Written by Terrymartin

22 Dec 2007

Last Saturday, I dropped my wife Carla who is 42 into Belfast to do some Christmas shopping and then went round to the Rotterdam bar to meet my mate, Les and to listen to a local blues band. I hadn't seen Les since September and we had a lot of catching up to do. Les asked how my holiday had gone in Spain in late September and I told him that it went much better than expected. Carla had finally gone topless on the beach and wore a thong most days and I had finally persuaded her to have a holiday sex fling with a guy who was staying at our hotel. I told Les that she had taken him back to our hotel room without me and they had fucked all afternoon and again on the evening when we were due to leave, but on the second occasion, I joined them for a threesum and was able to have the satisfaction of seeing Carla being ridden and having her pussy filled with another guy's cum.

Les was a bit shocked, but I told him that since our holiday, that Carla had admitted to having one night sex stands with two guys at parties and with another who fucked her in his car after a night out at a club. She said that althoughj the sex was no better than with me, that it was 100 times more be seduced by a relative stranger and to feel a new cock spurting cum inside her

After ths band finished playing, we went back to my house and I showed Les a cd with lots of pics of our holiday, including topless shots of Carla on the beach in her thong and a few which I took in the bedroom of her and the guy from Spain "She's fuckin hot for her age, said Les, I wouldn't mind shagging her if she wasn' your wife.

At 5.30 pm Carla came home and she was pleased to see Les. She asked him to stay for dinner and then come back to the Rotterdam with us to catch the late band session. We got a taxi back into town, as I intended to have a few drinks this time.

Les spent most of the night chatting to Carla, as I ended up helping the band with their PA equipment, which was just about knackered. I managed to tell her, when Les was at the bar that he had seen her nudie holiday pictures, including the fuck pics and what he had said about shagging her. "Did he really say that? she asked. I could see that Carla was getting turned on, she was excited and seemed nervous and her breathing quickened.

When our taxi arrived to take us home, I made sure that Carla sat in the back with Les. She was openly flirting with him now and she attempted to kiss him a few times. Les seemed a bit embarrised and declined her advances. When we got home, Carla went into the kitchen to make coffee and bring us in some of the food which she had prepared earlier. I followed her and moved up close behind her, pressing my by now very rigid cock against her ass. She wiggled and ground her buttocks against me and I slipped my hand up her skirt and inside her thong, to feel the wettest pussy in years. She was like a bitch on heat and I was going to try to take advantage of the situation. I pulled down her thong and got my cock out, pulled up her skirt and slid all of it inside her wet and willing cunt. I gave her a few slow strokes and then quickened. She moaned loudly and worked my cock with her cunt muscles. Then I pulled out, and left her bent over, with her thong round her knees and her juices running down her thighs and went back into the lounge to join Les. She joined us a few minutes later, looking slightly flushed and angry and carrying a tray of sandwiches and the coffees.

When we had finished eating, I went into the kitchen to get a few drinks. Carla's thong lay on the floor where we had been standing. In the lounge, Carla had moved to the sofa and was sitting beside Les. Her skirt had ridden up and the tops of her stockings were on display. I brought in the drinks and also Carla's thong, "I think you lost this, I said. Les laughed and asked if he was sitting beside a knickerless woman. " Have a look if you like, she said. Les lifted her skirt just a few inches and said "Wow, and shaved too very nice.

Carla was running her hand up and down Les's thigh and dropping sexual hints. She asked him if he had liked her holiday pics, but despite all her advances and Les's obviously erection, he wasnt making any moves on her. Obviously, he felt uneasy while I was in the room. Another hour and the taxi would be calling to take Les home. I went upstairs to the bathroom and listened carefully to the conversation in the lounge. Carla was saying she wanted Les to have her and that I wouldn't mind. She was almost pleading with him, but he kept saying "I'm not sure" . I took my time and waited for ages Carla was still trying to get Les interested and his resistance seemed to be waining. All went quiet and I realised that they were kissing. I shouted down to them that I was off to bed as i'd drank too much. Les shouted "Goodnight, but Carla never spoke.

I went into the bedroom, waited a minute and then silently, returned to the top of the stairs, where I could overhear. Carla was breathing heavily and moaning, Les said, "Fuck, youre so wet. He sighed and she told him to lie back. She was obviously sucking his cock, judging by his moans and her quietness. All went quiet for a while and then Carla's voice, "On top, Les, On top, come on, I want you inside me, please" They were fucking like mad now and I was loving it.

I went back to the bedroom and waited. Carla came upstairs to the bathroom after about ten minutes, I glanced out of the slightly open door at her to see her dressed only in her stockings. She got a box of tissues and hurried downstairs again. There was some chat for a while and then silence again. I couldnt hear anything and I wasn't going to go back to the top of the stairs incase I interupted the fuck session which I knew must be going on downstairs. The lounge door opened again after a while, Les came upstairs to the bathroom. A taxi arrived and sounded it's horn and he left.

I got up out of bed and went downstairs. Carla sat on the sofa in only her stockings, smoking a cigarette. A couple of very spunky looking tissues lay on the hearth and a tell tale string of cum clung to her stockings. "Please don't be angry, she said, "but it was all your doing for getting me all sexed up" "You fucked him? I asked her. "Yes, he took me twice, she admitted and I gave him oral too, do you really not mind?" I told her that I couldnt be happier with her for being such a horny bitch.

I knelt down in front of Carla and opened her legs wide. A stream of sticky cum juice ran from her pussy and made a small puddle on the wooden flooriing. I pushed my raging hard cock inside her sperm filled hole with one thrust and started to fuck her. I'd never done her after another guy and it felt fantastic. Carla told me that Les's cock was really big, well over 8 inches and much thicker than mine as well. She had been well stretched, I'd never felt her so loose or more ready for a fucking. It was all too much for me and I soon came inside her and added my spunk to the two loads which she had allready received.

I withdrew and Carla took my cock in her mouth and licked all the sticky residues up, just like the slut wife which she had just been. We went to bed soon afterwards and I managed to fuck Carla once more falling asleep.

The next morning, I phoned Les and told him that I knew about what had happened and that Carla and I were OK about it. We invited him to stay overnight on Christmas eve and with any luck, Carla will get to be a slut wife again.