Written by Jack

2 Feb 2010

Sally and I are in our late 30's and have been married for 10 years. She is average height, slim, nice tight bum, firm pert tits and dark short hair. We live on a small estate of 20 or so houses. Just before Christmas the house next to ours was let and a new tenant moved in. He was a single bloke, James, in his 20's whose job had brought him to the area and he didn't know anyone. We invited him round over Christmas and new year for drinks and after that he would call round or come to the pub with us several times a week. Sally would flirt with him and said how nice she thought he was.

Last Friday I was late getting home and when I let myself in Sally and James were both in the lounge, obviously well into their second bottle of wine. Sally was sitting wearing a wrap, and he was standing behind her. She told me her shoulders were tense and he was going to massage them. I went and got myself a drink and sat watching as he moved the wrap and stroked and massaged her bare shoulders. She had her eyes closed, making sighing noises. I noticed that her nipples were hard and poking through the material. He had been massaging her for about 5 minutes and she was relaxed and had parted her legs slightly, from where I was sitting I could see that she was naked under the wrap and her pussy was wet. As I watched he moved his hands to her tits and stroked them, pinching and pulling her nipples. She made no effort to stop him when he undid the wrap and pulled it open. My cock was hard by now. He moved to her side and moved his hand over her stomach and onto her mound. She looked me in the eye as she parted her legs and he rubbed her clit and fingered her cunt. She reached and undid his jeans, pushing them down to reveal his prick which was thick, about 7", heavily veined, semi erect. She parted her lips, took him in her mouth, sucking him fully hard.

Not a word had been said. She had his cock in her mouth, she'd spread her legs for him, her cunt soaking with her juices as he pushed four fingers in and out of her pussy, using his thumb on here clit. His hips moved as he fucked her mouth, she must have sensed he might cum and moved he head back and said "Don't shoot in my mouth. I want you to fuck me and cum in my cunt while he watches". I'd started to undress but she told me not to bother as James was going fuck her. He was licking her pussy with her grinding herself against his mouth, using her fingers to frig her clit at the same time. She thrust her cunt against his tongue, telling him to make her cum. He moved away and pushed his fingers back in her. Her cunt was gaping open as he slid four fingers in her. She was wanking her clit and close to cumming as she said "Fist me. Stretch my cunt with your fist". He slipped his thumb in and slid his fist in, her slick cunt stretching around his wrist. Her fingers were a blur on her clit, as he fist fucked her until she shuddered to an orgasm.

She lay there slowly stroking her clit, recovering, as James sat next to her wanking his cock ready to fuck her. After a couple of minutes she climbed on top, facing me, holding his cock touching her fuck-hole. "Have you got a good view? Can you see James's prick, hard and ready to fuck me?" All I could do was nod. She guided him in to her pussy taking the first 2 or 3 inches. "Look how his big stiff cock is stretching my cunt. It feels so good, so hard, look my pussy's taking it all" she said as she took his pole deep inside her. She moved on him as he rammed her, fucking her hard. Several hard, fast strokes then slowly sliding in and almost out. Sally gasping and moaning that she was cumming as James grunted and spunked in her cunt. She lay back on him, his prick still inside her, her cunt juices and his spunk running out of her pussy.

Watching, I had been rubbing my prick through my trousers and had cum. After a couple of minutes Sally said "Come here and clean up my pussy". James's cock was still in her, I looked and she said "James won't mind if you lick his prick". I got down and started to to lick and suck her cunt trying to avoid his prick. I could taste his spunk as I drank their juices and Sally pressed down on my head as his cock slipped out. I felt his now erect prick against my face as I licked her cunt clean. When I'd finished Sally said "Maybe next time you'll have to clean his cock as well. First though he's going to fuck me again". With that she bent over the chair and he took her from behind, lasting for ages, making her cum 3 times as she begged to be fucked hard, to be treated like a slut as he pinched her nipples then inserted fingers in her arse, which he gave her to suck, telling her that he would arse fuck her later. He came and she turned and knelt sucking and licking his cock clean.

She told me to use the spare room and took James to our bed and and I listened as he fucked her three more times during the night and again in the morning. I heard him leave and I entered the bedroom. Sally was laid on the bed, legs spread with his spunk dribbling out of her cunt. She smiled, held her arms out and said "I think we both enjoyed that, now you can fuck me". My prick was hard and I slid straight into her wet, spunk filled cunt, fucking her until we both came and I added my sperm to the half dozen loads she had received already. I enjoyed watching her being fucked, but I want to participate as well. She has told be that James likes men and women and that she would like to watch us sucking each others pricks before fucking her. Yesterday she told me he had been around and fucked her twice and told her that 4 of his mates were visiting from his home town next weekend. He has told them about Sally and he wants her to let them all fuck her. She has agreed and said that this time I can join in, but still wants me to suck James's cock which she would find a turn on.