Written by rwa35

24 Oct 2007

For a long time my wife Lucy and I had spoken about a threesome with another guy, but it had never gone beyond the fantasy stage. Until one night we were watching a Channel 4 programme on wife swapping. Although interested in what was happening my wife expressed the opinion that she had no desire to go to a club and fuck another guy. She said the best way would be to advertise and choose someone. “So why don’t we so it?” I said, “We can always see what kind of replies we get.”. I was quite surprised when she agreed and so three weeks later, after over 100 emails, numerous web chats and five phone calls we were waiting in a pub in Leeds for Mark to turn up. Lucy at the time was 35 and she was dressed in a tight leather skirt and a black blouse, designed to show off her gorgeous 38D breasts. Mark arrived about 15 minutes after us. He was a tall slim guy, not bad looking, but she had chosen him for other reasons – namely because she liked the look of his cock. After a couple of drinks to settle the nerves we were getting on well and whilst Mark was away at the bar Lucy decided that she wanted to go ahead and have some fun together.

We drank up and drove the twenty minutes to our house. Lucy disappeared upstairs, saying to give her ten minutes and then come up. When we went upstairs to the bedroom she was waiting, laying on the bed wearing only her bra and knickers. “You two are overdressed!” Neither of us needed a second invitation and stripped off to our underwear. We climbed on the bed, one either side of her and began to caress her body. Pretty soon we were all naked on the bed. I licked her nipples as Mark teased her pussy, fucking her with two fingers. I moved up the bed and knelt beside her, so she could suck my hard cock. Meanwhile Mark was between her legs and licking her. Lucy loves oral and soon she had her legs wide open urging him to lick her deeply. He then knelt between her legs, his cock inches from her pussy. She reached down and rubbed his cock between her wet pussy lips. Getting the hint he proceeded to tease her like this pushing his cock into her slightly now and again. I could see this was driving her crazy and soon she moaned, “fuck me please”. Mark eased his cock into her waiting cunt and started a slow rhythm. He fucked her slowly, withdrawing his cock most of the way out before plunging back in. I lay at her side, watching her face as another man fucked her. It was clear she loved this new cock. Mark then instructed her to turn round, so he could fuck her from behind. She stuck her arse up in the air and he pushed his cock back into her pussy, this time fucking her hard, his balls right up against her arse. I moved in front of her and put my cock in her mouth. We fucked like this before Lucy turned round so I could fuck her and she could suck him.

We then took it in turns to fuck my horny wife; it was as if she could not get enough cock. Now she has always enjoyed a finger up her arse when we fuck, but now she wanted more. I lay on the bed and she straddled my cock, telling Mark to tease her arse. First of all he teased her with his finger and then I could feel his finger up her arse. Soon he was teasing her arse with his cock, until she was begging him to fuck her. I could feel his cock push into her arse and soon she was being fucked how we had often fantasised – a cock in her cunt and a cock up her arse. After three or four thrusts, she cried out as she orgasmed. Mark withdrew and she rolled off me. The evening ended as we each knelt either side of Lucy, wanking for her. We both came, shooting our hot spunk all over her luscious tits.

So far that is the only time we have had another guy, but the memory of it has fuelled some horny sessions together.