Written by luckycock

26 Oct 2008

My wife came into the bedroom and woke me up, I’m so sorry she said I have just been fucked, please forgive me. She went on to tell me her story.

She had been out with friends when she me two old boyfriends from her school days, drink flowed and compliments were exchanged which led to her walking home with these two, John and Sandy. They had a few sly gropes of her ass and tits and she had snogged both before they reached our house. They all came in for coffee and this is when things changed. As she put on the kettle John put his arms around her and started to kiss her, Sandy pressed agains her from behind and kissed her neck, she said she was beginning to get turned on and her pussy was tingiling, it started to tingle more when she felt Johns hard cock press against her tummy she pulled back and felt Sandy’s hard cock press against her ass, she was being kissed and Sandy was telling her how much they both wanted to fuck her now and had since school. She turned round and started to kiss Sandy she felt her dress being lifted and a pair of hands going to her ass cheeks, she has a firm ass said John and Sandy’s hands joind his on her ass. Her pussy was dripping now and her panties were getting wet. John moved his hands and opened her dress and pushed it off her shoulders, it fell to the floor. She told me it was at this point she knew she would fuck them both, she was gagging for a cock and had never been so turned on. John now openred her bra and it joined her dress on the floor, all she now had on was high heels, hold-ups and panties. John was cupping her tits and Sandy now started to suck her nipples, she reached behind and felt Johns cock through his trousers it was really big and hard. She let go and felt Sandy’s cock again through his trousers and it was very long but thin, she opened his trousers and they fell to the floor as she took hold of his cock and started to wank him. John put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her down until Sandy’ds cock was in front of her face, she licked the head and then took as much of it as she could into her mouth. As she squatted she felt Johns hand go between her legs and rub her pussy on top of her panties, she nearly came. His hand moved and next thing she knew his cock was against her cheek and he was saying suck me now. She opened her mouth and Johns thick cock dissapeared inside, she sucked for a few seconds and then said lets move through to the lounge I need fucking. She lay on the couch and removed her panties and opened her legs wide showing her hot wet hole, Sandy went between her legs and started to lick her, this time she did come, Sandy kept licking until her orgasm was over. John now sat on the couch she went on to her knees and sucked and wanked his big hard cock, Sandy slipped his cock into her and started to slowly fuck her, she came again and wanted more, she thrust back on him in a frenzy and continued to suck John until he spurted into her mouth and Sandy came in her cunt. She wasn’t finished there she sucked and wanked both cocks until hard again and then John fucked her while she sucked Sandy off. Both guys now dressed and left. She started to feel guilty and this is why she woke me and told me, she was begging me not to through her out and saying she would do anything if I let her stay, she started to play with my cock now and kept saying I’ll do anything you want. I told her I would have to think about it but a good start would be to suck me off and swallow my thick cum. I have made her keep her word and do anything for me, we have some really good stories of what we have got up to since that night, they may follow.