Written by doorman

25 Jun 2012

We have been out for a few hours drinking and having a nice meal in a country pub. After the dinner we find a little corner in the pub and sit and start chatting. We start talking about last nights sex session and my wife says she is getting turned on and wet.

she leans over and tongues me while stroking my cock thro my trousers, making my cock hard. I ask which bit she liked the best from last night and she said the bit where I said she could have 2 cocks working on her at the same time. As she was telling me I slid my finger into her wet pussy, she was soaked. I pulled it out and placed it in my mouth, good job noone could see as the chiars had really high back so noone could see over them.

She was looking about the pub and said she like the look of a fella at the bar who looked like he was waiting for someone. She said she would like to suck his cock while i fucked her from behind, which sounded ok to me.

I told her I was going to the loo and she was to follow me shortly after, I wanted her to suck my cock there and then.

She came in the loo and pulled her thong off before she started getting my cock out and slideing it in her mouth. I said would you like the man behind you fucking you now while you suck me off, oh yeah she says as she is squeezing my balls and pulling on my cock, her mouth is dripping all running down her chin which makes he look dirty and sexy at the same time. We hear someone come in the loo but my wife carries on slurping on my cock, not careing who hears her. I lean over her slightly and open the door just a little so who ever was outside could see her arse and what she was doing. she has a sexy arse and anyone looking would stay and see it. I opened the door a little wider and ther was a man standing there with his cock in his hand and watching us. I called him over and said pointed to my wife arse in the air and without words let him know he could touch her from behind. he waisted no time in slidieng his hands all over my wifes arse and dropping tohis knees and having a little lick of her crack, my wife jumped at first and was looking at my wife really wild eyes, wild and dirty eyes then she started shoving my cock right into mouth.

Th fella behind her stood up and placed his cock at the opening of my wifes wet pussy and just pushed it i slowly, I bet he couldnt believe his luck. He only went for a piss and was getting a nice pussy to fuck. my wife didnt vene know who was fucking her, but she didnt care either which was driving me mad. He started fucking her harder and harder now, pushing her forward onto my cock into her mouth, she was being roasted in a public toliet by me and a stranger and was loving it. I was thinking I wounder where we was going to end up now we started this shit off. my wife was fucking us both like a real whore moaning and graoning and slurping. I asked the guy if he wanted to swop ends, this must have been to much as he shot his load into my wife, as he done this she like out a loud moan as she cum as well. His limp cock fell out of my wife and she went to stand up. Before she stood up I got the fella's tie and placed it around her eyes, she didnt mind as she like a blind fold. I turned her around and she was finding his cock again and she was playing with it and he started getting hard again, then she took him in her mouth and started sucking him off.

I put a finger in her pussy and she was dripping with his and her own cum. I love the smell of sex and mixed cum plus the well loubed pussy of my wife in front of me. I put my cock in her and started fucking her hard and fast, man was this a great eveing. Well I shot my load in no time and it was all falling out of her, she was still eating this fella who she still had not see, but she was loving it. my cock fell out of her so i placed a few fingers in her and was playing with her g spot, just stroking it with my finger tips, she let out this shudder then a loud moan as she cum and aain and again. he wa still banging her mouth fast and hard and my wifes legs where soaked with juice and cum running down them.

I couldnt help my self I wanted to taste her from behind so I dropped tp my knees and started licking her crack and holding her open with my fingers at the same time, whicj she loves. Being pulled apart and licked after she had been fucked. The fella made a few noises and then shot his load in her mouth and she drunk the lot down and made some noise doing it. I stod her up and truned her around so she couldnt see the fella, and gave him his tie back and just shut the door on him. He served his purpose and was used.

My wife kissed me full on the mouth with a long hard and horny kiss, so I slipped a few fingers in her cunt and she asked me to carry on licking her cunt while she was standing up, I asked her why she just said, so you can eat all our juices at the same time. I found this fucking horny. We are going to be doing this again and I think we will be doing over things with other people some time soon. We never went back to our tanle and the fella was gone when we come out, so she never saw whos cock she was using.mmmmmmmmmm