed her back was open and I could see her frilly thong briefs, my heart skipped a beat I felt sure now that Jade was going to give dean a flash.Sure enough when Jade sat on the sofa her skirt rode up and from my armchair I had a good view of her stocking tops and suspenders, I knew Dean must be having the same view from the other side.

Dean said wow your legs are fabulous Jade, I knew you had stockings. Jade made a half hearted attempt to pull her skirt down and turned her knees toward me, in fact she had exposed even more thigh to Dean, and she gave me a knowing look as she did. I wanted to encourage Dean knowing how fascinated he was with Jades tits, I blurted out that Jade’s tits have been aching as she hadn’t expressed milk all day. Jade’s eyes nearly popped out of her head and she gave me such a stare, Dean sat up on the edge of his seat and I went further asking him if he’d like to see her expressing some milk. Jade said I don’t think Dean wants to see that, Dean interrupted I’d love to see your tits being milked; Jade said that’s not going to happen.

I moved over beside her on the sofa and kissed her, come on Jade you know how much you teased Dean last time look at the bulge he’s got in his pants he’s desperate to see those milky tits. Jade looked over at Dean as I pushed things further saying show her that bulge Dean. Dean stood up his bulge noticeable but then he surprised me and Jade by pulling his pants down. He stood in his boxers Jade was speechless, I grabbed a glass off the table and turned back pulling Jade to her feet. Just put a bit in this glass, I pulled her back against me and before she had time to think I unfastened her dress straps. I swept them over her shoulders they fell away pulling her dress top to sit on her hips, revealing two large red nipples and areolas. Jade leaned back into me and held the glass to her right breast, I started kissing Jade as she massaged her breast gripping behind her nipple she shot a stream of milk into the glass. I heard Jade gasp and I looked up to see Dean stroking his, erection with his boxers around his ankles my own was pressed firmly against her ass.

Can I have taste asked Dean, Jade proffered the glass but I took it out of her hand that’s had vodka and coke in it he won’t get a proper taste. I cupped my hand under her tit offering it to him, here give it a try but watch your shirt. Dean hastily pulled his shirt over his head and stepped forward, awkwardly grabbing Jade’s tit. Jade winced be gentle and she started to instruct him on how to extract her milk as she cradled the back of his head. I put the glass on the table and stripped naked before pulling our large poufy over. Dean wasn’t having much success so I told him to sit on the poufy and instructed jade to squirt some in his mouth as she stood over him, whilst he wanked himself.

I was so excited I hadn’t realised how much I wanted this and more, I knew Jade would try to put an end to this as soon as Dean had his fill of milk and masturbated but I wanted to see Dean fuck her. I knew I had to keep control and push her further; I stepped in behind her kissing her shoulders and neck distracting her enough so that I could get hold of the material of her dress skirt at the top of the zip. I slowly worked the zip down so that my two fingers all that were holding her dress up now. Dean’s face and chest were covered in milk I told him to get up and try Jades left breast suggesting he might have better luck on it; he was straight up and onto it. I knew it made Jade horny when I suckled on her, I was sure this was my chance. Dean’s hard cock was inches in front of my wife, I let go of her dress and it fell around her shoes leaving her shaved pussy exposed. Dean felt it fall and as Jade gasped I sandwiched her between us pushing her onto him. I pushed a bit hard and Dean stumbled back to sit on the poufy. Gawping at Jades shaved pussy, framed in suspenders and lace stocking tops, I pushed Jade forward and Dean buried his face in her pussy. Dean lay back on the pouf pulling Jade on top of him; he started kissing Jade as she knelt over him her knees straddling his hips. Jade tried to get off him but he held her locked in a kiss. I moved behind her and pushed my cock up between her parted thighs, my head found her wet pussy and I slid deep into her. Jade let out a long moan as she broke her kiss with Dean. I pumped her hard and fast as dean locked onto her right nipple. Jade let out a yell as Dean was a bit over enthusiastic. I looked down I knew Deans hard cock and bulbous head must be right under her pussy, I pulled out and looked it was so close. I rubbed the head of my dick up and down her slit before pressing it home again. I fucked for a couple of minutes repeating the process twice more. I nudged Dean’s leg and he looked up at me I mouthed “fuck her” he looked bemused, I mouthed kiss her and he did. As their lips locked I slipped my dick out again, squatting I quickly grabbed Dean’s shaft pulling it up toward Jades open pussy, Dean got the message and lifted his hips and I pushed his cock head along her slit. I held it to her entrance and Dean pushed his bulbous head up into her stretching her hole. Jade froze looking back at me but Dean was now fucking her deep and proper, she returned to kissing him, taking her first ever extra marital cock. I looked at her starred ass hole and fed a finger in to feel the invasion of Dean’s cock. I had lost all compassion for my wife I wanted to use and see her used. Her bum hole was there to be taken and I pushed against it and was surprised how easily my wet cock slid into her inch by inch as Dean held steady feely my invasion, I had never fucked her ass without a condom. Jade grimaced and let out a few yelps but we settled into a rhythm. Jade seemed to be relishing her first cock DP and she soon quivered with orgasm. It didn’t take me long to reach climax in her tight ass, I pulled out and dumped my load over her ass. I sat back on the carped watching Dean’s cock push in and out of her soaking pussy, their juices escaping and running down dean’s shaft. Jade’s enjoyment was unmistakeable from her moans of pleasure and she soon exploded with another orgasm as Dean filled her pussy. We retired our room and cleaned up before, Jade sucked us hard in turn and we gave her the hardest fastest fucking we could pulling a train and swapping every time we felt our cum rise until Jade pleaded with us to fill her. Jade couldn’t take any more and we went off to sleep.

I woke in the morning facing Jade her eyes were open and she was moaning, I could feel movement in the bed. As I came too I realised Dean was fucking her slowly from behind, Jade kissed me and I fondled her tits which were obviously tender by the looks on her face. Jade moved to her knees and started sucking my already hard dick as dean re entered her doggy style, Dean grunted and slammed against her ass a few hard thrusts. It was obvious he was filling my wife deep with his seed, as he pulled out I rolled Jade on her back and slid into her warm sticky cunt. I pushed in slow and deep as our mouths were locked together, I felt Dean get off the bed and he went out into the bathroom. I fucked jade slow and purpose fully, the sexual tension was huge and we came to mutual orgasms together, just lying there kissing deeply.

Jade and I showered together and Dean came back in our room still naked, Jade pulled us to her telling us that it was an incredible experience which she didn’t regret but she made it clear she loved me and we had a son and there wouldn’t be a repeat performance. Or would there!