Written by Gra&Kay

23 Jun 2009

After advertisisng on SH for a guy to meet us in a Stafford hotel last friday, we were pleasently surprised with the response and selected a guy called Aaron. The night in question arrived and kay stayed in the room whilst i went to meet him in the bar, we had a couple of drinks, then kay phoned to say she was ready. we retired to the room and she was laying on the bed, dressed to please in black fishnet stockings, 4" heels and a black sheer negligee, as soon as she saw Aaron, she was excited and motioned for him to join her. Watching your wife undress another guy whilst he is rubbing her pussy is an awsome sight, no sooner had she released his boxers, she was taking him deep into her mouth and he had his hand all over her pussy, rubbing and finger fucking her.

to cut a whole evening entertainment short, kay was taken in each hole by Aaron (mouth twice!!) and we even managed to double penetrate her with me in her pussy and Aaron in her arse. In the morning He and I went down for breakfast (Kay was to tired) and he said his goodbyes with a promise of meeting again.

Thanks for a brilliant night, shame i couldnt get near her for rest of the weekend.