Written by kentpaddy

12 May 2011

Thanks for all the positive comments on our story folks. We've been at it like rabbits since and had a bit more fun tonight. We decided to go to the cinema tonight and the Mrs wore 'the skirt' again and without knickers again. We got there early and I have to say the Mrs got some looks walking round the foyer. She deliberately picked some sweets from low down when we were in the candy bar beforehand.

We sat down early so the lights were still up and sat right in the middle of one of the centre rows. My wife spent a good ten minutes with her legs at a very delicate angle showing plenty but also teasing just as much by crossing and uncrossing. A guy stood up a couple of rows in front to go out again and was wide eyed as he walked past. When the lights when down we moved to the side of the aisle and I had my fun.

I spent the majority of the film with my fingers buried in her pussy. She has left me with bruises on my arm she was gripping it so tightly at times. She was trying to keep quiet but let out a few whimpers and she came bucketloads over and over again (jelly babies taste nice having been dipped in wet pussy ;-p)). After a while she started to rub my crotch and I was really hard. After adjusting myself she got a good motion going and I told her if she didn't stop i'd cum. She rubbed even harder and whispered for me to "fucking cum". I didn't care at this stage and blew my load down the leg of my jeans.

We left just before the end to avoid any dirty looks and had a good laugh as we went back to the car. We had a shower when we got home and were getting horny again when my wife got out and said to not come into the bedroom for 5 minutes. When I came out (naked) she was bent over leaning out the window having a cigerette (she likes one with a glass of red) wearing a tiny PVC mini skirt I had never seen before and her knee high boots. We didn't say a word as I came up behind her and slipped straight inside her. We fucked hard for a minute or so until we I came inside her and she let out a low deep moan.

She's sleeping now but I wanted to let you know part two of our story. I have 2 old stories of a bit of gloryhole fun and the time we were the only people in the cinema and had sex. The Mrs also wants me to have some fun as she had her fingering on Saturday night and feels its only fair I have some fun. :-))))))