Written by Oldun

13 Mar 2011

Hi, Oldun here, since we posted at the start of the year there has been a change to the arrangement of my mid 40's tall slim blond wife Liz and her four younger lovers.

The recession has caught us up. (Names altered remember!)Ali has had to sell up and move North where he can gain more support from his family, so his son Raj and Dave have gone with him. But he has seen to it that Liz still gets a regular seeing to so I can get my tired old todger up there too.

Mike has stayed as he does not work for Ali, and has helped get things going again. Ali talked to a friend in our area that he is sure can be trusted not to blow Liz's career for her.

In the wine bar where we first met Mike etc, we were introduced to Ran, Dev and Seev, Ran being in his mid 30's, the other two mid 20's. Ran has a cab firm as well as a Ware house, and both the others work for him. It was odd meeting men that I knew would soon be fucking my wife, and they knew it two. Before it was only our assumption and so I was nervous, even though nothing was on for that night.

Once it was agreed in principle it was arranged for me to drop Liz off near Dev's place, and the others would meet Liz there.

Liz takes over.

I must be a proper slut by now, as I hardly felt anything about an arrangement to be a sex toy for three new men. I would have badly missed my sessions of cock and Mike could in no way give me enough on his own, now I am used to at least 4.

Dev has a nice place but there was no guided tour. Only Ran was missing but within minutes of arriving I was naked, bent over the back of a sofa and with Dev's lovely long slender cock riding my tongue, while he held me by my hair. Seev was enjoying my wet pussy and explaining the benefits of me shaving. Mike had shown everyone the published stories on S H and now asked if they still doubted them. No one did.

Seev was almost ready to let go when I heard some one enter the room, Ran no doubt.

Mike made an Ahh sort of noise and moved away. After Seev had given me his first load of Asian sperm for the night Dev rushed round as he was also near coming. Mike knelt down by my face as I took in a new cock to my mouth, and spoke in a careful voice.

It seemed Ran had got caught by one of his crediters or something, and could not get away, and as he was so wanting to get into me for the first time he had decided his only option was to bring the bloke along and hope I would not walk away as I had once before when invites were made without my consent.

As the man would be back to "the home country" very soon I went with it. Being about to come all over a nice young brown cock had put me in a good mood it seems. Just as well, it was that mans cock I was sucking.

A glance up and I thought it was Ali returned. Fat belly covered in black hair, thick cock, could have been. I could not bend my neck up to see over the belly.

Dev and I finished as one, and I was helped up in order to be laid on the wooly rug on my back. Credit man knelt between my legs and slid in without a hello or nice to meet you, and like a real tart I let him, and did my best to wrap my legs round his wide flabby torso. I so wished I dare let a picture be taken for Oldun but it is risky. A fat Asian pounding my hole with a fat cock and my flat white belly with his hairy round brown one must surely look very hot!

It was not long before he unloaded, groaning like he was dieing as he did so. There is then a bit of a blur as first Mike and then the rest took turns to fuck me on the rug, not always finishing before changing over, but doing their utmost it seemed to make me come. Eventually it was time for a drink break, I did not realise until then how thirsty I was.

As the evening carried on, Ran proved to be very handy with his equipment, and to like breasts rather a lot as he nearly wore mine out with his pawing. I was moved from floor to sofa and back, over a table edge and sat on top. Credit man had me on the edge of the table with me flat on my back, legs up his belly and chest, me holding tight to the edge of the table, enjoying his fucking just as much as I would any other, and I had my hardest orgasm of the night thinking I was letting this ugly fat guy use me like a toy, and even make me enjoy it as I watched his flab dance while he fucked me without any thought whatsoever as to who I am or if I am anything but a paid whore. God what a contrast to my "normal" life.

At the end Ran, Mike and Seev in that order quickly shot in me in less than a minute, leaving me with a very wet and dripping problem while they cleared off to clean themselves up.

At least the donation to the evening that Ran had received from his buddy came my way, and yes, Ali has told Ran how I have whored for him in the past, but there are no such plans ahead. Yet.

And I look forward to any number of evenings to come with my new young guys.


Liz did look well used but happy when I collected her later. And I too wish we dared let photoes be taken, but we need to know these guys much better first. Still, Liz told the tale well enough when we got home for me to add to her night in my own bed.

Any more uncommon goings on and, if your good, we might tell you about them.