Written by Oldun

27 Mar 2010

OK, so you liked the last one, here is how we found Liz's current fuck buddies.

We had gone out just for supper and a drink, and were in a wine bar. Liz was in tight black trousers and a white sleeveless knitted top. Three mid to late 20 somethings seemed to appreciate Liz's looks when she went to the ladies, and when we left there was some nodding and smiling. Not having been looking for talent that night, Liz was a little too nervous to go anywhere with it as she was not psyched up for it.

The next Friday I dropped Liz off there in full pull mode. A white knitted tunic dress, sleeveless with a very plunging neckline that only the smaller breasted woman is safe in, and white shoes.

Liz takes up the storey as she told it to me, as usual, minus names.

After my second glass, the Asian guy of the three came to the bar and asked if he and his friends had seen me there the week before. Within ten minutes I was on my fourth glass and sat with them at their table.

Of course Oldun came up, and I said we have an understanding without going deep into it.

After a few more drinks, when the chat had turned into full on flirting, the subject of me ever having had an Asian man came up. I said that while I had not it was only because I had never had the chance, not for any other reason. Immediately there was an offer to rectify this apparently horrendous gap in my life. I said something like What, right here? and of course there was an invite back to someones house.

It seems the two non Asian "something in the City" types still live with Mum and Dad, and the third with Dad, who would not mind me turning up but would be wanting to help fill my 'void'. This was a little different, I had never decided to have sex with someone I had never seen. After finding out that he is a larger and of course older version of his son, I (or the wine) decided to live even more dangerously and comment that if I said yes the guys would likely back out with nerves.

We were soon in a taxi. An amount of cuddling and kissing went on, with a little groping now and then, and in 15 minutes we were at the end of the road we wanted. As we walked the 15 to 20 yards to the door there was a hand caressing my bum.

'Dad' was not so bad except for his beer belly which was bigger than I would have liked, but too late now. A bottle of wine that we brought with us was opened and I was on the sofa showing a lot of leg, with the young Asian on one side and one of his friends the other. A hand on my left knee was the start, and by the end of the first glass it was in my crotch and another was on my left breast, inside the dress, no bra having been worn.

Wine forgotten, my dress was raised soon after a full on snog began, and I had to raise up for it to be moved past my bum and then separate for it to go over my head. My breasts were soon back in hand, and my white briefs being pulled over my ankles. The second white guy was straight between my legs with his tongue, slobbering like an amature over my womanhood, but still getting me wet enough to take his cock a minute or so later. He roughly pulled me toward the edge of the sofa and pushed my legs wider apart and, as I raised them up he plunged in. 'Dad' said it was good to get a cock in early so it was too late for me to change my mind. Sounds like he has been there before.

With the kissing, breast fondling and an eager cock fucking away at a brisk pace, I was soon into my first orgasm, someone saying to "go on, give her some juice, she's begging for it!".

Before I came again he cried out he was going to come and let fly deep inside me with what felt like quite a load. As my head was turned to kiss on the opposite side again, I caught a glance at 'Dad' and his belly moving in toward my now vacant hole. I also saw the size of his cock. It was like a spray tin of polish. He nudged the tip in and then grabbed my hips and pulled me further toward him, so I was almost laying on the deep sofa. My top end was set free and in it plunged. God it made me wince. Three hard shoves and it was all the way. My mouth was open but all I could do was breath loud and deeply, and when I caught my breath, exclaim and blaspheme just as loudly. 'Dad' said to the other three (why always end up as four cocks?), "Only an experienced whore can take me like this, this one is obviously used to a good fucking, well done boys!"

All I could do was lay back and take it, verbal abuse and all. I must have come three times like this, and then I suddenly felt him tense up and ram harder, saying something about filling me up like a cheap white whore, or words to that effect. It was hard to concentrate as he had now pushed his thumb into my bum hole and was working in the juices flowing from my other hole. As he filled me up, I came like the proverbial train, feeling a real sense of loss when the cock was removed, along with lots of fluids.

I think I was still coming down when I was put on my knees, face into the sofa and a cock pushed into my bum. I only do anal now and then, but right then I was just going along with the flow, and in a kind of heaven.

Someone got in front of me and fed me a cock, I have no idea who, and it was still there when I felt the cock inside me stiffen and squirt into my back passage, which was a first for me.

The cock in my mouth was removed and presumeably was the one that began to fuck me from behind, in my soaked quim. A very short time later I was filled once more.

A short break took place, very welcome, with a glass of wine. As soon as my glass was empty 'Dad' asked if I was ready to get back to work, and gave me his cock to clean as I knelt on the floor. I could not get the tip in my mouth, and had to lick it like a lollipop. The other three then had to be cleaned, and I found out who had come in my bum, not a pleasant taste. Then each of the younger guys had me on the floor, missionary style or with my legs on their shoulders, trying to make up for a lack of tightness with depth, I think.

I was tiring now but still had work to do. 'Dad' lay on the floor and told me to mount him. Two of the guys helped steady me as I got into place. Looking down at his massive cock made me gulp, but I had to try it again, and began to lower myself slowly onto him. His gut did not feature this time, my focus was lower. I gasped as I slid onto him, even after six vaginal fucks including this same cock. When I was fully impaled I took a breather, and then found out I was not, fully, impaled. 'Dad' gave a shove and I grunted as another inch squeezed more juices of of me. I rode him for as long as I could sitting straight up, and then as I lent forward he took my weight on his hands and my breasts, crushing them as he pushed against me. I came two or three times like this and then faded out. I recall going over sideways as I came, and then being manhandled toward the sofa, mumbling. Apparently I was mumbling anbout cock, but my next clear memory is after 'Dad' had fucked me from behind face into the sofa, when once more I had a cock in my bum, which, by the way it was pumping so fast was about to blow. And it did. More gunge in my rear.

I know there was wine, and the two non Asian guys left, and somehow I made it upstairs and washed, but I do not fully recall getting into bed.

When I woke up I had to think hard about where I was, and who could I feel beside me. It was 'Dad', and as I came to he asked if I was alright. I said yes and he went to make coffee.

It was an awkward conversation as we drank, and a bit hesitant. His son had gone to work so we were alone. Having drunk the coffee, he straight away put his hand between my legs and said it was time for breakfast. I said that perhaps I should be going but he threw back the quilt and asked what he should do with his hard on. I paused. Long enough for him to get his head between my thighs and tongue my clit hard, and nicely. I groaned and sank down onto his tongue, resigned to another fucking.

Soon he was climbing up me and slid into me with one long slow but firm push, pushing the air from my lungs as he did so. It was a long one, legs onto his shoulders, then almost folded in half, then we rolled so I was on top and riding him again. Tender though I was, it was very good, and I came at least three times. Before he came he asked if I would consider a proposition, which I would have to put to Oldun, but it kind of excited me. And then he began to push harder and grabbed my hips as he said, "Take some seed, I think you love it so much, whore!"

I sent a text to Oldun then had a quick clean up as best I could without ruining Olduns fun to come. Oldun met me to take me home a while later.

Oldun. I was in heaven as I stuffed my hard on into Liz's soaking hole, and when she told me about the proposition, well it has been a long time since I fucked her so hard.

What was it?

Next time if you want read about it.