Written by pigeondick

20 Dec 2008

Last year,my wife and I who are both late middle aged had a day at Morffa Dyffrin naturist beach near Barmouth. We parked our car and after a 20 minute strollthe first sign of the nudist beach was a naked male ,penis fully erect, standing on top of a sand dune. We found a spot to undress and this seemed to stimulate a burst of activity as a proccession of single males mostly wearing T shirts strolled past with their cocks at various states of erection.When we had seen enough we decided to stroll down to the waters edge, and there we met a very jolly fellow who was sporting the most amazingly thich cock, which was about 6 inches flaccid but hugely fleshy. He engaged us in general talk, and seemed to be very well behaved unlike the reptiles at the top of the beach.eventually we returned to our clothes and sunbathed. A short while later I saw our heavy cocked friend walking towards us wearing just a rucksack, he walked right up to us and explained that he was off home to his cottage near LLangollen, a journey of about an hour.Then as he talked a sureal situation ensued, he was only 6 feet from my wife, and chatted quite codially but as he spoke his dick started to swell, and he maintained a normal conversation for about 5 minutes whilst nearly fully erect, he then said goodbye and went on his way. That night we had great sex after my wife recounting how excited she had been. What we now realise is that we should have grasped the nettle and asked the guy for some contact details as we would love to meet him again with a view to him having some fun with my wife, so If you reads this article, and think you would recognise us again, I hope we can arrange some fun.