Written by Gaz_15a

24 Jul 2011

Further to my contribution of yesterday, here is what developed afterwards between myself, Mandy and Bill.

The following morning after we'd met Bill in a pub and Mandy had subsequently confessed to me that she'd fucked him some 16 or 17 years previously while she'd been going out with his son, I was hoping that she was still serious about sleeping with him again if the chance arose. After all, she had said it when under the influence of a few drinks and while I was giving her a proper seeing-to as a result of being so aroused by her confession.

Anyway, when she did wake up she had a sore head as a result of too much alcohol the night before and a sore pussy as a result of the vigorous shafting I'd given her. But she assured me that she was prepared to sleep with Bill again, if he was willing and I could sort it out. I told her that sorting it out was now at the very top of my to-do-asap list and we left it there for the time being.

I didn't know where Bill lived or worked, nor did I have his phone number, but he had appeared to be something of a regular at the pub where we'd met him so I decided to see if I could track him down there, and a couple of days later I called in for a drink on the way home from work. There was no sign of Bill in the bar, so I asked the barmaid if she knew a customer called Bill in his sixties who drank there.

''Everyone knows Bill'' she said. ''He's usually in about half seven.''

I decided to wait and sure enough Bill did show up and walked over to the bar to buy a drink. He hadn't noticed me but I watched him as he chatted to the barmaid while she poured his drink. Certainly a ladies man, I thought, and I could easily imagine him seducing his son's girlfriend, as he had done all those years ago.

I now felt in something of a quandary however. It had seemed easy enough at the time but now it actually struck me that asking a bloke if he wouldn't mind fucking my wife was, to put it mildly, a delicate proceeding at the best of times, especially when I hardly knew him. By this time, however, Bill had noticed me and recognised me and we exchanged a nod of recognition as he leant against the bar. I decided that it was now or never, and that if I didn't grab the bull by the horns I might not get another chance to see my beloved wife pleasured by another man.

I asked Bill how he was doing and he came over and sat down at the table. ''You're Mandy's husband aren't you?'' he said. ''You're a lucky bloke, that's all I can say''

''I certainly am'' I replied, ''and you were a lucky bloke once too, from what I hear''.

Bill looked at me very hard then and I could tell that he knew that I knew about him and Mandy. I smiled at him to reassure him and suggested we went outside to the beer garden as it was a nice evening. Bill was a bit doubtful but I was gaining in confidence by this time and I told him that there were no hard feelings and I would have done the same thing if I'd been him.

Anyway, to cut a long conversation short, over a pint of beer and a cigarette I told Bill that if he wanted to pick up where he'd left off with Mandy back in 1986, both Mandy and I were more than willing to accommodate him. Fortunately we got on well together and we agreed to meet the following Saturday night at the pub and go back to my house where he could renew his acquaintance with Mandy's pussy.

I had chosen the Saturday because Mandy's two kids from her first marriage would be staying with their father that weekend so we could get up to whatever we wanted. I decided to say nothing to Mandy about this arrangement with Bill however as I wanted it to come as a surprise, and during the next three days neither of us mentioned Bill again.

By the time Saturday arrived I was so nervous and excited I couldn't settle down to anything. The kids were packed off with their Dad and Mandy and I were alone. She still didn't know what I had planned with Bill. Eventually at about 6.30 I said I was popping out to pick up a film and a couple of bottles of wine for the evening. I casually suggested that she might like to dress up in something sexy while I was out, as I was feeling rather horny that night. Mandy smiled and I headed off, not to the video store, but to my rendezvous with Bill at the pub.

Sure enough Bill was there and after a quick pint we both got into my car and headed home. We did stop at an of-licence for some wine though. Mandy wouldn't care if I didn't pick up a film but I knew she'd be pissed off if I came home without any booze.

Somehow we got back safely because my right leg was actually shaking with nervousness on the way and my mouth felt really dry too and I was smoking one cigarette after another. Bill didn't seem in the least bit nervous though and he regaled me during the journey with an account of what a good fuck Mandy had been in her younger days.

I wish I had a photo of Mandy's face when the two of us walked through the door. Shock, surprise, anger, pleasure, confusion, embarrassment, you name it, it was there. But she immediately realised what she was in store for. And to help matters along, she'd taken me at my word and was wearing only a short skirt and a loose top with no bra underneath. And knowing Mandy, I correctly guessed that she probably wasn't wearing any knickers either.

To do her justice though, she rose to the occasion and smiled at us when she'd got over the surprise. Bill gave her a kiss on the cheek and I went to fetch a corkscrew and three wine glasses. The three of us sat down on the sofa with Mandy in the middle and I poured out three full glasses of wine. I said ''Here's to a night to remember'' and we all had a drink, which broke the ice quite nicely.

To my surprise and pleasure, Mandy now took the lead. She put her glass on the table and started kissing Bill, who in turn started feeling her tits through her thin shirt. I stoked her thighs with one hand and rubbed the back of her neck with the other. Mandy placed her hand on Bill's crotch and he responded by slipping his hand inside her shirt and squeezing both her boobs.

It didn't take Mandy long to have Bill's trousers and boxer shorts round his ankles and his cock in her mouth, which I was pleased to see was both long and thick and getting harder all time. While she was sucking him off I fumbled with the fastenings of her shirt and top and eventually managed to remove both, so that she was stark naked with two guys either side of her. I ran my hand up and down Mandy's exposed back while she continued to suck Bill's cock.

I suggested that we should go upstairs to the bedroom and Mandy and Bill agreed. Mandy stood up and faced us without a stitch of clothing on, both nipples hard and a nice hairy bush at face level with us. Bill leant forward and licked hungrily between her legs causing her to moan out loud. She looked down at me and smiled broadly.