Written by Horny_as_fcuk

17 Jul 2012

Hi all.

Firstly sorry, this story may seem tame, doesn't involve 6 black guys with 12" cocks or three, big titted, firm bodied, 21 year olds having a pyjama party with huge strap-on's.... lol!! it is however true!!!!

My wife, H, is early 40's, tall, slim & blond.

Last couple of years she's been getting naughter & naughter.

She would come home & tell me about her female work mates, "how sexy thingy looked" & "you must of noticed Sara's lovely tits......"

I've occassionally had a sneaky wank with her sexy knickers, but last year she wanted me to start wearing them when I fuck her. She'd talk about sucking 'who-evers' tits & get really wet.

On Saturday just gone she went out with friends from work. She told me Sara was really up-set about her boyfriend. She'd put an arm round her & gave her a cuddle, Sara responed by giving her a cuddle back. As they were both wearing light summer dresses H told me she could feel all of Sara's body & it felt like she was pushing her big tits against her. H started getting turned on & decided to take a risk & started stroking Sara's bare lower back, she heard Sara softly moan... mmmmmmmmm.

This was all in the middle of a crowded pub with her friends all around. They broke apart & H was a horny as hell so headed off to the toilets..........