Written by wednesday

14 Dec 2012

I had often told my wife Jo that I would like to see her fucked by other men, she wasn't interested until we went on holiday to Jamaica.

Jo is 43 attractive, 36c tits and long legs.

After a long lunch with lots of wine Jo was on the beach sunbathing topless, I went back to the room and joined her an hour later to find her with 2 young local lads. They were sat next to her sunlounger talking and laughing with her, they introduced thereselves as Cec and John. They got up to go but I told them not to leave on my account, they asked if we wanted to join them in the sea, I declined but told Jo to go with them and whispered to her that she could do what she wanted with them, she agreed and grabbed her bikini top, I told her to go in the sea topless the lads smiled and agreed, so off they went.

I watched them playing around with her in the sea I was convinced that they were touching her up. They came back after about 20 minutes, Jo dried herself and whispered to me that they had been touching her and that she was so horny and needed fucking, I said that we should take the lads back to our room to fuck her, to my amazement she agreed! I was straight to the point with them saying that Jo was horny and would they like to fuck her, they said that she was a sexy lady and that they were dying to fuck her.

As we all walked back Jo started to get cold feet, I told her it was too late for that and she was going to get fucked by black cock.

We entered the room and I removed her top pushing her onto the bed, "fuck her hard" I said to the lads, they were all over her, sucking her tits, pulled her bottoms off, tongue on her cunt, she was moaning with pleasure as a huge black cock was thrust into her mouth. The language was filthy, she was a fuck slut for these 2 well hung lads.

Cec enetered her wet cunt to a gasp from Jo, fucking hell thats good she gasped. They repeatedly fucked her, stretched her tight ass as she cried but mouthed that she wanted to feel their magnificent cocks in her arse. Her tits were red as they roughly used her, she was made to swallow cum and lick their asses. I wanked furiously and sprayed my cum over her face.

This lasted a couple of hours until they left. They used her daily for the rest of the holiday, she confessed that she loved feeling submissive as they used her.

She fucked a few guys after we returned home but has lost the urge for kinky sex since