Written by RM

7 Aug 2007

My wife and I over the course of a twenty plus year marriage have indulged our fantasy of her fucking other guys. This really turns me on and she has been fucked by six different guys. This is over the course of about 24 years before and after our marriage.

We had not done this for quite sometime but have talked about doing it again. We both travel quite a bit and she was to have a business trip to a town near where she grew up. We decided to see if she could contact one of her old boyfriends. She got him on the phone and they talked while I listened. She told him of her plans and asked if he wanted to get together for a drink when she arrived. They made plans for the second day she was there.

I talked with her just before she was to meet him in the hotel bar and told her to call as soon as she could. It was about three hours later when the phone rang. We talked and she said they had hooked up and it was pretty exciting. She said they had a couple of drinks in the bar and got reacquainted. He then asked if she would like to go to a nearby restaurant. They left the bar and preceded to his car in the hotel parking lot. It was parked in a fairly dark part of the lot under a tree. When they got in the car he leaned over and kissed her. They begin to make out and he started playing with her tits, which are very large. When she begin to rub his cock through his pants he must have taken this as a signal and began to unbutton her blouse and unfasten her bra. He then preceded to suck on her tits. She then unzipped him and unfastened his pants and took out his very large cock and begin to jack him off. He was already very hard. As she did this he preceded to her pussy which gets very wet when she is excited. He sucked on her tits while he finger-fucked her. They then begin to disrobe each other and soon both were totally naked. He then said he wanted to fuck her and they got in the back seat. He was sitting up and she straddled him took his cock and guided it to her pussy and begin to slide down on it. She said she didn't remember him being so big. They begin to fuck in this position, very slowing but with long strokes as she moved up and down on his cock. After about 15 min. he said he was going to cum and pulled out and came all over her tits and pussy.

They then rested for a while until he started to play with her pussy again. She loves to get fucked doggy style and she asked him to fuck her from behind. She positioned herself with her head resting on the back door handle with her ass and pussy in the air. He positioned behind her took his cock and guided it to her pussy and begin to fuck her. She loves this position and said she begin to cum as soon as he slide his cock in. She said she came three times while he fucked her and then she could feel him tense up and start to shoot his cum in her pussy.

She then said she was not really hungry and should probably go get some sleep. They then dressed and he walked her to her room. At the door he kissed her deeply and they started to make out again. As he once again started to finger-fuck her pussy she said they had better go inside before someone caught them. Inside they again disrobed and his cock was hard again. He then lay-ed her on the bed and she spread her legs very wide, took his cock and guided it to her pussy and they begin a very slow fuck again. As they had both cum more than once they fucked for a very long time in several positions. He finally rolled her over took her legs and placed then on his shoulders and begin to fuck her very hard while sucking on her tits again. She said she could feel him shoot his cum in her pussy for the third time that night.

He then dressed and left and that when she called to fill me in on the details.