Written by alanali

15 Aug 2008

this happen last week when we were in cran canaria.i was ill and stuck in the hotel room but ali was down by the pool. she was talking to the barman she was toplas . the bar man was lookking at her tits then she came back to the room and asked if she could screw with him i said yes as i get turn on by watch her. so after his shift they came back to the room. no sooner was she in the room paul (the barman) was playing with ali tits . ali was on her knees and his cock was out hard and about 8inch.she had it in her mouth in seconds sucking for her life. they strip off and was in 69 and i was sat watching as i do then paul turn her over and stuck his cock into her and started to fuck her pussy she was screaming the place down so i stuck my cock in her mouth. then with paul pulled his cock out of her pusssy and stuck it in her arse ahe scream and came once again. i came in seconds ali eating most of it paul asked if he could come inside her arse ali said yes. paul came up her then they just layed there cuddling. ali ad cum running down her legs and on her face she looked a real picture. they showerd and paul fucked her once more in the shower before he left. after paul left i fucked ali and licked and suck her fanny clean tasting paul cum and then mine. what a great holiday it turned out to be.