Written by MH

4 Feb 2009

I wrote a story here about getting my wife fucked by our friend Jim in our first threesome. We had been married for years and had always fantasized about getting her fucked and finally invited our friend Jim who I was in the reserves with over for dinner and we fucked her in every imaginable way. My wife fucked him once a month over the course of a few months when he would come to town for military drill week-end. Jim had a huge cock and good stamina and my wife said it was the biggest she had ever seen. After a few months Jim transferred to another unit out of state and we didn\\\'t see him for quite a while. We did have great sex reliving our encounters.

After several months we got a call from Jim and he said he was going to a conference in a nearby town and invited us to join him for dinner. It was over a week-end and we decided to drive up and join him. We arrived in the late afternoon, checked in and arranged to meet him at six for dinner in the hotel restaurant. I was sure Jim was interested in more than dinner and I was really horny thinking about it. I wanted to fuck my wife but she said we should wait till after dinner. She was also thinking she was going to get Jim\\\'s big dick. She dressed fairly conservatively but did show some nice cleavage and I talked her into not wearing panties. She gets aroused when she goes out in public with no panties and on the elevator down I slide my hand up her dress and felt her pussy was already wet. We had a great dinner and a lot of wine and after dinner I asked if Jim wanted to join us in our room for a night cap. In the room we opened another bottle of wine and my wife was certainly feeling no pain and Jim said he had missed our get togethers over the past summer. My wife said she missed fucking him. This seemed to break the ice and Jim moved over and kissed her while I sat in a chair watching. They started to make out and undress each other and in a matter of min. were both naked. Jim was kissing her tits and telling her what a great body she had and what fantastic tits and then started playing with her already wet pussy. She was slowly jacking his huge cock. His cock is a good 9 or 10 inchs and fat. Jim was telling her how much he wanted to fuck her and lay-ed her back on the bed as she spread her legs wide and took his cock and guided it to her pussy. I watched as his dick head spread her pussy lips and then ever so slowly slide inch by inch in until he was up to his balls. He hesitated for several seconds as my wife moaned about how good his cock felt. He then started to slowly fuck her with his full length as if he knew he would get the job done. I had stripped and was slowly jacking my hard cock as he fucked her for about 10 min. and then she said she was going to cum and started moaning. Jim started to pick up speed and really slammed her pussy and then said he was cumming. She told him to cum in her pussy as I liked sloppy seconds. Jim slammed his big dick in once more and held it their and I could tell he was cumming deep in her pussy. Finally he slowly slide out and rolled over. I could see cum seeping from my wife\\\'s gaping pussy. She looked at me and asked if I wanted sloppy seconds. She still had her legs spread wide and Jim got up and sit in the chair and I got between her legs and shoved my smaller dick in stroked a few times and added my cum to his. We all sit naked, sipped wine and chatted for about 30 min and my wife leaned over and started slowly stroking Jim\\\'s semi hard dick. She said she wanted someone to fuck her from behind which is her favorite position and I could tell she wanted Jim\\\'s big cock. She took some hand lotion from the nightstand and started to jack his cock in earnest until it was back to its rigid state. She then got on the bed on her arms and knees and Jim got behind her and shoved his cock in up to the balls again and begin to fuck her with solid steady strokes. He fucked her this way for about 30 min and she started to play with her clit and cum. I think she came twice and Jim finally unloaded in her pussy again. My wife rolled on her back and with legs still spread rubbed the seeping cum on her pussy and butt hole. I couldn\\\'t believe it when she asked if I wanted to fuck her butt. She said Jim had wanted to last summer but he was too big and it was reserved for me. She once again got on her arms and knees and I pressed my hard dick against her butt and it slide in with ease after she had lubricated it with cum. I fucked her for about 10 min this way and pulled out jacked my cock a couple of times as my wife rolled over and I shot my cum on her stomach and tits. It was an incredible sight watching her rub my cum on her tits.

Again we chatted and finished our wine and decided we had had enough. Jim got dressed and as he got ready to leave my wife kissed him and told him to not wait so long the next time. We went to bed and awoke early the next morning and fucked twice as my wife told me how great his big cock felt in her pussy. Her pussy was still very sloppy and she told me that she still preferred my 7 inchs on a regular basis especially in the butt.